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  1. Unplayable lag fest since patch lag kill guaranteed
  2. Did server malfunction just now?

    Same here same disconnect issue 2 times now
  3. Game brought down no warning during six man yeti I rarely see any effort to let people log in this game its not hard to get right Totally no resepect for paying customers As game is not free for all even though its a choice.
  4. Bought Lucky Charm Pouch as usual 1 NC Coin never arrived yet states I have already exceeed limit so it registered the purchase 25th September 2016 1600 GMT
  5. Login server down as per usual for maintainance day Your message is in German because the servers for EU located in Germany as is the extremely poor third party maintainance crew
  6. As I said its down I pinged it so im guessing just the usual mess that happens at maintainance day
  7. Their login server is probably down they use cheapest tech support available
  8. Premium members lost premium time

    You will not get anything they dont comp for maintenance Plus after the 8 hours of peak time loss for EU (no peak time for USA of course) its down again for reset due to the screw up in maintenance earlier
  9. Disconnected from server (2000) error

    yeah servers are not back online unlike what twatter says
  10. Failed to connect to server

    No Premium - cash shop purchases no game
  11. Failed to connect to server

    I know most people know this but Blade and Soul first released June 30, 2012 not new game yet still broken
  12. Failed to connect to server

    Log in will affect US too as all login servers are in US. What a shambolic launch Black Deserts out soon fortunately
  13. Premium compensation!

    Games that come to US/EU always ignore EU. The game servers will be in Germany for EU the log ins will be in US As they dont care about EU they will fix log in and game servers US side and include us in these times. After all 10am is not a time any of us would play the game (insert sarcasm) The fact they chose a very poor unattended server company in Germany is why we get very bad lag and server crashes constantly You get what you pay for If Germany did its own weekly maintainance it would be about 1-2am too problem is the log ins are in US so they are at parent servers time constraints. So sadly this is the way of all games that come to US/EU we are just US 51st state the unimportant state :) Depends on what you class as a work day :)( I only play at work :()
  14. Servers crashed ?!

    Its still failing the whole thing is a very bad joke. They picked the cheapest option available to them in EU this has been a shocking game launch with no attempt to compensate premium players at all pathetic. Thank goodness Black Desert is starting CB2 soon I dont and never will use Twatter so I have no idea why they refer us to it