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  1. The Way of the Summoner

    Didn't had problem with this quest at all
  2. Text Bug and Zoom Camera

    Hello i Discovered few bugs 1st : Zoom Bug , i went to the dungeon via Cross Server option (F8) and after going to the dungeon my character zoom in.... I could not zoom out. Please Fix it. This happend to me in CBT at PvP Arena as well many times. 2nd: Text bug where items are called diffrent I provide you with screen shot of both of those bugs
  3. Food Bug

    Hello i find out, that food buff durtion do nto show up in interface liek it used to ( i mean the timing left do not show up after you consume a food. Either Exp food or Buff buff) the timer is not showing up so you don't know how many minutes are left ....
  4. Bidding system

    the bidding system is really good
  5. It DOES SHOW in the gameshop in the bottom , your EXP LINE TO NEXT RANK
  6. EU server for CBT ?

    they just said in Livestream that's EU SERVER WILL BE READY FOR 2ND CBT ,so Nov 13
  7. PvP is bad without max level cap...

    I'm not veteran at all, played on Russian Server until like lvl 30 as well. never before. But I am mmo player, you also need to know what works agaist what class. For example kung-fu master can be hard to kill but on my summoner I had to put point into my V skill ( knock-up to set as a bomb ) that the only way I could kill kung-fu master. The most difficult was for me a Force Master and those stuns ..... since I wasn't high level enough to get more points into the skills. In blade and soul You need to know what other people can do to you and what skills they have. That's very important in blade and soul.
  8. PvP is bad without max level cap...

    are you kidding me ? I had 10 win strikes on my summoner at level 30 , seems like your just not skilled enough
  9. Earning Money Easy?

    I do agree with it, the currency we getting from quests and dailies is not enough. Specially when you evolve your weapons and jewellery, when ever you can. At level 40, I had to spend 2gold just to upgrade weapon to infernal weapon stage1 ( so from awaking weapon stage 10 to infernal weapon stage1 ) PRICE IS 2GOLD AND 50SILVER (WITH premium ship its 2gold) and just before level 40 after, I upgrade my weapon and jewellery I had 36 silver left..... So what I had to do ? (thanks god that I did crafting on the alpha tests) I had to sell 10 EVOVLING red stones, and about 20 blue ones. Just to get this upgrade to be done..... SO I DEFINATLY !!! I THINK that something isn't right about money we receive from quests and dailies ... LIKE, if you agree :)
  10. Closed Beta Testing & Content

    I think that's exactly what they should done, not let people to get to max level .... but well its too late now unless they wipe characters before CBT :) which I think will be not a bad idea to be honest.
  11. Closed Beta Testing & Content

    That's why I think they should wiped all characters from alpha tests before CBT starts. so we can start fresh with all our Founders Pack bonuses and new characters. Since we now know what to focus on.
  12. Charackter Transfer to EU CBT

    I think they should wipe characters from alpha before CBT, so we all get back our NCoins, since we all already spended most of it on characters. And now we know better what to buy and what to not , what we can focus on etc. OR they should refill NCoin for us and bonuses from founders packs to the CBT.