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  1. said gg coz w/e im tired of playing with hacks yeah.. some have the same name with a roman number I II III IV but u say "heads up" like we can avoid them.. yeah i would absolutely quit.. im a pvp player thats wht i like.. i came to bns coz i dont need to grind/farm endlessly since the gear doesn't matter.. but this is not fun for anyone. im already not as active as before, so yeah.
  2. i havent found any sketchy destroyer other than the bots thankfully. But i have found some KFM's that are using either hacks or scripts, in any case it's probally illegal. wht i can't get in my head is how a lot of ppl got banned for skipping doors on dungeons and you see this ppl hacking peacefully and nothing is being done, because we probably need more "evidence" i don't know wht they want. i guess they want a letter signed by the bot saying "yeah i was hacking". and now with the name changer they can just change their names and act like nothing happened.
  3. i know there are some that turn of the hack if u do something, some friends told me when u get really far.. i tried it on the video as u can see and it didnt worked. also summoner is my counter class so there is less that i can do.. and yeah maybe someone could kill them but nonetheless is still a hack/exploit.. lots of ppl got banned for jumping doors in dungeons weeks ago, so i get sad when things like this continue happening
  4. thhere are 2 kindd of hacks that i've seen... one its infinite like this one the other one turns off when u get far enough i think.. those that can be killed are platt but this one is diamond i have fond like 3 of these.. i'll record more when i see them
  5. i have found this table more accurate https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j-kQ1GJS281vH_Bc4ANA-_98_Kr3kZKAvFAGnRZZdCg/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true those 10khp soulshields never seen them.. so for now i think this are the stats until proven wrong.. i think BnS should release a spreadsheet with the stats like seriously, it wont change the game we still need to find the perfect roll but at least we could know wht are we looking for.
  6. i have faced those also.. i kill the cat, he still botting the same, then i get him to 5k hp and bum perma hack.. yeah well they are evolving xD. thats why hes in diamond.. even with the hack that turns on and off i doubt they can even beat a diamond but this is a joke.
  7. i wish we had this kind of attention when we report hackers..
  8. BLACK DESERT BETTER BALANCE??? yeah sure dude, bye have fun in there.. pve grindfest coz gear matters not skill..
  9. yeah i can't find any stats on those soul shields..
  10. agreed.. like i don't mind loosing with better players than me, i dont mind loosing because i did wrong, the hell i dont mind loosing with someone worst than me. But thats the way you learn + it comes with the human factor, anyone can mess up a combo and get punished.. but facing things like this makes me sad.
  11. i think the best ones are yeti scorpio and lab combined.. dont think that phyton is good.. but i could be wrong
  12. well if is not listed then i think its the dungeon where you get the recepies.. lair of something fang
  13. done it before, and only got auto-bot responses. they even sent me an answer saying "we have not heard of you for a long time, we are going to assume this problem is solved". i was like WTF!! so yeah ima just start posting the videos here since it seems they either not care or they don't work as fast as we expect them to. like i can bet that they need more "proof"
  14. it doesn't matter if i kill the cat. they will non stop perma hide/resist and kill me since they are invulnerable i have no chance. some ppl has seen the version where the hack suddendly turns off if u get far enough and you get a chance to combo. but as you can see i even go to the other side of the room as far as i can and he is still perma hide/resist so there is no point fighting
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