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  1. game will be sold?

    I remember back when most people were still playing on cn, jp, kr and tw because there was no western version some dude from NCWest joined bnsdojo to ask us what we were hoping for in a western release and pretty much everyone from europe essentially just said "we don't give a damn what you do as long as you don't give the game to gameforge" because that company is just THAT disgusting. Considering bns is already in a half-dead state and the sheer number of people that would quit immediately if it was managed by scammers like gameforge BNS EU would be dead within a month if that happened. NC might make some questionable decisions but they are not dumb enough to take the gameforge route and would likely just close the servers instead because both of these options (closing servers and giving the game for gameforge) would lead to the same result: a dead game. The only difference would be that the gameforge route would also cost them money in the process. They might have abandoned EU as far as decent service goes but they will not throw money out of the window because money, unlike customer goodwill, is something NC cares about. Just as an example what gameforge meant for Tera EU. - with gameforge Tera EU had less events than NA - the f2p events NA got were turned into p2w events for EU - features everyone got on NA (like the marketplace) were locked behind a VIP-paywall with gameforge. - all cosmetics were at least twice as expensive on EU - even getting VIP in the first place was more expensive - account-unlocks were even more expensive in comparison. Unlocking a new charslot on Tera NA wa around 4 dollars, in EU it was 25 damn euros for each individual slot. - if there were any serverproblems you'd either get a random server-maintenance for the entire day without any warning or no fix/maintenance at all for weeks and 0 compensation for any of this. - regular maintenance wasn't/isn't at times that are good for EU but all over the place instead. sometimes they start at 11:00, sometimes at 16:00 other times at 19:00 and you never get any information how long the maintenance will be. Guys you might be thinking "Anything is better than NCWest." but NCWest mainly has a problem that it tries but isn't very competent, gameforge is just straight-up negligent and malicious.
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    People were not asking for a way to have "more accessible gems", yet you offered it at random and then used that offer to not only turn around and make gems less accessible because all the materials needed to fuse them will now be rare but also went "why don't we trick anyone that might have prepared for this already bad change"while you were at it? Way to go NC. If there was ever an example of either blatant malice or willful ignorance toward your own customers it was this. Had this been an honest mistake it would have been cleared up earlier, rather than after watching the market-changes for 5 full days. Had this been an honest mistake radiants would be able to be exchanged for at least their actual market value, rather than 2/3rds of it. At this point this just seems like a company gleefully scamming their customers and then spitting in their faces for good measure.