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  1. Treasure trove costumes

    I hope soon! This person spent 500 keys and none of the Mythos costume pieces appeared (as far as I could tell). This is why I don't gamble xD
  2. Treasure trove costumes

    I should already know this by now since I'm a veteran player, but I stopped playing quite a while ago and forgot how they handle this >< Do they ever put treasure trove costumes in the hongmoon store? My luck is always terrible and I absolutely hate gambling. I really want that Mythos costume set, but I'm afraid I'll never be able to get it with the treasure trove =/ I normally have no problem dropping money on cash shops as long as I know I'm getting exactly what I want. So as a costume lover, treasure trove is just super frustrating for me.
  3. Game doesn't launch

    Go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin and then open "Client.exe". That will launch the XIGNCODE3 and then it will prompt you to launch the game via the launcher. After I did this the first time, I haven't had a problem since.
  4. Never had this problem before. I haven't played in a while, so I decided to log in and see what's new. For some reason after trying to launch the game, the splash screen doesn't show up. BnS doesn't even appear in my processes. I tried a file repair and the game is listed as an allowed application in my firewall, so I have no idea what's going on. There is no indication of a problem anywhere. It just stops at the mini launcher window and that's it. EDIT: I got it to work. I had to manually start the XIGNCODE3 thing before starting the game with the launcher. Really strange...
  5. Golden Flower - Copied?

    *sigh* here we go again >< Well this sucks. I would've looked forward to having that long ponytail hairstyle for males x.x
  6. This is very tempting as I am a HUGE yaoi fan lol I've been taking a break from BnS though and all my characters belong to a clan. Maybe I'll try the gunner class once it comes out and join your clan with that character =)
  7. Character creation proportions?

    *Julia That is all. (Still extremely salty about NCwest's incredibly unnecessary name change...)
  8. Heavenly Energy - 12/4 update

    Forging orb obviously lol
  9. Heavenly Energy - 12/4 update

    It would be really nice if the heavenly energy became account bound until the Dragon Express tab disappears. That way we can make the most of it before it's gone.
  10. Upcoming Skill Changes

    Is grapple really gone???? I'm starting to panic because I don't see it listed at all... x.x But the other grapple-stance skills are there so I'm hella confused O_o https://bnstree.com/skill/KF
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Toraseishin - KFM - Master Hong
  12. 4/12 Legendary Weapon Material Changes

    Ah I see. Thank you for explaining =)
  13. 4/12 Legendary Weapon Material Changes

    So does each original item get salvaged into the two following items? Like salvage 1 ornament to get 1 orb and 1 crystal?
  14. Warlock's useless weapon (Appearance)

    They also use it to cut into the underworld when casting Dragoncall.
  15. Does red hair look weird?

    What outfit is that??? O_O