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  1. Has the Dive Team costume been for sale yet? If not, please add it ^^
  2. The appearance change ticket is very overpriced imo. Should be like 400 coins
  3. Hello! I'm Erik, and I'm in Cerulean order... am I the only one in Starfall Crater? Everywhere I go I get wrecked by 100 Crimson Legion players xD I checked other channels but there were only crimson people there too >.> What am I doing wrong?? Q_Q
  4. His voice sounds like bowser Jr. xD or is it just me?
  5. Omg they are so nice! Hope they can bring them here this summer!
  6. I get account login failure error and dc O.o everyone else get this too or is someone trying to log into my account Q_Q?
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