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  1. Here is an idea, just like how the fire appears behind you when you start a fight... have there be fire in front of you on the other side of the doors that also goes away when the boss/trash/whatever trigger is completed. Then people just insta-die if they attempt to go through doors before clearing. Bonus points too, because it's already something in the game. You don't even have to fix your buggy game and it's exploitable collision bypassing movement skill!
  2. There are two sides here. The exploiters who actually abused it constantly, re-running dungeons over and over and walked away with massive gains... and the normal users who saved themselves ~5 minutes once every day or two. Major problem is if 5/6 of the group glitches, it's not like you can clear through on your own. And nobody wants to be "that guy" who is aggroing unnecessary trash, doesn't know the route, and is costing the group time. I mean look at BSH, wallrun and SS are basically the exact same thing, skills. One could argue wall running up the crates and bypassing the trash by gliding over to save time is also an "exploit". At least in the same way bypassing doors to save time is also an exploit. As a player it's entirely impossible to determine what arbitrary standards they will set for what qualifies as an exploit. I mean heck, using iframes might qualify as an exploit, I mean the boss was afterall coded to do an attack that is intended to do damage. By using SS to avoid the attack your basically exploiting. At least to the exact same extent that the doors were coded in such a way that they were intended to block passage and by using SS you can avoid them as well. It's literally the same concept. Thing X was intended to do thing Y but thing Z prevents/avoids it. I mean, you could consider 80% of the games interactions an exploit under that logic. Food "bypasses" the wait time of passively regenerating life. Potions bypass the damage you took. Sprinting avoids the time it would normally take to travel x distance. Block avoids damage you would normally take. Ect... I think the real solution is to patch the game. Not ban players for playing it how it was made. P.S. when do we get to see open world pvp'ers getting banned for using escape before dying? Now that is legit frustrating :/
  3. Wind is nice with high crit because you can sustain it for so long. It's fairly decent at clearing large groups. Major problem is lightning outdamages it because you can't animation cancel sunder with anything and most large trash mob pulls are going to be dead by the time you run out of focus using flicker so you really get nothing out of being able to sustain it for longer. And it's much worse at single target damage. It has no real incentive for min-max builds, however it works "well enough" that if you want to run it, nobody will really care/notice.
  4. It's not like you're loading into a new zone. That little platform in front of your waiting area "is" the arena. If you can see it then all of it's assets are already loaded. If it is taking a few seconds to load(which it shouldn't) then just wait to ready up for 1-2 seconds. As for models/textures, if you go into the wardrobe and shift click any of the outfits, that is exactly how long it takes to load a new model for your computer. It should not take long enough that a player could travel 40 meters and start comboing on you in that amount of time. P.s. loading time for assets/models have nothing to do with lag. It's not like when a new character/object comes on screen you are downloading it from the servers off in texas. It's all installed on your hdd already. Get a SSD and install the game to it if you have trouble with loading textures/models, the extra read/write speed will solve it entirely. tl;dr computer(you) sucks and blame it on lag Unreal is one of the most fully optimized engines in existence and blade and soul isn't even running the newest generation so it even works on many older PC's. It's your fault if you're running it on a x100e and it's not playing how you want.
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I think the real solution here is that we need more gold spammers. It's like a helicopter, if the blades start spinning fast enough it looks like they are standing still. We just need more chat spam.
  6. Moggie's First Impression

    Dear Diary, Day 23 I logged on and clicked spin. Now I am logging off. See you tomorrow.