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  1. Nice ''optimization patch'' luls

    I'm having some trouble running this decently myself,i've played a bunch of other mmo's and have had little to no problems running them even when stuff gets busy,in this game it wants to give up if there are 5 things doing something on screen in game and it makes it impossible to do poh or blackwyrm if this game starts turning into a slide show,as far as i can tell the only thing that would maybe be giving me trouble is the fact that im using windows 10, i've turned everything down and during fights i still get less than 30 fps and as much as i hate to say this i might just have to give up on this game theres no reason for a game this old to be running like this.
  2. i wouldn't mind wearing a burka
  3. Open Discussion with English Localization

    it's going to hurt everybody in the long run not just the players
  4. Why all the hate for the westernization

    you try playing this game with really high ping and see if you would enjoy it,dont try throw people out just because they have differening opinions and this is coming from someone who really doesn't care about the situation either way
  5. Option to decline Faction battles

    im not big on pvp either but if you're wearing a faction uniform then thats your choice to paint a target on your back, if you dont want to get killed go somewhere safe and take it off
  6. Why all the hate for the westernization

    because i rather have my game as close to the source material as possible,i understand some things like jokes would need to be changed because they might not translate well into another language, it's like being told you're going to an authentic chinese resturant only to see all the waiters inside are wearing cowboy/girl outfits and are serving people steak and hamburgers instead of chinese food
  7. Open Discussion with English Localization

    and guess who's fault that is
  8. Future classes, including healers?

    I'm fine with out having a healing class if anything it helps unlearn bad habits just because i know i can do something and not die from it, but i would love to see a class based around using spear/bo staff or nunchucks/tonfas
  9. 5-10 for a single character, no more than 15 for account wide, i would think most people would say that sounds fair enough
  10. Open Discussion with English Localization

    LWS,I was under the impression that people on the writing staff aren't allowed to moderate the forums so could you explain to the kind folks here why post keep getting deleted? I know not everyone of these are valid post but a good few of them are,you guys say this is a open discussion thread but it only seems like you talk about the stuff you feel like you should talk about,i've been waiting to play this game for a while and i rather not feel like i would have to keep my eye on the staff