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  1. I understand what you're trying to say but you're forgetting something very important. You're forgetting language barrier that we have in the NA/EU community, a lot of people who play on the NA/EU servers don't even understand the spoken language and thus don't even know what is being said thus they go around messing things up even if others are trying to work thing out to favour everyone. I personally believe things are good on the Asian servers because almost all the people who play on them speak the language, Chinese speak Chinese, Japanese speak Japanese(get ban if you don't in public chat) and Koreans speak Koreans, over there the community works because the community can communicate with its self but as you can see NA/EU is mix bag. Keeping community and communication in mine, the amount of people that play on the NA servers that don't speak a word of English is crazy high, how do you have a community that works when so many of the members don't even speak the language of the servers? How do you make agreements and enforce the rules of these agreement within a community that can't even communicate. The people that ruin SSP are the ones that need it the least and those that help them are the ones that you have ruin it for. What I'm talking about is the rich overgeared people(wales) who are bored and want to ruin others experience for their own enjoyment, I say take a look at the people who are telling you to go and kill the red/blue mining NPC's and keep in mind how many times you're dead and get no credit for it because you were just fodders for these people, now remember that these are the same people that channel hop to your channel after all the works been done to rob you of the reward you have been working for over those 24 minute. At some point we need to stop raiding each others mining channels because we're losing time and effort and gaining nothing, what do you lose from letting the other faction mining a channel or two while you mine your own channels, is that not winning or is depriving others of something winning? If NCsoft wants to fix faction mining they simple need to increase mining NPC's HP and Damage out put so that 4 overgeared people can't kill them in a min or so, I mean why does the mining bot only have 2mil HP, just me a 626ap summoner can kill that idiot NPC in a little over 2 minute time.
  2. So whos coming from Aion or Wildstar?!

    Bluehole it self was found not guilty of those claims put forward by NCsoft. http://www.enmasse.com/news/posts/bluehole-studio-not-guilty-in-trial
  3. So whos coming from Aion or Wildstar?!

    Feel bad because this guy is giving you false information about TERA.
  4. Collective "What we want!" BnS post

    The problem with these people are they don't want the game as it is, they want it to be just like the game they're jumping ship from. They don't understand that Blade & Soul is Blade & Soul, which is why people like it and have wanted/waited all these years for. They make these unreasonable thread about what they want and such, but people who love the game know what the game is about, because it's been out in Korea for like 3 years and what they have is what we're going to get. Simple put, true fans want it to be like what it as been in Korea all these years.
  5. Show Off Your Characters! (Screenshots)

    It is a mod, so we should all start begging for for it in the shop starting now because it's one of the best hair in the game period. Here is another picture of it Most people don't fap to the toons they create, and if you think they do you need some help.