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  1. I hope soon! This person spent 500 keys and none of the Mythos costume pieces appeared (as far as I could tell). This is why I don't gamble xD
  2. I should already know this by now since I'm a veteran player, but I stopped playing quite a while ago and forgot how they handle this >< Do they ever put treasure trove costumes in the hongmoon store? My luck is always terrible and I absolutely hate gambling. I really want that Mythos costume set, but I'm afraid I'll never be able to get it with the treasure trove =/ I normally have no problem dropping money on cash shops as long as I know I'm getting exactly what I want. So as a costume lover, treasure trove is just super frustrating for me.
  3. Go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin and then open "Client.exe". That will launch the XIGNCODE3 and then it will prompt you to launch the game via the launcher. After I did this the first time, I haven't had a problem since.
  4. Never had this problem before. I haven't played in a while, so I decided to log in and see what's new. For some reason after trying to launch the game, the splash screen doesn't show up. BnS doesn't even appear in my processes. I tried a file repair and the game is listed as an allowed application in my firewall, so I have no idea what's going on. There is no indication of a problem anywhere. It just stops at the mini launcher window and that's it. EDIT: I got it to work. I had to manually start the XIGNCODE3 thing before starting the game with the launcher. Really strange...
  5. *sigh* here we go again >< Well this sucks. I would've looked forward to having that long ponytail hairstyle for males x.x
  6. Is grapple really gone???? I'm starting to panic because I don't see it listed at all... x.x But the other grapple-stance skills are there so I'm hella confused O_o https://bnstree.com/skill/KF
  7. http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/forums/topic/124890-iron-fan-master/
  8. I finally got the courage to make few small changes to my KFM's face the other day, and DAYUMN did it make a difference!! All I did was slightly widen and fill out the jaw, made his eye color lighter (including eye whites which I originally had grey for some odd reason) and changed his hair color to a super dark brown/black. Comparing the difference side by side now, I couldn't be happier ^^ <3 I think I can safely say I have officially perfected him~ hehe Toraseishin - KFM - Master Hong (As a side note, I have touched up his body at least 4 times since release and have perf
  9. Seiryuhiko - Warlock - Master Hong Resilience <3
  10. When bae gives you that look....... *falls over*
  11. More Halloween sexiness! =D Seiryuhiko - WL - Master Hong: (*cough* dat ass *cough* xD <3) Toraseishin - KFM - Master Hong: Hasuyume - BM - Master Hong:
  12. I've been looking forward to this outfit for a long time! It goes soooo well will the devil horns (which is why everyone is using them xD). Shirotatsuma - SF - Master Hong Yorukori - FM - Master Hong (Just couldn't resist <3 haha) Also just adding my current ingame character profiles: Seiryuhiko Shirotatsuma Toraseishin Yorukori
  13. ....I'm posting a lot on this page today. Please forgive me x.x haha But.... I can't NOT share this. I'm dying xD I don't always shoot flame throwers. But when I do, I do it in a speedo. ;)
  14. FINALLY got Spirit of Bamboo <3333333333333 I'm so happy ^^ hehe Toraseishin - KFM - Master Hong:
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