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  1. The fps in bns is based on many things even your windows and some windows updates can drop your fps from 120+ to just 20
  2. Hello, Start with getting MSP soul shield and than than work your way up to raven and vortex soul shield, about accessories start with basic legendary accessories and work your way up to elemental ones and the last patch ones.
  3. @darkhell666 This is what patch notes say in gunner changes: Bullet Storm can now be used when the target is affected by the Concentrated Fire effect from Crossfire. Sounds a bit strange, but i will tell u this, what does your tab do: Recovers 100% focus, Generates Explosive rounds and gives u 5 sec Lethal or 8 sec with badge, and on tab it say Bullet storm is available while the lethal effect is on, so this means one thing now, to use Bullet storm u need not just lethal effect up but concentrated fire too as u can read on Bullet storms skill description, this is a nerf to gunner so u just don
  4. To be more precise yes it can trigger auto ban and they will unban, but if u get hacked while ur using WTFast or any vpn they wont do anything than, and u use it on your own will and ur rdy to take the risks
  5. Lel pure AP wep vs PVP wep wow, not to mention that PVP wep drains your Chi too so that makes your target week as shiet cuz he cant attack u back and u can go all out on him but sure.
  6. OP made a post about patch that went live in KR where fire gunner was nerfed, but ur talking about general changes that came to eu/na 06.12.2017 here are changes: Gunslinger General Fixed an issue where sometimes only one pistol would display after Windstriding. Fixed an issue where skill tooltips were not being updated properly when equipping Divine Dragon Bracelet Stage 4-10. Fixed an issue where the effect of Shadow Bullet from Dynasty Mystic Badge was weaker than intended. Soul Shields The 3-piece set effect for Sharpshooter Soul Shield now increases the
  7. Idk what are u talking about but i always got shiet from thos boxes before aransu or after never rly got anything good, ohh yeah one time 1 elysian orb bundle >..> its just rng guys.
  8. I have no problems in eu constant good ping
  9. Its a problem on your side, update/reinstall drivers check your pc health
  10. Tho there is a thing like world champ where every other region has lvl 55 and we dont and if im not wrong this year world champ will be at september something 20s or so
  11. Are u running your game with nvidia gpu or with intels??
  12. lvl 55 should be faster than september >..>
  13. Its not a big bug that has to be fixed asap its just that u dont see other ppl char model it can be reated to many things but its nothing that effect u or other that are around him its just for the lobby.
  14. Sorry mistyped a bit but yes its coming 14.06.2017, and the link is to kr bns site it will be called Maestro i guess.
  15. Gunner date has been confirmed it will be 14.06.2017, u can see it here: bns.plaync.com
  16. Poh is granddaughter to Hae Mujin and we dont know her real parents
  17. By the trailer that was shown last year yin is 100% cuz in there its a yin male
  18. Nice thats seems like legit and nice info on it, but now lets see when will they update test server for it cuz now im rly interested on gameplay. So i guess we will see it soon in Kr test server.
  19. the 10th next year can be anything, there was a thing about 10th date that has passed already now there is this 10th month, but i thing its just 10th class next year so it can come out any given time, heck it can be even tomorrow that kr updates the test servers where gunner is in, so these theories about the 10th im not rly so sure. And for all who thinks that there is gunner on kr servers: there is still no information nor real patch notes from test server where gunner is in so kr doesnt have it yet and its still unknown when they will have it or when they plan to update and rel
  20. hmmm i seee ty for the info
  21. Hello I have a little question about legendary elements how can i get em, i know i can buy em for 20g a piece from dragon express, but is there other way how to get em??? I know the legendary jewels i can get from HM accs.
  22. Long time ago i use to have Razor Naga with 12 keys on the side i didnt rly had problems to bind bns keys there, in synapses program i just changed the mouse keys there like: mouse keys 1 2 3 4 to game keys z x c v and so on.
  23. Ahhh yes now i remember the said something like that in one of the streams
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