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  1. Dive Team Costume

    Oh noo QQ
  2. Dive Team Costume

    Has the Dive Team costume been for sale yet? If not, please add it ^^
  3. Ingame Barbershop to change hairstyles

    The appearance change ticket is very overpriced imo. Should be like 400 coins
  4. Help!

    Hello! I'm Erik, and I'm in Cerulean order... am I the only one in Starfall Crater? Everywhere I go I get wrecked by 100 Crimson Legion players xD I checked other channels but there were only crimson people there too >.> What am I doing wrong?? Q_Q
  5. I cried when Hajoon died

    His voice sounds like bowser Jr. xD or is it just me?
  6. Upcoming new 2016 swimsuits in Korea

    Omg they are so nice! Hope they can bring them here this summer!
  7. The Bikini Thread

    Watermelon swimsuits please!
  8. Server disconnected

    I get account login failure error and dc O.o everyone else get this too or is someone trying to log into my account Q_Q?
  9. Let us purchase the Quick Draw Wuotfits!

    This was for master pack buyers only! And they said in stream these outfits will NEVER be available again
  10. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Good thing they didn't put the blue jacket in the box, not a big fan of the black jacket tbh! Still sad to see a costume desired by many people get abused in RNG box to milk money.
  11. I have no idea, BUT I believe the machine thing that one of the commanders u gotta kill turns on after he is defeated drops it :)
  12. JPN Valentine outfits

    No male costume? :'(
  13. Unidentified Crimson Legion

    I think it is the mask item they wear ^^ You can buy it at the lvl 45 faction base :O
  14. Suggestion for faction fighting.

    I like it ^__^!
  15. King of RNG

    I bought a brilliant key for blightstone axe yday and got axe drop from box today during daily :D </3