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  1. Since it's all about Momo recently, I decide to for a little change. Have a hard time to choose between Dreamcutter and Black Padded Coat for my little Cat Dancer :P
  2. Cosplayed as Poharan. Old but still cute :x +++ Sometimes, I wonder how it would look like, if I made Momo a brown-haired girl.
  3. Surprisingly cute combination of the Laid Back hat and the Pink Railment. Throw in a giant Watermelon too :x Meanwhile, my Clan has run Talus Dungeons with this :D
  4. Dual swords are cool. No related to Sword Art Online, btw: Crossbow is fine too. I prefer this weapon over bow/gun: Maybe a Wand-user who uses music to inspire allies and haunt enemies. Love music-based class:
  5. This one comes from an event where you grind watermelon slices for like a week (they don't get rotten in the meantime, do they?) and exchange for the outfit. Let hope NCWest won't put it into a box by the time the event is launched
  6. Since this topic seems more suitable to post swimsuits, I go for a repost :P
  7. When talking about the present classes, there are: -5 melee classes: BM, KFM, Des, Sin and BD. -3 ranged classes: FM, SM, WL -1 hybrid class of melee and ranged: SF. We have 5.5 (0.5 from SF) melee classes, and 3.5 (0.5 also from SF), and I think the ratio of melee/ranged is pretty unbalanced here. In short, I don't want to see more melee classes, unless they're very unique to overlook it. If we're going to have a new class, I think it's should be a ranged class with different feel from tank-and-solar-beam Sum, merry-go-round FM, and cool-bursting WL. Gun
  8. I want these as pets too (not related to this forum mods, btw) One to show how I have tamed the dark side. One to starve or salvage.
  9. Momo gives everyone a hearty hug ^^ Do you think if Momo is better-looking with glasses on or without glasses?
  10. I want a Lyn Assassin. Maybe it's name will Stalker, who focuses more damage-over and hide away, seeing you suffering :P Another Lyn-based class to annoy the heck out of you XD
  11. How about add a mean for players to earn HM coins aside from lucky venture tokens from daily rewards and gloomy currency exchange? Like venture tokens as rare drop from 4-man boss chests. Or, their fragments. For PvPers, they can get it from Seasonal Rewards. Whole token for higher ranks, and quality depends on how high your rank is. Fragments for lower ranks. For Open-world PvP content, Super boss for zerging like Berserker and BW have chance to drop venture tokens. The quality depend on your total damage contribution. Anything that helps free p
  12. Does anyone have a problem in which the character becomes stone-faced during action like emotes, Windwalk, and Dragon Pulse? My Momo has her facial expression normal at first, but when then if the action happens for a long time, her poker face returns and she keeps glaring at me, and I have to reset her face by jumping.
  13. This outfit is cute. Remind me of magical girl in anime :D But it's not popular for some reason :(
  14. Another outfit added to the collection of my girls (Got them in the final day of the Viper Cap event) :3
  15. I like my Momo. She's a Lyn Summoner with a sleepy face, but still tries her best to keep up with fashion :P
  16. Sometimes, Momo feels want to be more adventurous :D
  17. Midnight Detective Momo and her sidekick Fluffy :D
  18. Some old photos I dug up when cleaning my folder :P
  19. Precisely. Who doesn't love Doduri? Her JP voice is so adorable :x Cannot wait to get her outfit XD
  20. A royal girl and her feline bodyguard :P
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