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  1. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Thanks for the redirect Rukkirii. Nice to see your on target.. lets hope we can put this issue behind us.
  2. Poor Hajoon

    He turned out to be a real trooper. I love it when game's develop characters, and even if they fall they leave an indelible mark on the player in a good way. What did we think about him when we first met him? Kind of a jerk, bossy etc. He pushed himself to the limit for our benefit, this is what makes a great story and yep great game as well.
  3. First people wanted to sell me gold at the starting region. Next they wanted to sell me gold in the search for party chat. Now, they want to sell me gold in my factional chat. I belong to a guild so I am fairly sure we are safe there, but is there a plan to clean this up? NCsoft has always been more or less hands off on this. Since Lineage 2 all the way through. I am hoping the devs have been given the task of well looking at what can be done. If it is being addressed great!. If it isn't? Then who is really getting the premium service for the game? Me and others like me who payed? Or many spammers who may or may not have payed for the premium accounts?
  4. How much ram did you say you had? I am running 12gb at about the same speed. I am also running a GF 660ti 3gb old graphics card. So even though my system isnt ideal it works pretty well. Be careful if you want to upgrade anything in your system. if it's pretty old you may not have enough PSU (power supply)
  5. Newbie FM skill guide 45

    nuts :/ I'm a 37 FM too
  6. Goldspammers are taking server space

    Yea, completely agree. Also don't just block them REPORT and Block them as spammers. As load times become longer, they will have to wait in the queue as well to get their message out.
  7. Serpent Calling Bell

    Yeah, I don't even go after this, if it happens fine. I didn't find one until I got to Tomb of the Exiles in beta. Yea I was 38. I must have killed I don't know, 50 of the Deva's and out of 100 or essences I got one helmet. I think, B&S needs to shoot the lock off their tight wad wallet.
  8. Que Line .... forever

    Honestly I wish they would have released new servers for the Official release. Setting up a game as free to play pulls in everyone and the kitchen sink. Especially when there are so few low population servers left. I am premium now, but I remember Mushin during beta.
  9. Larger breasts size

    Yea the float in a breeze part has me laughing they are like balloons. Oh Well its fun and they look great so No complaints from me. IF they were any bigger I wouldn't be able to see my feet, oh wait.
  10. Which class is best for soloing?

    I played an assassin in alpha and a summoner in beta. The assassin can be tricky for slow hands like me. I made it to 45 with my summoner and was surprised at how great they were to play. Groups like you too, because if you go down a certain skill tree you can help heal your group. Currently I am playing a force master. 37 atm, and having a lot of fun. Gotta move though :)
  11. FM Build?

    I am 32 at this point, I am leaning towards ice but honestly, you use them both. As you get down in the build, you will find that switching damage and removing say ice with fire will give you 25% of the damage done back to you as a heal. Since we are an undoubtedly glass cannon we should take advantage of any HP gains or self heals thrown our way.
  12. Future classes, including healers?

    I know I like it. BM is much more fun, but summoner is pretty cool. Don't forget to add skills to your cat that mitigate damage and pull it back. Until I did that it was always dead in Narrows. Then I had to do that bs cry summon for it.
  13. In Lineage 2 it was handled thusly. You walk into a bot controlled area. One of the bots comes to you and says. "You move now". If you don't they kill you. After a while you realize that these are max level assassins killing mobs because they are farming money, and you leave.
  14. Dangeon boos drop/portal bug.

    Happened to me as well.. i finally manuevered close enough to select it.
  15. Yep happened to me. First time I went through the Black Ram narrows I didn't realize that everyone else had started the final battle until the cut scene ended. The fire barrier was up and they pretty much killed it without me. No complaints on the not getting the items etc. Just that had I known that I had to cancel the cut scene to get in there before they attacked I would have. Any kind of notification would be awesome.
  16. About Low Level Camping

    Open, unmoderated pvp has been a part of NCsoft since Lineage. The outfits are awesome, its not a pvp switch I can expect to get ganked if I run into a group of factioned players. The fairness of 2 level 4s against 1 level 4 doesn't make it any different.
  17. [Art] *Cricket* as a profanity filter?

    Yo Crickets are good luck a sign of seasons. Kept as pets in tiny cages. It must be a kung fu thing, cricket, grasshopper, butterfly, dragonfly, praying mantis, rhinoceros beetle, tarantula.. I am not a practitioner of Kung Fu but if they want to use these cute names for their students they are certainly welcome. Nice picture btw OP.. I guess your character really sleeps in..
  18. So my pug and I waited 3 minutes and went ahead btw while 2 guys bid for 1 lousy set of beads. Unique? Sure, I'll give you that but you haven't seen anyone get into the I need this so I am spending everything 2 copper at at time. It's nuts. It does break up the team while they jerk around on jeapardy (ill take a blight axe for 2.20 alec) back and forth till we have moved on. Stop being fan kids, and think of the value of your time and my time. If I wanted to bid on every crap drop I could have, I would have to be insane but it's possible to bid on every single drop. Most MMO's let you select green or better blue or better epic, levels to not pass and need vs greed. It is then handled for you as you move your merry way down the dungeon toward your ultimate doom or not. This assumes that the rest of the team (those not bidding) just aren't as valuable as the bidders. It's bad code, throw it away. ​
  19. [Poll] What class will you pick at release ?

    Summoner. The class is deceptively strong. Lots of ways to kill you. Honestly though, it;s for the kitteh.
  20. Loot bidding slows down dungeon runs

    Read my post then. It is bad idea. Need/Greed randoms have existed since Ultima Online as a rand function added to the game to allow some control over looting rules. Bidding is just not helpful and can take a lot longer than any need vs greed roll. It seems to be a bit mean spirited as well. How many times would you go through the narrows for your class weapon upgrade? If that weapon drops you spend ever last copper to get it. It is just a stingy way of forcing money from your players. It's not like you get a ton of cash anyway. Until people start to sell it for Euros and Dollars.
  21. In an epic dungeon all drops are biddable. So if you really want that purple item you will have to bid for it. In my group it got up to 78 copper for a necklace. My complaint isn't so much with the concept as it's ability to ruin cohesiveness of the group going through the dungeon. Secondly the opportunity for exploit is astounding. (I give farmers 100 dollars they give me 5000 silver) I can out big who ever. You all know gold selllers will be on line in 1 month after game start. Also, the final reward for a the narrows dungeon kill is a blight weapon. Just the one you need to evolve your weapon.. Thing is,.. It is random and non trade-able. Consider allowing users to go to a merchant and trade their weapon for the right one for their class for a nominal fee say 1 silver etc. Other than that, I am very much enjoying my summoner and the game. See you in game all~! Sig
  22. Yea it's more like art.. Especially with a large helping of knockers (nothing I do makes mine grow summoner ;p). I vote for taking that slider to 30 though haha.
  23. Which Class will be OP?

    Summoner cause.... Cute Overload.. !
  24. As a veteran of poopsocking dragons in EQ.. I know grindy. Just kinda beyond it. I love grouping, teamplay and guild play but when the developers intentionally make bottlenecks to slow down progress (you know what it will be like at launch) it can displease players. We all want to see the game succeed. That's why I brought it up.
  25. If they just made them trade-able unsealed or if they allowed a merchant switch with a fee I would be fine. But instead of staff for my summoner I have 2 destroyer axes..