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  1. You can make up for your undergeared character by providing useful insight into the dungeon and/or actually playing around the dungeon mechanics well enough that your teammates dont feel burdened by you. Pretty simple stuff. You can actually show how good you are in this game.
  2. My BnS Discord Chat

    got enough creepers on my server, dont wanna talk to one from another
  3. My BnS Discord Chat

    then dont make it a public chat
  4. Official Twitch Come Chat

    please dont be from mushin
  5. My BnS Discord Chat

    hopefully none of you are from mushin
  6. Feels good when.......

    You put a zerg on your back and carry them through the smoothest <10 minute blackwyrm fights of their lives. What part of this game makes you feel good?
  7. Endgame content in next CBTs.

    go lvl alts or go arena. perfect time to learn pvp and how other classes work since your stats will reset in a couple months
  8. Unbalanced Costume Grind

    you can literally kill 10 mobs and have that drop. some costumes do have a rare drop rate, and ill take that over a lot of horrible features other mmos have any day of the week and twice on sunday.
  9. Did I read this wrong.?

    just your casual copy paste theft
  10. Thought you could provide feedback ingame after each survey..? edit: oh someone already posted about ingame survey feedbacks. maybe i should read all the comments
  11. defintely a must watch for people wanting to learn more about the pvp and what their class can become when played right
  12. Does playing an anime mmo make you a nerd?

    hello friend, if it is attention you seek, im here to provide you with such
  13. Aion was a better game

    aion had some good things about it. there were also some really shitty parts. at the moment, feels like aion had better world pvp, and thats about the only positive id give aion over bns. And it's prob way too early to make a statement like that too. I don't think anyone misses grinding 2 weeks worth of mats for pots/food/etc just to go pvp for 2 days before you need to farm more consumables again
  14. Hongmoon Store Prices

    ill take overpriced training expansions over RNG boxes in the store any day of the week,
  15. Beta ended, no words social media.

    it means they're hard at work doing stuff...kappa