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  1. Raven Weapon + Destiny Ring = Galaxy Destroyer.
  2. The ring proc and its Stage 10 buff is very unreliable. You go for Spire ring for its elemental damage, not focus regen. Some BDs might not know yet, but: -Soaring Falcon is now both Knockdown + Focus regen skill with 18s cooldown. It also penetrates defense, and no longer locks you to its animation. You can use other skills while the blade is flying. -Fissure is gone, but Anklebiter now regens six focus instead. Use Falcon and Biter for focus regen.
  3. You don't stun with Thrall? :D If NCSoft adds gender option to Thrall, I believe the number of Warlock will skyrockets :P
  4. I prefer new one. My army of Summoner clones breeze through low-level contents even with gear subpar to HM weapons, cuz they have end-game skills (non-HM versin) right off the bat.
  5. If you're non-raider, go Riftwalk/Dawnforged. At stage 6, you can either: -Change to Raven. Still require raid. -Continue to upgrade to further stage, which will eventually turn into a new path. Checking this Link Also, in future when Vortex Temple is out, Spire raid will be nerfted to make it a lot easier to raid, so having Spire equipment would be the minimum gear requirement in order to tackle Vortex raid. If at that time you still have not yet able to raid Spire, then consider: -Join a better clan that can actually raid. -Wait for the
  6. Add "Use the credit card" and you will have a whale.
  7. They can just config the bot to kick everyone that says certain words, like "bot". I think they can even kick you if your HM is below 10 if programmed so, lol. And bots are tools of gold farmers, you know. Make a party -> leech -> get dynamic loot and bid -> accumulate -> sell to gold-buyers. Some bots should be now even richer than most players, if they still stay alive.
  8. Seraph/Baleful << Riftwalk/Dawnforged < Raven Riftwalk is a major upgrade from Seraph, since it fixes Seraph's weakness for not being able to reset (changed from being-hit to hit)
  9. They would need to ban half of the game's population :)
  10. If you see a Summoner player with PvP soulshield and True Ivorymoon weapon recruiting, don't join them. They are mostly EC bots that just leech and do no mechanic. Back to the topic, the non-stealth method has long existed, even before Zakhan's Dark Void gets nerfed from instant wipe to just dealing some damage. Yeah, you can ignore mechanic with some class skills if you do it right. However, doing so means you have to compensate the boss self-damaging mechanic with your own DPS. You stop DPS for 3s to deal 5m HP, or you continue DPS and suffer longer time to clear the dungeon - yo
  11. tl;nr: Let phase out this thing already: And replace it with this: Maybe cuz KR server has much lower EXP requirement for Hongmoon Level, so they don't want players level up too fast by gating them behind long-cooldown festival charms. However, in NA/EU, 100,000 EXP is not that big of a number to make players wait for every 20 hours just to have their EXP increase by 100k. Not mention it shares global cooldown with other 10k, 100k and 1m EXP charm too.
  12. Think it like this: the time you spend grinding for boxes might give you more gold than the price of the key itself. Assuming you spend 2 hours per day farming peach/grinding Grimhorn for weapon chests, then after a week without luck, you waste 14 hours which are potential to make gold, be it 6v6, SSP or dungeon farm, and you potentially waste even more time trying to challenge RNGesus. From what I know, SSP camper can make 1,000-2,000 soulstones or more with lucks, easy 120g-130g (NA prices), extra gold with moonstones/evolved stones, enough to cover the key cost. Meanwhile, your gear cannot
  13. There are more and more wonderful emotes in this game. However, whenever they are released, they are always gated behind certain outfits, like /groove behind Summer Groove, /prance behind Northern Star. The most annoying example is the dance from the Ploggle suit: it looks very nice, but you gate it behind a stupid-looking outfit. Try hitting the lazer in Candycloud Park and see yourself how the dance looks like without being inside that yellow variant of the pig costume from Windrest. Another extreme one is Sweet Treat/Pure Affection. It is extremely rare for players owning these
  14. We know that Elemental Damage does not have a counter-stat, thus making Elemental Damage very powerful in 6v6. It goes through Defense and Critical Defense stat, so even BD/Des with their 400% Defense spin and Galaxy users still takes a lot of damage when facing Raven users. I think there should be Elemental Defense as a counter stat. The stat will help reduce the elemental damage up to their original 100% damage (not reduce any further), as well as reduce the AP-based element bonus damage from Raven. For example, with 30% elemental defense against someone with 140% elemental damag
  15. Whales need a good place to show off their gear, and nothing better than 6v6 battleground where they can enjoy grinding non-Raven non-True Soul people. NCWest delays the launch of Belguga SS and Emperor weapon on purpose, I believe. So that Raven whales can have time enjoying their uber gear. When Emperor weapon is out, it would be still a war between Raven whales and Emperor whales for a good while, and anyone coming between them will be squished.
  16. Revolution is just a recolor of Prime Time, and it is a worse recolor. So meh, thanks NCWest, I have a reason to skip it now :d
  17. Cuz I don't see a reason to make those Sacred Oil non-account bound? Some people buy boxes in bulk for cheaper prices, so every single bound oil that they don't need = waste of money. This also discourages people doing events with their alts. People playing with their alts = more time they spend in the game = better for a MMO. I don't mind if NCSoft makes bound-to-account oil more expensive, as long as I can grind it with multi-alts.
  18. For people who think this as a hack that gives high-ping players the advantage of low-ping players, this is not. For example, let take Summoner's usual weaving of LMB RMB in Earth build. Whether high ping or low ping, you button smash should be at the same speed. With global latency set at 100, a low-ping players will do LMB RMB LMB RMB LMB RMB LMB RMB, shooting a Sunflower and a Rosethorn alternative to each other. However, for a high-ping players, their command input sometimes get overwritten onto each other, result in LMB RMB LMB LMB RMB LMB RMB. It means that someti
  19. I want fluffly fox tail, but with small ears. The foxy one in this game with earring has good tail, but its ears are simply too big :/ This one has good ear size. However, the color is too bright, and the way the tail glosses feel very... plastic. If NCWest can combine the ear size of the second pic with the tail of the first pic and make them all grey, I'm willing to spend 1,000 coin to buy another voucher.
  20. RNG weapon chest -> frustrated people -> resort buying Brilliant Keys from F10 a/ With Hmcoin: some of your gold enters the gold sink and disappears in form of tax -> help with reduce gold inflation. b/ With Ncoin: you make NCSoft rich directly c/ Buy from other players, since the key is not bound: other players use either a) or b) to have the key to sell to you. Unless they are extremely lucky with Daily Chests which can drop brilliant keys too. MMO business is to prey on people's frustration and desire of convenience.
  21. Since NCWest has kicked Naksun outside of the Moonstone market cycle, and the only way to grind for MS now is peak time, battle captains, and 6v6, Moonstones become harder to come by in-server market, and rises in prices. I remember watching a video clip about how to make gold in Soulstone Plains in KR server. Apparently, you can barter a large heap of Prestige Point for 3 types of Moonstone chests with fixed rewards, and a chance for critical results that yield even more Moonstones. Similar to our current Soulstone Pouches. The biggest rewards is a 2,500-po
  22. *Cough* BnSBuddy *Cough* Too bad that they break the thing for no reason XD
  23. I spam client repairing in monthly basis. The thing has persisted since I start playing this game on its first day.
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