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  1. PvE/Raid Necklaces

    Here is what's under the hood: crit rate formula: (96.98717421*crit rate)/(crit rate+5402.894138) crit dmg formula: 125+((291.14854*crit dmg)/(5581.165185+crit dmg)) ele dmg formula: 100+(ele dmg/(31.93134035+0.003438223475*ele dmg)) Here is an example of the three formulas for prophecy neck (they are divided by 100 to convert into %): crit rate: ((96.98717421*B19)/(B19+5402.894138)+6)/100 (+6% from true tiger soul w/ 50% up time) crit dmg: (125+((291.14854*B20)/(5581.165185+B20))+22+19+10)/100 (+22% from TT5 set, 19% from true tiger soul w/ 50% up time, and the flat 10% from prophecy neck buff) ele dmg: (100+9+(B21/(31.93134035+0.003438223475*B21)))/100 (+9% from true tiger soul w/ 50% up time) AP before normalization: 1652 Normalization formula: AP * [(crit%) * (crit dmg) * (ele) + (1-crit% * (crit dmg) * (ele)] / 2 AP after normalization: 3160.656 There shouldn't be a need to look at individual skills, as skill damages are a function of AP. For example basic sunflower dmg formula is [4.8*AP] compared to awakened sunflower at [10*AP]. The only variable in there is AP, and this is true for every skill. By normalizing AP, I am effectively calculating what each hit of sunflower should do, factoring in crit, crit dmg and ele dmg.
  2. PvE/Raid Necklaces

    I'm curious to see where you got the "prophecy is much better than VT neck" conclusion, wanna read up on the source. In the maths I did there is one instance where prophecy is indeed better, and that's if the crit dmg % buff is a stacking buff. Otherwise as indicated, its draw back is the fact that crit dmg depends on you getting a crit, which prophecy has a lower % to do so, but also the massive elemental damage that you are losing by using prophecy. But of course, there certainly are alot of assumptions I've made which aren't backed up by data, but one does what one can do. And I've heard conflicting thoughts outside of my own maths that prophecy and VT is about the same, which agrees which the maths. Nonetheless, I'm curious to see where is the data for "prophecy better than VT", will help me in another venture that I'm currently working on.
  3. Question about hive queen wing

    Dasari gardens there is a vendor beside the dragon express storage guy.
  4. Improving my specs to make game smooth on Ultra

    Have you tried in a full party raid? Which was my focal point, which I didn't specify, doh! Performance drops in raid from what I can tell. When I'm not in a raid, even on my dinky little 1060 I can do around 65~75 fps. But in raids, like VT hive queen for example, it goes down to like 25~35, making me a very sad panda. Something about being in a raid really chunks it out, but it seems to be ok on those weekly raids / msp. As to why, I have no clue. The optimization is all over the place. But I am curious as to what numbers you got, it's interesting to see maths. I can get some numbers for ya after I get back tonight, I have a VT raid so I can get some hive queen numbers too. And I don't wanna be a grandpa.. I'm old, but not that old.
  5. Improving my specs to make game smooth on Ultra

    Actually, I just realized that we didn't define what resolution we're talking about, because that's important! 1080p res, 1070 ti should get decent frames, around 65 or so, depending on your cpu. To get higher than that in raids will need 1080 ti (no point for a 1080 cuz 1070 ti OC is about that grade). 1080p is probably what you are thinking of. I on the other hand, forgot that I run 1440p monitor, so my requirements on gpu will be higher, doh!
  6. Improving my specs to make game smooth on Ultra

    The gpu can get pegged when you've properly configured it like the video that was linked. And when I said people are playing on high / ultra with over 60 fps, I mean exactly that. I don't mean they lower their settings, they have everything maxed, it's possible, you need to configure things properly though, and hardware wise needs to have everything lined up properly in terms of cpu / gpu combination. Oh and also I said that my gpu, which is only a 1060, gets pegged, doesn't mean a 1080 ti gets pegged out. But you do need that caliber of gpu to get decent fps at max settings.
  7. Improving my specs to make game smooth on Ultra

    There are people who can get higher than that with a gtx 1080 ti. So don't know what's happening with your system. Not sure what the BS is for, like my gtx 1060 pegged out? or me getting 30 fps on medium during raid? Or that I said you can play at high / ultra with reasonable fps?
  8. NPC improvisement.

    Great idea, but 99.99% it won't get implemented, as it "costs money but generates no revenue". Feature requests like these will have to come from the korean crowd, as that's where the dev of bns focuses on. NCWest moves feature requests primarily depending on if it can generate revenue. It's just business, after all, to them.
  9. Improving my specs to make game smooth on Ultra

    Why xeon? You want fast single core performance, Xeons are slower per core compared to core i series. Unreal engine 3 doesn't use more than 2 cores (threads). one for physics, one for everything else. And GPU does make a difference, his gtx 1050 is choking to even run the game at medium. It doesn't make sense to have a monster CPU and a dinky old GPU, You are just changing where the bottle neck is.
  10. Improving my specs to make game smooth on Ultra

    I have a gtx 1060 3gb and it's pegged out when the graphics setting at medium at 30 fps in raids. You need not just a beast of a cpu, you also need something like a gtx 1080 ti or a rtx 2080 for high / ultra.
  11. Realmrift sooo brainded now...

    That's good, I was afraid my bale 1 alts won't be able to do those.
  12. PvE/Raid Necklaces

    I am curious to know which part you feel it's off. I'm by no means immune to mistakes, and there are alot of assumptions that I've made, which I've included, and they may or may not be correct. So constructive discussion is welcome. And yes I applied all the buff bonuses, as stated in the opening line of each calculation. I assumed those are always active as well since I don't have data of their trigger rate.
  13. PvE/Raid Necklaces

    Ok I did the maths I'll put the TL;DR or for people who don't care about maths. ET neck > VT neck > prophesy neck. Now before you go all crazy about how that's bullshit, I'll list my work down below, you can decide for yourself after. *Warning* maths incoming!! *Warning* Normalized damage is what's ultimately important. Basically the higher the normalized damage, the better. Using my own character's stats (after taking neck off, since we want to check how our dmg changes after putting on each neck) I have the following: As displayed in f2 Atk pwr: 1401 crit rate: 59.92% crit dmg: 279.21% ele dmg: 140.25% Using rating formula (we need to since all these buffs have a mix of fixed % and ratings increase): crit rate: 59.91236% crit dmg: 279.2164% ele dmg: 140.2578% Accurate to within 3rd decimal, good enough I'd say. I didn't bother with piercing and accuracy changes. I am assuming just gearing normally we are already doing true damage to bosses, which may or may not be true, but I didn't bother looking that up. I am also assuming 22% crit dmg from TT5 and true tiger short cd uptime of 50%. VT awk 3 with full buffs up time (assuming self and target debuff is always up, I don't have the data on triggering % chance on any of these necks, so ya...) Atk pwr: 1584 crit rate: 68.27% crit dmg: 312.38% ele dmg: 163.22% Normalized Damage: 3166.857 Prophecy awk 3 with full buff up time *NOTE* I read the prophecy "+40ap +10% crit dmg" buff as a NON-STACKING buff . (there will be one later on that assumes it's a stacking buff) Atk pwer: 1652 crit rate: 65.91% crit dmg: 334.24% ele dmg: 150.41% Normalized Damage: 3160.656 ET neck with full buff up time (not including skill mods since I can't generalize those) Atk pwr: 1649 crit rate: 65.91% crit dmg: 320.00% ele dmg: 165.42% Normalized Damage: 3341.778 Prophecy awk 3 with full buff up time + vt neck slaves (also full target debuff up time). One thing to keep in mind is that just 1 person can't keep VT neck debuff up 100% of the time. Atk pwr: 1652 crit rate: 65.91% crit dmg: 339.46% ele dmg: 150.41% Normalized Damage: 3203.418 Prophecy awk 3 with full buff up time + ET neck slaves (same condition as above) Atk pwr: 1672 crit rate: 65.91% crit dmg: 344.75% ele dmg: 150.41% Normalized Damage: 3286.043 Prophecy awk 3 with full buff up time and +120AP and +30% crit dmg, no neck slaves! (Someone who has prophecy neck wanna confirm this buff stacks 3 times?) Atk pwr: 1732 crit rate: 65.91% crit dmg: 354.24% ele dmg: 150.41% Normalized Damage: 3485.428
  14. mess in the classes

    Giving more races access to more classes is always a good thing as it opens up more options. More options = good. It may not be the race that you want, but you can't deny that it DOES open more OPTIONs. You aren't losing anything by lyn getting a new class (btw, I don't like lyn race either, they filthy rats). You don't gain anything, but that's no excuse to whine about someone else gaining something. More options = good! (even if I don't like lyns, damn rats, they should get rid of them) If we're talking about balance, the one that really needs some love is Yun. they have the least classes available, and not a single race specific class, where every other race has one. Not that I'm saying we should single race lock a class, in fact I think every class should be open to every race! But unfortunately because of "budget" they can't do that.... which is..... ya......
  15. PING .... EVERYDAY!!

    From the article you linked, it says, "In example 2, we see high packet loss and latency at the final destination. This is your cue to inspect the rest of the route." That's what I mean by you need to use trace route. I was under the assumption that your final node (bns server) is experiencing problems (high ping as displayed from your in game client, but this turned out to be not true). So therefore we use trace route to see what nodes we are passing by on our way to the destination. After we figure that out, we ping each individual nodes to see what the problem is, as described in the article you linked. I suppose I wasn't specific enough in my previous post, my bad! If you are using a tool like ping plotter, it does all that for you. You linked a command prompt ping test, which is why I thought you didn't use any tools, and that's where people frequently make mistakes in testing methods and interpretation of the data they get. But ya, the server does have some issues, I agree with you on that front.
  16. Really bad at game need advice 😂

    Celestial Basin and Midnight sky petal plains 1-3 is where you should farm. You don't actually need to run any dungeons except for the weapons that you need to upgrade your weapon should you decide to go the dawn / rift upgrade path.
  17. PvE/Raid Necklaces

    For the neck in the middle---------------------------------------- Killing(killer) flower necklace Chance to proc KILLING FLOWER effect for 10 seconds While under the effect of KILLING FLOWER, increases attack power by 25, increases boss attack power(?) by 30 While under the effect of KILLING FLOWER, increases additional damage by 650, critical damage rating by 650 Chance to proc ATROPHY(?) on target for 10 seconds On hitting target with ATROPHY, increase boss attack power(?) by 20, critical damage by 550 for 5 seconds Wingstorm damage increased by 25% Guide Enhances WARP spec skills Acquired from Crimson Dream Secret Manor - "some Chinese name" (boss name, true claw vine bush, something like that) I calculated the prophecy neck is about a 6% increase over VT awaken 3 for my character stat. I don't know about the new ET neck stats but if you point me to it I can do some maths using VT awaken 3 neck as the base.
  18. PING .... EVERYDAY!!

    Your method of determining if your connection to bns server is stable or not is incorrect. You've basically determined your ping to google DNS is rock stable, but you haven't determined your connection quality to bns server. Ping gives you very little information, it only tells you the round trip time from your PC to the destination, but nothing in between. In order to figure out where the problem truly lies, you need to use trace route (tracert -d as an example). This will tell you your delay from your PC to your destination, and every single hop in between. It could be that there is a hop on the way to bns server that's unstable, ping tests won't tell you that, but trace route tests will. But I do agree with you that I also experience lag spikes in the 500 ms ranges alot recently, and I've determined it's not my connection quality, it's bns servers. Though it usually goes away after an hour or two. The internet isn't a simple straight connection of: your PC -> your ISP -> destination. It's more like: Your PC -> your ISP -> regional IX -> backbone nodes -> regional IX -> destination ISP -> destination. There are just some nodes that you just can't fix, by you changing ISP, or by bns staff, for example going through a bad backbone node / regional IX.
  19. New parses from KR server

    I'm guessing you play assassin.
  20. Windows 10 Framerate fix

    I just want to clear up some confusion in regards to this "fix". Most importantly, this "fix" MIGHT work for you, and it also might NOT work for you. Read on to see why. There are no "native" dx9 libraries. Windows 10 comes with dx9 libraries all the way up to dx12. This is for backwards compatibility as any versions dx10 and up does not have backward compatibility as their DDI (device driver interface) is locked in, meaning, it would not run earlier dx version DDIs. I used quotes because the link above is the resource I used to find where the dx libraries live. This is false. Windows does not default to a set of dx libraries, this is due to version incompatibility (dx12 can't run dx9 stuff for example). The application decides which library to use and Windows only emulates when a needed file is missing / corrupt. You can find out how dx works here: The "DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) " is indeed the correct, and the only, dx installer that you want to use to fix any corrupted dx libraries, since simply running an update only replaces missing files, but does not fix corrupted files. Again, the link I quoted above has more details. The programs do not need to package dx since it comes with windows by default. The ones that do just wanted to make your life easier in case you were missing dx files. Devs didn't do anything wrong here, which is why they ignored you. Harsh I know, but someone's got to break it to you. And no, the devs didn't pay me to defend them, but I wish I was being paid :P But yes, people SHOULD check if their dx libraries are up to date, or have missing / corrupted files. In conclusion, this "fix" only works for people who have missing / corrupted dx files, and won't do anything for everyone else. Newer games does not mean harder to run. Overwatch is of an esports caliber game, that runs on a proprietary game engine developed by blizzard. I'm sure it takes much less resources to run than an open world, thousands of actors, cpu heavy unreal engine 3. A good system can run overwatch at 1080P (resolution is important here!) max setting at over 150 fps easily. If your PC can only run it at 60 fps... not going to make any assumptions, you can fill in the blanks here. It didn't have an effect on your frame rate because your dx libraries didn't have anything wrong with them.
  21. How does shadow compare to fire right now?

    From what I've seen, in terms of overall DPS they are both pretty equal with fire slightly on top. Though if you look at damage graph plotted over time, you would see a big difference between the two in terms of fluctuations. Shadow would have smaller fluctuations while fire would have large fluctuations. Fire is more susceptible to bad rng strings than shadow. If you don't proc triple shot enough, you'd have alot of dead time. Ideally unload should be #1 dmg, then bullet storm, then quickshot. You know you've ran into bad strings when quickshot overtakes bullet storm. This can happen, and there's nothing you can do about it. Shadow is less prone to this due to their damage is all in one basket, darkshot, but a very reliably basket at that, especially when you get the imperator ring that recovers focus on hit. Fire is also more punishing in the sense that bullet storm is a large amount of your dmg mark up, if you mess it up (IE missed buff window, can't get the full 5 set out, delayed it too long due to mech), your dps just tanks. Shadow doesn't really suffer from this restriction. That said, fire is vastly superior to killing adds than shadow, precisely due to bullet storm. When your raid isn't wiping due to low combined DPS but rather adds aren't dying fast enough, save your bullet storm for it and be a hero.
  22. Gaming pc

    While I don't deny that bns might have memory leak but I've left my client open for like 2 days straight (relatives playing with it while I was sleeping) and didn't go above 14G. I mean I guess if you have the $ and wants to burn it on something I suppose you could get 24. But man, like I've said, never seen anything that took more than 12G. Aside from my 3D rendering program that's doing 8k renders, 36+ won't satisfy that beast.
  23. Gaming pc

    And 24+ is over kill. I don't know what you are running but I've never seen my mem usage hit above 12 with BnS, or any other game for that matter.
  24. i am fed up with mechs

    You should play WoW, they have this thing called "Looking for Raid" (LFR) that basically queues you into the current raid tier but all the bosses mechanics are changed so that you can ignore them and just blast them like a training dummy. Also, it's not NC that's doing this to you, it's Bloodlust, the guys that actually is in charge of designing BnS. Threaten them with death threats and they'll probably put LFR in BnS too!
  25. do i look ugly??

    Boob slider everything to max.