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  1. Whirlwind when complete if dead pls read!

    Is Zaiwei not considered Silverfrost because we did not see the quest in the quest log while in Silverfrost... therefore could not turn it in. Unless you are claiming we need to go to the Journal to turn it in?!
  2. Dare I hope this mutes the notices that X has logged in? Can't wait to get home and find out!
  3. Whirlwind Valley Equalized Gear?

    Why do I feel like you're talking about me... Lol I queue with my bf. I'm FM, he's Bd. Lol
  4. O.o is there a way to disable it that doesn't mute other game sounds? Please say yes so I can live my life in peace lol.
  5. I like the suggestion, but don't make it a voice over... The you can't do that right now voice drives me bananas.
  6. "This account is already logged in"

    I don't care if programming is hard, jeebus that's what they get paid for... Yes, the client closing with that message is rageeeeee inducing especially if you had to click an otp code each time and you're trying to get back into the dungeon you were in... Arg.

    Simple solution. Stop using f8 if playing just with your friends is that important. My bf and I just suck it up and run it a second time if there is DC. Or we walk in if we have a full party and don't want to risk it. I've seen reasons for a kick button but this is a shit reason. Also shit reason for the very long DC timer to be even longer. Sometimes randoms don't read chat and don't vote to kick, it takes damn near forever to have the guy disappear from the party. I've gone from entrance to necropolis to dead lycan once before the member got kicked by the system.
  8. i give up on this event !!

    I have to call bs on the idea that we get matched with op people because the season reset standings. Fought a gold guy, a day later I see him... Bronze. Had a match, all bronze opposing team... Guess what, 700+, high critical defense, hm11 on four of them... Even I with my terrible pvp skills was silver and stayed silver from day one of event. I call pure BS on someone 700+ being bronze at this point. All I can conclude is that the golds got tired of having nobody to fight against and decided to lose matches to get to bronze. --- To op. Find a friend to queue up with. 700+ seem to often queue 2 and this stupid algorithm matches 2s with 2s more often than not. It will still be a crap shoot but slightly higher chance. This whole event, only had a close match once. Most of the time it was 3 op people on one side or the other at least wiping the floor running together. I hate pvp and hate this event, personally. I also hate that daily challenge is now go win pvp or run the latest dungeons. Not everyone is at mast level. This quick release system is making stuff obsolete and pushing high requirements without proper time to gear up. Another set of soul shields and another skill tab is not my idea of fun.
  9. Summer Trove worth it?

    I'm in the exact same boat. Was waiting to get home to buy some keys tonight... Not if the stupid gems are that much, thanx but no Thanx.
  10. I played solo in Taiwan with empty areas, no F8 popping for pre-45 content, no friends, no access to shop. I went on with the story until I was higher level. I came back and farmed the world bosses when I was 2-5 levels above the content. This was true for accessories and weapon. For accessories, I upgraded a bit at first, but then upgraded to infernal only at level 45+. I had to fight the Orchard world boss solo 40+ times because I couldn't afford a moonwater key and my warlock weapon just wouldn't drop. So my point is... You can level and get your upgrades eventually without friends, real money, or anyone else being around. I will say that some classes are easier to level than others if you are solo. Warlock was decent, summoner was easy-peasy, and force master is eventually easy (low low levels are harsh but after mid-levels you are golden). Mostly because of their ability to aoe or distract bosses (summoner, warlock) until you recover HP. Good luck. My bf and I just did the open world boss for necklace duo the other day... ouchies lol. Two melees against ranged minions can be painful.
  11. Help Me Settle A Dispute With My Friend

    Taller looks better to me. No further comments as that is all you asked us to respond to.
  12. Oh my God....Chapter 5 Story Spoiler

    Omg, me too. Both disturbinggggg
  13. NCSOFT, your players fear you so little they AFK in dungeons and even talk back with impudence while they leech... Seen arseholes in Whirlwind talking smack back while sitting at base. Seen arseholes talk back in 50s blue dungeons hanging out at the entry. And most of the people I see with legendaries AFK at the dungeon entry. I guess that's how you get the phat loots... off of the back of other players. Disgusting.
  14. We were about to kill the boss and the whole thing crashed and everyone DC-ed and... My heaven's mandate daily entrance is USED UP. You (edited). It's on the damn daily. Update: apparently your system lies and I can still enter. But you owe some random a damn ivory scale that he lost...
  15. Some points... Back in the day, I leveled a warlock in Taiwan. I had no idea how to buy ncoin there so no store items. All I had was myself, no friends, no speaking the language, no store... I got to level 50 with awakened infernal. Yep. Solo. I couldn't afford their prices for keys so I farmed world bosses... Solo. Took 50+ weapon chests to get warlock weapon. I had a random player solo the bird 45 blue dungeon cause he wanted to do the daily I guess. I just used the gun to help him. He was super nice and gave me tips. The key thing he said was don't waste time, get to 50, farm dailies at 50. I give the same advice to your friend. Personally I can carry my lowbie friends to farm their weapons. If it's blue, I can farm for them if the bracers is too expensive. I farmed weapons on my main for the Warlock cause warlock weapons were many gold lol. I didn't have that luxury in Taiwan. I got to 50, went and farmed dailies.

    Actually we didn't get anything longer because we didn't have the many many months Asia got with the moonwater path. Also by the time soul fighter came out in Korea everyone had years on their main and lots of resources. With the way our releases rush, there is no way to keep two characters at same level if the second is just now leveling. To OP Give yourself time. It might be harder but just level on spare time and work on your main. Getting to 500ap on your main will give you the income that eventually will allow you to gear up your soul fighter.
  17. Yo, NCSoft, you owe me a heaven's mandate reset

    Lol nobody read the update line? Anyway. Dungeon tab had heaven's mandate with a 7 hour cooldown. I don't know why they put "in progress" dungeon lockouts on there. It's either on cooldown or it's not. Still owe some guy an ivory scale for the attempt that got busted. I can just imagine poor people in labyrinth... Ugh.
  18. NA Server crash?

    Dead people everywhere in Zaiwei!!!!
  19. AFK-ers now even talk back...

    Another takes the cake the other day... Hm 7, 500 +ap....walking to each entrance to get credit for all the poharan bosses without doing a thing. Just wow. He got carried by a whole bunch of hm1 and 2...
  20. Ahmmm... I ran Blackram and Tombs way more times than that. Both because I'm very unlucky on my main (no such problem on my alt, grrrrrr) and because I wanted the full soul shield set. I actually loved having a reason to hang around and play the 6mans :D. And also loved when people threw moneyz at it. In the end I got lots of silver, got the outfits and got most of the shields and my weapon for cheap. At least that guy bid out of stupidity. Had higher levels bid just to break down the weapon lol.
  21. Questions about the new event

    Hover over the bag and it shows you what you get 100% and what you have chances to get. The free charms say 1 bundle of 10 per account per day to a total of 10 bundles period. I wonder how we get them after the 100...
  22. Are green dungeons meant to be solo-able?

    You were leveling during the xp event for Warlock. Does not count.
  23. Endgame expariance (dungeons)

    I didn't want to join the kind of guilds that push content in bns right now... Cause I don't have that kind of time like I used to when I was raiding 3+ hours a night. But I did farm hard so I can make up for one or two lower geared people in my party. I also learnt mechanics and tricks to basically keep the rest alive... I'm a FM and my bf and I are usually the only ones cc-ing. My tab and 3 are both dual cc spec because pugs tend to not cc. They just spam abilities and pay minimum attention to the mechanics. I've had to learn how to basically carry yeti cause people couldn't grasp getting fire buff from the grabbed person or evading moves or grabbing ice. Honestly, what FM do in yeti cannot be called anything but carrying the party to skip mechanics. And you're right. In other mmos I also geared up really well and then went to do pugs. I would have 3+ hours raid nights but on weekend I'd go pug on my healer or support character to help pugs learn and to make up for their lack in gear or experience. In Tera I used to join cross dungeon in my over geared priest to carry less geared randoms. There was some weird pleasure in all mmos to test my ability to heal and assist the most hopeless parties. A healer is only as good as she is at healing disaster parties. Guildies often barely needed me lol. Mostly for buffs and just to be safe... The one thing I think on sometimes is that maybe I am enabling all those bad players who never cc or evade... And they will never learn... Nexus is a very sad display... Ever pug failure because they cannot cc. Literally. It's just sad.
  24. Why do you still play this game?

    I like the combat and the graphics. For someone who likes action combat and isn't that much into pvp, there are not a lot of choices. If I spoke Japanese, I'd still be playing pso2. I don't need to socialize that much but being able to just have a random conversation is great. There's just not a lot out there mmo wise that seems more interesting. Yet.
  25. I have played many f2p, b2p and p2p games and bought items from the stores of each mmo I played (they all had something). I have yet to encounter a game that makes my paid item disappear from my inventory. This is just a completely new low for NCSOFT. Good thing I'm already level 10 HongMoon cause the way things are looking I can't trust NCSOFT with any more of my money in this game.