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  1. I appreciate your work on this, but I feel that you should try and compromise them down to at least 1/4 of the original cost (1/2 of the costs posted today), which would still be high proportionally. In Korea, they make enough gold from basic dailies to more than offset these costs. For example, they make 7g PER KILL, not daily, just from Naksun, which can obviously be repeated as many times as they want. Here, even at 1/4 of the original costs, we would be struggling to break even, but it would at least be a little more manageable for your average player who plays alts regularly and does DC.
  2. When you guys do this, please make sure they are aware that the amount of gold we can get from dailies on alts is less than what it would cost to mail these gems. By a lot. This will completely kill alts. On KR, you can make hundreds of gold per day just from dailies. Having something like 10000g is relatively poor there, whereas here it is incredible. The costs are not even close to fair or proportional to us.
  3. Yes, and those also have a different overall color scheme that matches. I went today and looked at the .upk files and confirmed this with the UE model viewer.
  4. I believe that the fur color around the neck, chest, waist, and ankles (elsewhere on other races other than female Jin) on the outfit that was released today, "Mountaintop Predator", is currently bugged. It is a bright white color, which doesn't match with the rest of the outfit. Normally I would just write this off as an odd occurrence, but there are NPCs that have this same outfit and the aforementioned furred areas are a brown color, matching the rest of the outfit. I have some screenshots of the Princess, Yunma Fei, when she was wearing this outfit during a portion of the story quests. I a
  5. Not really a fan of how much he raged all the time and his attitude, but at least he actually quit, despite BnS being by far his most viewed game on twitch, unlike laguna who just forces himself to play a game he doesn't really enjoy anymore to shill more money out of his rather dumb viewers. Only reason people think he is even good is because he did all of the current content on tw, badly I might add, giving him an advantage in pve knowledge, and his viewers have essentially bought him all of his gear on NA, which trivializes the current stuff, other than infinity tower past floor 60. Notice
  6. I don't care about them being p2w, I just think they are way too overpriced. Millionaires don't stay millionaires by spending their money frivolously on things that cost more than they should by a large margin, so it's not really a issue of having disposable income or not in my opinion. And I am almost rank 10 premium, so I have definitely given them plenty of support and don't expect everything for free.
  7. I think it is less of a problem that they are selling these and more of a problem that they are so damn expensive. I can deal with rng when the prices aren't ludicrous, but on Taiwan I could get 58 (50+8 bonus boxes) boxes in a bundle for 1450 ncoin, and I generally got a ton of good stuff from them. 1450 ncoin on TW is about $43, and that is with the markup from buying the ncoin cards from the middleman I use, offgamer. I even double checked current prices of both ncoin and boxes for TW as I am writing this post, so they are as current as they can be. One box on NA is exactly $1.50 so 58 * 1.
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