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  1. I haven't logged in for a couple months and i logged in this update. Got some weird message saying my custom saber wings were lost but i was able to retrieve in game, and now i can't equip them with my silver saber fang anymore. NCSoft?
  2. man now i talked to lady on amazon about this problem and she said she issued a refund for the card when i didnt tell her to and now im worried about my ncsoft account being banned man... iv been playing this since beta :/ i really hope they respond to my tickets everything is just going down hill, the last moments of a veteran .-.
  3. so yesterday i bought ncoin card from amazon. they gave me the code and i applyed it to my account on ncsoft. i have yet to get my ncoin from a PREPAID card.... after i applied it... i sent a ticket about it and they responded with "we will investigate issue". im still stuck here with out my ncoin.. did i get scammed or what?... i dont understand how a prepaid code that WENT THROUGH doesnt work.... and they have my money...This is just so tilting i just want my money back if they arnt going to give me my ncoin
  4. try running in 32bit, u can do that from the nc launcher settings.
  5. i got it poggers nvm mods close this NOW
  6. yeah its been past 12 hours at this point, no email or reply from ticket yet, idk why they can take money out without giving u the ncoin lol, will use amazon digital next time
  7. i recently bought ncoin with credit card, didnt know it was bad to do that before then, did they just steal my money and will never give my ncoin or what
  8. is it may 9? ncsoft hasn't shown any news about it yet....
  9. will we ever see the shock collar weapon skins again? i wanted the skins on other characters, not just one
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