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  1. Thank you very much for expressing your viewpoint, i am sorry that i didnt list a grey area more clearly, so again thank you for taking the time to go out of your way and express your full viewpoint for the mods and other individuals to consider and contemplate.
  2. yes... *blushes and walks away in shame* when will i get a persecom :(
  3. Thank you very much for doing so Lurk. it was very helpful, and at the least more people are bound to vote on one of these polls then post if they are concerned of making their voice heard.
  4. This was pretty much the point, except i wanted to be funny with it, so ya know.. bewbs and pew pew.
  5. Censor buddies? i have told literally no one about this, nor have i asked any of them to vote on it, and i have added the relevant opinions that others have expressed against the opinion that those who do not want censorship have, thus as a whole the end result of players who do not care about the censorship could easily add up to be a larger percentage then those who want to have censorship. the 4 if people care so much should outweigh the one as a total percentage. maybe not as individual percentages. So i do not see how it is skewed, when it shows an over all interest vs the interest in a singular point of thought.. Which is the current way it is going, 54% of the votes could care less about the censorship.
  6. Changed Dialog/Personality - Jin seo yeon

    you cant complain that your country doesn't have electricity, medical, government, morals, if you have never experienced any of these things. < Same rough arguement you just made, Ignorance is not an excuse. On a note about the name/naming itself Don't get me wrong, while i dislike the censorship and a great deal of the changes, some things just DO NOT Translate well into english at a 1-1 translation, even fan translations of the text are a best estimate of what it comes to in english, as unlike english a lot of asian dialects can be a multitude of meanings in a singular word/phrase, depending on the surrounding characters and meanings. for instance, if you want a DIRECT Translation, then why wasn't Mushin's name simply changed to God of War. and left at that. When possible they are at least with names trying to keep the original while Making it to an extent more understandable to the average NA/EU player. And im sad to say, the majority of the F2P audience is by far less educated then the average forum goer that would even attempt to care about these issues. Too compare the naming system of another culture to english is not a 1-1 comparison, have you ever heard of the name meaning of jennifer? no? that is because for the mass majority of names in English their is no deeper meaning, yet nearly every single name and title within Asian Dialects has a deeper meaning to every single word and character. thus a 1-1 comparison is impossible. or are we going to change the names too Pretty Leaf water spring.
  7. Ok NCSoft Pls

    ehh, i kinda went a bit further. XD, then redacted all of it, so its 50-50 if i explode into rainbow sprinkles or not. side note, i regret nothing... except that if i get perma banned from the beta forums its a perma ban from the live forums, XD
  8. Then i am sorry to see you go but, over all the localization team is following the job they were given by the Production staff.
  9. Ok NCSoft Pls

    sadly the mod already said that thread had a ton of reports sooo. i expect a lot of flames by the end of this, hands big some flame resistant pants
  10. i just want to keep it poll related so we can have at least ONE CONSTRUCTIVE topic on this.. but thats prob a pipe dream x.x
  11. Ok NCSoft Pls

    im, 90% sure i will be banned. so *waves and hands out goodbye cake* i was trying to help in the end, so i can be proud of that at least!
  12. Ok NCSoft Pls

    Ya, it is surprising given yours started out really really helpfully, (no sarcasm)
  13. please keep the thread poll related, i know this is an impossible request but i can hope x.x
  14. Ok NCSoft Pls

    what is wrong with the poll? it is like.. the least offensive thing on this forum at this time.. ?? Including less offensive then your post.. eash.
  15. vote.. splitting? o.o please educate me on what this means (no sarcasm) And i did as an advocate for no censorship try to at least stack the deck against my own opinion, and i added the extra options to gauge how much people really cared. I mean.. the boobs is hard to avoid.