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  1. Leave it to the US Players.....

    I know exactly what is censored but this isn't the thread about censorship, there already is a thread for that and every other thread gets locked and/or deleted. If I'd make it a thread about censorship it would just get locked, which is not my intention. I've also not been up in arms about it in this thread, I simply answered your question whether you were wrong that "only one paltry side quest" was censored or not. Mate this is pure bullshit, there is no ID system on JP or TW servers, only on Korean servers and pretty much no one here played on those because they were p2p while the JP, TW and CN servers were f2p. In other words your whole argument still doesn't make a lick of sense because this thread is comparing the communities of the TW, CN and JP servers with the US one. The whole id system that you said was in "said countries" isn't in said countries at all.
  2. Leave it to the US Players.....

    More and more you're proving that you really don't know what you're talking about. If people really had to register with a real ID in all those countries then we wouldn't have been able to play on those servers either. It's only a thing in KR because the game is p2p there, not f2p. If you google I'm sure you can find the appropriate thread where a lot of the changes are written down. It really is quite a lot, from your character being more of an idiot, to the removal of time-travel (and thereby the creation of numerous plotholes) and from the adding of obnoxious puns/memes/references to the removal of "problematic" elements like some characters being sexist, perverted and crossdressing.
  3. Leave it to the US Players.....

    Oh, more respectful, having more honour and less "me first, even if I have to break your spine to be first" suddenly isn't better? Very well, it's just as idiotic a statement either way. And what this thread is discussing is how US players allegedly "turn a good (or pretty good, imo) game into a toxic, hate-filled aggro-fest" as opposed to the Asian players on their servers. Which is exactly what I was pointing out was nonsense and clearly based on absolutely nothing but stereotypes, one-sided anecdotes and confirmation bias. Yes, you are wrong. A lot of stuff was changed both quests and tone.
  4. Leave it to the US Players.....

    Yeah sure mate, because that doesn't happen in Japan or China. In China they just actually murder you, and in Japan backstabbing and scandals is pretty much what Koizumi's government was famous for. I really don't understand how you can make all these silly claims when you obviously know absolutely nothing about those cultures aside from your Chinese cartoons, let alone about their politics. And with that limited knowledge you still somehow extrapolate how those BnS communities are, and how they're better than the American one. It's just pure xenophilia and oikophobia and it's honestly pretty embarrassing.
  5. Leave it to the US Players.....

    You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and are just spouting silly stereotypes. Just because there's such a thing as having respect for your elders in some Asian cultures doesn't mean that any of that changes how people behave in a game. I could also point out the number of times politicians in Korea or Japan have actual brawls in parliament, which doesn't happen in the US, is that somehow also a cultural difference? Honestly all this thread has is some people whining about their own shitty anecdotes and saying how it was far better on the Asian servers, even though they didn't know what people on those servers were actually saying. It's hilariously silly.
  6. Leave it to the US Players.....

    Wew, the xenophilia and oikophobia is strong in this thread. The other regions have just as many assholes, the fact that you can't actually read what they type in chat most of the time only makes it seem they're not there. If you play on the JP servers they won't even tolerate "gaijins" most of the time. The problems of the community aren't something that only happens with American players, it happens in every region, they all have their bad apples. Impying that it's all the fault of the big bad Americans only shows how little you people actually know of other cultures aside from the positive things that you've seen in your Chinese cartoons. It's especially hilarious how some people in this thread come with such nonsense as "you only need to look at American politics" or "just wait until Trump" to somehow prove their point that American and the American community is awful. How do you think Chinese, Korean and/or Japanese politics are!? They're not much different and in most cases way worse. Honestly this whole thread is full of nonsensical rubbish and people trying to act "mature" while having no idea what they're talking about. I'm sorry you met some idiots in the game, but surprise, they exist in this world and are not an American monopoly. Also if the OP had made his post about people from Israel, Syria or some other non-Western country I doubt this thread would have survived even an hour. Which actually sort of shows how idiotic and slightly disgusting this whole thread is.
  7. Open Discussion with English Localization

    I rather not have any awkward western references at all. But I agree, for Europeans it is silly to have all these American things in there, especially because the whole idea behind this localisation was so that the west wouldn't be confused by all the Asian references and folklore. Putting American nonsense in there makes it just as confusing for people outside of America who play in English defeating the whole purpose of this rewriting.
  8. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Is the whole writing team American or do people from Europe also have a say in what does and doesn't get censored? Because most of the changes that are being made for "localisation" just seem like Americanisation instead, including the really obnoxious and outdated memes that get thrown in everywhere. Like when you're talking about "offensive to societal norms" and "offensive imagery such as religious symbols" we're obviously only talking about American society and their identity politics. And if almost everyone is American, is the way Europeans might react to this Americanisation even being considered? Or is this just a case where Europeans have to learn to live with the puritanical American culture being shoved in their Asian games?
  9. Changed Dialog/Personality - Jin seo yeon

    Of course they won't know at first. People probably also didn't know about all the changes made by the 4Kids localisations of various anime shows. Doesn't mean they can't still see that it looks really hamfisted and they'd have preferred less censorship and changes. Because that's pretty much what NCsoft is doing here, going full 4Kids.
  10. You can't honesty believe the nonsense you're spouting. Changing stuff that is deemed unacceptable is the same as removing it. Most censorship is even done by changing things, not just by downright removing it. The original content is suppressed and changed to something more comfortable to the ones doing the censoring. When the French Revolutionaries went around changing history books to no longer mention religion, it was censorship. When the Nazis went around changing scientific texts to no longer mention jews in a positive light, it was censorship. When the CCA went around changing the horror and violent elements in comics to be more family-friendly, it was censorship. When creationists go around changing documentaries and books that mention Darwin and the evolution theory to stuff mentioning Creationism, it is censorship. And when this incompetent Western writing team of NCSoft goes around changing the original story in the game to no longer mention things they deem problematic, it is censorship. The story of that side-quest (and many other things) as it was is removed. In its place is a totally different story that is pretty much the complete opposite of the original story. It's censorship, clear and simple. Whether you think the censorship was warranted or not is a completely different question. But don't be a retard and pretend it isn't censorship because it obviously very much is.
  11. Proof right there that you don't know what folklore is. It's not a certain work or story, it's a story that's passed down through oral tradition. The work you link is based on the folklore, not the other way around. Like Blacker explains but you just ignore because you're an idiot and think you know better for some reason. Like the stories of King Arthur for the west. Many of those stories were never written down, a lot of things that we now associate with King Arthur were never in the original story to begin with. Same with the myth of Lillith, there are some stories about her but they're all based on an existing myth we don't exactly know the origin of.
  12. It's like you genuinely don't know what folklore is. Pretty embarrassing tbh. Just for you, on page 98, from probably one of the best scholars on Asian folklore:
  13. Are you for real? It's a common and well-known legend that has been adapted in numerous stories. How does the fisherman part not have any association with it, he's very much part of that folklore tale? The story is a standard swan maiden and animal wife motif. Honestly, you're just spouting nonsense. And if you want more citation go read some actual things about asian culture and folklore. Carmen Blacker for instance. But don't come in here screaming nonsense just because you don't know of it.
  14. You're just moving goalposts now. They didn't remove it because of the guy being impotent, because most men wouldn't be whiny enough to complain about that. They removed it because the portrayal of women was deemed "problematic" and the writing team believed it was their White Man's Burden to lift this Asian product to a higher moral standard an do away with all references to this sexist Asian legend. If the story was just about a guy being impotent it would have just stayed the same, because men are expandable in fiction and no one really cares what happens to them or how they're portrayed (unless that portrayal is anti-women of course. Like the Lycandi no longer having anything against female leaders for instance.).
  15. Are you genuinely retarded? The quest is based on a famous Asian legend, of course it is fictional. That doesn't mean it isn't part of their culture. Folklore and legends are exactly what make and shape a culture.