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  1. Yeah, yeah, I know that the fragments are trade-able and I can mail it around, yada, yada, but that is not a good reason why a whole orb is not account-bound. It is not like a house where part of it can be transported by a truck, but a whole house cannot. It is a freaking orb.


    In addition, I noticed by accident when pulling an orb out of the Ascension Pouch, which also contains HM/CS reset that those resets are also not account-bound. I don't remember if the previous separated HM and CS resets were account-bound or not, but considering you have raid resets like BT/VT/TT being account-bound, I don't see why not.

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  2. Some dungeons/raids get their previous nerf reverted:


    -Bubble blocking is back to Numok in Drowning Deeps. Nothing special, cuz people do it non-bubble anyway.

    -Pillar drops is back to Rukesh in Sandstorm Temple. Instant wipe/heavy damage if pillar get explodes, depend on difficulty.

    -Bug bomb is back Hive Queen in Temple of Elevium. Instant kill people in middle if the baiter doesn't move away fast after every knockdown.



    While it provides some challenges, especially to players who never learn to deal with these mech, the revert seems to be uncalled for as it is never addressed in patch notes.


    Would like to heard NCSoft's input to the matter.

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Liteflitz said:


    This was meant for the whales and for a change of pace. yes you may be right this punishment for some but is oldschool we had this and im pretty sure the most whales in thsi game arent event from Beta... and just paid their way up, this dungeon event literally is spot marking who is a complete whale brainless dps and one who actually do and know their char to its full potential..

    Whales have nothing they want from this dungeons, lol. The best they just try it once then never touch it again.


    Only people who cares about obsidian, EXP charms and maybe some cheap cosmetics want to do this once per day. And they are people who suffer.

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  4. 20 boxes. Nothing so far, but it fills up my collection. I get like 10 outfits for two characters within 2,000 HMcoin, so not bad I guess.


    Rosethorn cat is dirty cheap on F5, so if you are a summoner want to groom your cat, don't seek for it from these boxes, except when you need fabric for full set :D


    Rosethorn outfit is available on F5. Just wait a whiles if you are not keen with RNG to buy it.


    Also, do not mail bind-on-equip outfits. They cost stamps, while you can just do a proxy trade for free.


    Rosethorn Fabric is bound-to-account, so just get the box on characters you want to expand wardrobe collection. The worst, you just salvage them for fabrics.


    Another annoying is that if you aim to get a full set of Rosethorn, you need to buy over 50 boxes for fabric alone. More if you are a Summoner and want the weapon skin too.

  5. As long as it is not exactly the outfits that are exclusive to founders only (Quick Draw and Transcendence), NCWest never breaks their promise to never release these outfits, even if they release a recolor of these outfits.


    And the recolor outfit is not as good as the founder's one, anyway.

  6. They make us do the three weekly quests, cuz the whole games only have those as three weekly quests. If you want to count the serious raid like BT, you have three more weekly quests to do, but only raid-minded players can do it.


    Weekly challenge should be something like something more diverse than just complete a quest:

    +Grind 2,000,000 EXP

    +Complete 100 daily quests

    +Grind 30,000 peaches. Excessive peaches can be turned into EXP charms. This works well with the EXP grind objective.

    +Grind 10,000 Zen bean/Battle Points. They can be used to turn into soulstones/moonstones

    +Kill SSP Berserkers or captains 5 times

    +Reach 40th floor in ToI 5 times

    +Finish certain dungeons 10 times.


  7. How about just make:

    -Normal Wardrobe for F2P players. The need the stamps to send outfit around.

    -Premium Wardrobe for Premiumship players. They can send their outfits without stamps. Gated this in like Rank  7+


    That way, you encourage F2P players to buy outfits, since they have a Wardrobe to store their outfits. Additionally, you also encourage players to go premiumship and spend more Ncoin/Hmcoin for free outfit delivery, if they want to shuffle their outfit collections between alts in daily basis.


    If you don't want premium players have it free, you can half the cost of delivery stamps for them instead.

  8. Yet another outfit get stuffed in a RNG Box. It will certainly appear later in some kind of special sales/events, like what they are doing with Spring Breeze


    While Shadow Phoenix certainly looks decent, the RNG factor greatly discourage me from buying the boxes. I don't care how much Sacred Oil and Premium Stones that I may luckily win from this RNGfest. What I, as an outfit collector, want is the outfit, and only the outfit. I'm ready to spend 2,000 coins just to get it. But I won't spend a penny to try out my luck with outfit.


    So yeah, why not add a way that encourages players to buy the boxes by letting them have what they want in a sure-fire way? For each RNG box they buy, add a special fabric that has 100% chance to get. By collecting 10 (or 15) fabrics, you can exchange it for the outfit. You can even add more than just one outfits to encourage players to buy the 50-box bundle.


    Since each box costs 139 Coin, players will spend 1390 coins for 10 fabrics for an outfit (or 2,085 coin for 15 fabric). It will become cheaper if they buy through Ncoin, thus boosting Ncoin sales.


    This method has been applied in KR server. They have an outfit box in which if you RNG the wrong one, you can salvage it for fabrics, accumulate them enough for the outfit you want.


    For a BnS NA/EU with less frustrated customers and greater RNG box sales.




    Edit: Here is a whale who bought 350 boxes, and look how many outfits he got:




    6 outfits out of 350 boxes, so the rate is like 2%. Extremely discouraging outfit lovers to buy the box.


    Edit edit: The head adornment of Shadow Phoenix sold in F10 is not half-bad and can match with many outfits. I won't miss Shadow Phoenix outfit a lot :3

  9. 1 hour ago, Laura099 said:

    It got nerfed in a way. other regions could exchange certain tokens for oils (i believe korea had oils for naksun badges)
    But don't worry, na is true to it's word, we won't get any other ways.

    It is an old pic in CN server.


    And no, it is not Sacred Oil.


    CN server uses a lot of different materials compared to other region. It is its own game and cannot be used as a reference.

  10. 5 hours ago, FrozenB said:

    SSP capture time really doesn't matter much because the NPC usually dies within 10 seconds. Treasure Pouch nerf is ridiculous. Now, it just forces people to go into bid war in the dungeon.


    It is not the duration of the Capturing Timer.


    It is the countdown for next Capturing, which used to be 10 minutes after a Battle Phase ended by killing Captains/having Battle timer running out.


    So yeah, this increases waiting time for SSP farmers, thus affecting soulstone/moonstone/evolved stone supply.

    50 minutes ago, Tufa said:

    what was the whole "sacred oil debacle" you referenced?  

    The new soul upgrade requires a disgusting amount of oils.


    And NCSoft makes it even harder to farm evolved stones by phasing out Blackwyrm/Misty Woods terror, and now increase the waiting time for Capturing in SSP.

  11. From what I know:

    -Desolate Tomb: First boss no wipe if you kill wives. Third boss has no lightning orbs and get overloaded only cause damage.

    -Ebondrake: not sure. It is too easy that we can just run Hard Mode.

    -Naryu Foundry: First boss only spawns two flowers now, and both of them cause damage on the boss.

    -Naryu Sanctum: not yet check it so not sure. But Xanos should not bother to do the marking phase anymore.

    -Irontech Forge: Fail in mechanic only result in prolonged fight, or maybe a few deaths. You can skip mechanic with whale DPS.

  12. It is cool that we can earn outfits at 30-50% discount of their normal price. However, the way NCWest selects the outfit for these Daily Specials is kinda disappointing.


    While it is not possible to please everyone, at least try to please a majority of customers. Aside from Devotion, other outfits selected for the deal receives negative response from players.


    Putting how poor NCWest selects the outfit aside, I think the idea is good and should be improved for better customer experience and boost F10 sales:

    -Put older outfit, especially event/box ones, on Daily Special occasionally. One or two outfits per week is good enough.

    -Add head adornment/face adornment and cat outfit items on sales too.

  13. Yunsang looks promising as an Evolved Stone dropper. No need to add 10- or 100-bundle. Just make him drop one stone per run. 25 runs and you have enough for one oil.


    Tower of Infinity's reward boxes should have a chance to drop moonstone/evolved stone too. Maybe at Lootbox stage 5-6, equal to floor 61+


    Daily Challenges reward.


    6v6 loot boxes.

  14. Three methods:

    -Grind in game. No-life it. If you work 8 hours, and play for 8 hours, you still have 8 hours for your real life

    -Grind in life. Work 10 hours, use extra money you gain from 2 hours overworking to buy Ncoin and trade them to gold. Play game 6 hours. You still have 8 hours for real life.

    -Swipe it. Buy Ncoin and trade for gold. Stop working. Play game 16 hours per day. You stll have 8 hours for real life.

  15. The cost of the following items from Celestial Peach Exchanger NPC Lee Youjin in Celestial Basin has been reduced:

    • Xanos Disc
    • Forging Orb
    • Taikhan's Skin
    • Stone of Wisdom
    • Flower of Lament


    The following items are now bound to account:

    • Ocean Life Force
    • Deep Sea Kelp
    • Golden Honey
    • Fog Mushroom
    • Evil Spirit Root
    • Hongmoon Pellet
    • Retrieved Hongmoon Secret Technique - Volume 1
    • Retrieved Hongmoon Secret Technique - Volume 2
    • Retrieved Hongmoon Secret Technique - Volume 3
    • Chilling Flame Elixir
    • Royal Zen Bean


    And we still have this:



    Hongmoon Gem

    Mailing Cost

    Hongmoon Triangular Gem

    0g 75s

    Hongmoon Square Gem

    2g 50s

    Hongmoon Pentagonal Gem


    Hongmoon Hexagonal Gem

    7g 50s

    Hongmoon Heptagonal Gem


    Hongmoon Octagonal Gem


  16. While powerful upgrade is an eventually thing, I think NCSoft is doing it wrong.


    They try to make players feel powerful by throwing big and costly upgrade. Sure, you will have breakthrough in your DPS if you can afford it. Sure, you can make it a long-term project that last for months, where you will gradually obtain. You're behind whales and no-lifers, but you still obtain them regardless. The desire to rush things of players is what make NCSoft rich.


    However, it is very discouraging if you show how expensive it is right of the bat. Unless whale and no-lifers, players will always look at the cost first before justify the power. If the cost is too much, even if the upgrade triples your performance, most of players will feel unhappy. 


    I believe that instead of throwing a big upgrade to the players' face, NCSoft should divide it so that players have time to move forward and don't have the feeling of being rushed. It is like walking in Sahara for 30 days: if you provide them a stop for every three days of travelling, players will feel rested and have the will to move on. However, if you make players to decide the stops by themselves, they will immediately believe that they have walk non-stop for 30 days, hence complaining and giving up before even try.


    In short, let butcher the upgrade into smaller upgrades:


    -True Hongmoon Soul to -> Awk. Soul 1.

    -Stop for a few weeks for players to digest it.

    -Awk. Soul 1 - Awk. Soul 5

    -Stop for a few weeks. Maybe a month and a half.

    -True Soul.


    Of course, it is already too late to do anything now. But let hope NCSoft will keep in mind that people will always feel tired before a trip even begin, if you just show how long a road without any stop.

  17. Fun thing is that 6v6 is the main supply of moonstones now.


    Since soul upgrade will be the thing, I'm not surprised if they throw in a few evolved stones in 6v6 in order to encourage people feeding whales, so that they can buy evolved stones from them

  18. 19 minutes ago, Spin2win said:

    Funny thing is they're all seeing this and they're probably thinking is there a way for us to upset the players even more? These guys have no idea what they're doing. I don't understand why they can't let some other company run blade and soul.

    They are letting Garena running BnS Thai and incoming Vietnam.


    As a Vietnamese who knows Garena's reputation, I'm waiting for lulz and giggles from their services :P

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