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  1. The only clans really worth joining at this point are level 15s. Recruitment usually consist of poaching other clans for their already geared members, other wise it would just be a lot of under geared people no one wants to play with. So the actual recruiting of "real" new members/players is actually non existing from my experience.
  2. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    Ya but that is state of the game, people can be as upset as they want. In the end, they are managing it and we are just playing it. We simply have to take their word for it, that this is how it was designed and we are playing it by design. What people usually think is, "Well I dont like it, they better change it!!!!!!"
  3. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    Thats decent, but like I was saying, they specially said SSP is suppose to be competitive. Where the stronger players will get the most rewards, encouraging the newer or weaker players to work harder to do end game content. They also said SSP is end end game....so thats just how it is. Heres the link incase you wanna watch and get the answers yourself https://www.twitch.tv/bladeandsoul/v/71536522
  4. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    There are many channels you can swap to, and if you watch their stream, they specifically said if you are not getting the drop? its because you are undergeared. Should probably go run other stuff within your gear level to get more AP.
  5. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    There are people with thousands of these keys, I hope you know that. That is how easy it is. Time is money, you work to obtain the reward. You simply can not do the minimum and receive.
  6. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    Youre defending it, might aswell be one of the nay sayers. The simple fact that its very possible to easily get moonstones but yet people are still trying to argue this whole its because I am melee and we have a sad time in SSP is nonsense. There are tons of melees who are well geared who did not run into any of these problems. The problem with moonstones going up in price is because less people are playing the game, therefore not enough people farming SSP.
  7. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    Funny isnt it, how range has to either survive melee mechanics or use a pet taunt but yet you blame lack of moonstones on the fact that its unforgiving for melees?? so what about the range tanking melee mechanics at SSP? they work just as hard to get moonstones.
  8. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    So pretty much range tank melee mechanics for melees??
  9. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    Funny because melees dont even tank in SSP, range do.
  10. Always getting ripped off by NCWEST

    LOL even more pay to win??? do you know what the treasure trove is? rng boxes??? At this point, after those events, it doesnt matter anymore.
  11. People are bored as it is, entire clans quitting and moving on to games with more to do than just run same dungeons over and over. If anything the game lacks good content that can last. They are pushing it at a good rate.
  12. Let me tell you, BnS Tech Support will back me up on this also, it is your ISP. You should contact them and ask them to send out a repair man.
  13. Im pretty sure you guys need to contact your ISP. After doing so that will solve your problems.

    Its like this on most of the servers, not just the really dead ones.
  15. Transferring Peridot Gem

    Yea honestly who cares about what others have, personally in my clan there are quite a few people with transferred gems. While a few others got the big NO. No one cares. The gem itself its going to be irrelevant on June 1st anyways.