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  1. Did my run for the day and ended up with 7 shroom currency (nebula stones cost 60) and didn't even bother bidding on the ones that dropped from boss. So i would say that you would need a max of 10 daily runs for a stone. Less if you decide to bid on boss loot or if you get lucky with extra shroom currency from boxes.
  2. Not RNG, it depends on how far the upgrade path you are. Eg. An oathbreaker upgrade could get 40% and anything higher a bit less as you climb the path.
  3. It does reduce the transformation costs (stingers etc.) but or the main upgrade (eg. True pirate to true breeze). However, not the cost for the stage 5 to stage 6 breakthrough, or the 'xp' required to take the weapon from stage 1 to stage 2,etc..
  4. Honestly I don't like how the event was changed for NA. I believe I mistakenly stumbled on the TW version of the event when I was trying BnS out. It was a fun one. However I will also say this about the AP issue that is also being discussed in this thread: we know that we must defeat that whatever it's called last boss, but we don't know HOW yet. I mean if we still have to kill it with poison bombs and stuff, then won't AP be pointless in the dungeon? I may be a bit naive here, but I'm personally expecting it to be killed with some kind of bombs, else why let lvl36 players even enter?
  5. What the NPC is basically saying is that he doesnt have the authority to upgrade your faction rank above rank 3 (master sergeant for cerulean or ascendant for crimson) or he may even be unable to even get you to rank 3. I'm assuming this NPC is in misty woods, so the next area where you can continue to upgrade your faction rank should be soulstone plains. If your faction rank is a lot lower than rank 3, then you should probably contact support.
  6. Isn't your 'dungeon currency' already implemented on poh and BSH with the emblems? Also, for most weapons from end game dungeons there are alternative ways of getting them. As an example, the new currency from daily challenge allows you to get a few end game weapons or weapon boxes.
  7. Didn't we already have 5min versions of the moonwater revival charms? But I do have to admit that those charms allow you to make a lot of mistakes and not get punished for it. I remember them being used like candy on BSH 4man. I know I used them a few times on Hae Mujin the spammer and that messy blood mane fight. Oh and the best part? They don't even share CD with the 1.5 hour CD ones.
  8. Hmm not sure since the tree changed with the blue buff, but it should be by just spending 1 point in it.
  9. Lotus of escape does indeed have an iframe. It is initiated when the 'escape' part is cast and lasts while traveling to the flower as well as another sec once you reach the flower.
  10. Well, I personally would be satisfied with a '7day wardrobe access' coupon with HM coins. (In fact I wouldn't mind if it was even for 24 hours, I just need to get some outfits in there but don't feel like buying premium for it)
  11. If you mean the cold storage orbs, then yes they can be sold on AH. And they still go for about 1.5g each. Unless your pt has decided to go for second boss, then people will bid for it.
  12. What makes me wonder is why does a lvl50 even party up for such a dungeon if you are gonna do a speed run? No matter what class you are, it will be a lot faster solo. As a sin, if I decide to party up then I will follow the pace of the group, even if it means to follow the pace of a lvl20 getting carried through it. Yes, I will follow that pace even on a class that can get past all unnecessary mobs in the dungeon without being seen even once. Heck even the bosses that need to be killed won't see you.
  13. Sadly, I don't think the L2 PvP system can work in BnS. For one, there are factions. Being able to attack your faction mates at any time can course soooo much grief. Simple example: a party of 600+ players is doing SSP dailies and they decide that there are too many faction mates around. Oh wait, why not make em....you know....less. Especially when it is time for grindtooth. If there is one system from from L2 that I would love to see on BnS that would be the alliance system. Being able to form an alliance with clans of similar goals/game perspective would make finding reliabl
  14. The tab escape bugs out when you get cat-grabbed during decoy or ground decoy (skill 2 while you're eating dirt). Why? Cuz for some reason the game decides that since you fail to decoy a shity cat, you don't deserve to use your tab escape and that you should be fed a lot of sunflowers or rumblebees (whatever the shortie feeding them to you is using)
  15. On both regions. I am on EU and have that costume since my 2nd run in that dungeon. There is no change between the regions when it comes to in-game obtainable items ( except for daily dash if you want to count that as in-game obtainable).
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