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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/46gyq6/ncsoft_staff_ama/d053izp?context=3
  2. It takes 1 or 2 days to rank up once to do misty woods dailies, you just have to do all the red quests in cinderlands, there are 3 camps with dailies and 1 camp in viridian coast.
  3. I guess they operate in a sort of "If you're not with us you're against us". And @Nickilli the main quest already does that, in the original quest you could choose the hongmoon path and dark path, now you only choose the dark path.
  4. Can you show here what kind of personalized response you got?
  5. Yeah because most PvE players have 5 characters slot, and it totally takes 15 mins to get them to 45. *cricket* off.
  6. He's not wrong about the fast wyrms on Mushin, maybe not 5 mins but not too far off either, 30 mins is way too long, which means your server doesn't have any sort of organization for wyrm farming. Either way, if you don't like this just start looking for another game, it's only getting worse at 50 with several more faction bosses, hundreds of soulstones needed for pretty much anything, and more pve oriented mats locked behind pvp. I personally stopped playing today because the catch-up game if you don't pvp/wyrm is too ridiculous, I just rather play something else, waiting for leve
  7. Doesn't matter if you report them for AFK, it's not hard to intentionally lose several times in a row.
  8. E sounds like Ahlee for Z it's a different word tho, sounds like.. Yahleer or something
  9. Any class can be beaten, but it's a fact that BD is the second most unfair class in PvP, right after Summoner.
  10. I just stay away of any ice or green looking circle, better safe than sorry.
  11. Blackwyrm has a regular chest (weekday) and a weekend chest that you get on friday, saturday and sunday, the weekend chest gives 10ss for normal and 20ss for brilliant, since it's the weekend if you can allocate a lot of free time to spam it during the day you will end with hundreds of soulstones. Of course, this requires you to be in the dominant faction, to not lag/crash at blackwyrm, to have decent enough fps to do enough damage for billiant (it was like 2 million damage) and to hope you don't have idiots taunting the boss when there's already a tank. If you don't li
  12. No matter how much you craft, farm or do dailies, you will probably make only 1/10 of what someone does farming blackwyrm in a weekend + 3v3 beans, i'm talking about 400+ soulstones in a day.
  13. My only issue is the stupid amount of soulstones needed to get to true pirate from true profane, 790 soulstones only getting ~20 a day from faction dailies, so you're forced to pvp for pouches or blackwyrm if your pc can handle it.
  14. For gold buyers: you have to understand that every server has a different faction chat sell price, in Mushin 1.5g for 100ncoin was the norm, at 1:67 it's basically the same (1.49g for 100 ncoin), if you're in a server that 2:100 is the norm then, by all means, keep doing it in off currency exchange, you're not being forced to use it. For sellers: This works like a marketplace, you're posting your gold and hoping someone buys specifically your order, if there's low demand for gold then you're sol waiting, you're free to go through faction chat sellers if you want.
  15. This thread boggles my mind, I assume you never saw the loading screens that explain how f7 (party finder) and f8 (cross-server dungeon finder) work, nor the one that explains dungeon difficulty and recommended party members. You say you understand it's a party dungeon, but still chose to continue the game with a level 20 weapon just so you wouldn't have to party with other people in a MMO. At this point in time, joining f8 you can just not attack following everyone else and you will clear it, its extremely fast and all bosses die under 10s.
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