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  1. Let's be honest, there have been enough complaints on this forum, bladeandsouldojo, reddit, twitter, and god knows how many tickets to realize at this point in the game that you messed up, in more places than one. The problem doesn't lie in actual mistakes you made, it lies in the lack of acknowledgement of the issues. Even a response from someone, anyone really, would be at least a little encouraging. Below are a list of issues that exist currently and need addressing. 1. NCSoft Account Security There have been numerous complaints of accounts being stolen and it seems like the NCSoft answer to this is the 2-step authentication. While this works great for preventing attackers from getting into the game, it does zero against attackers trying to get into your account from the main site. Why would you require the 2-step authentication in game and not to manage your account, you know, where all our credit card information is stored. Not only this but when attackers get into the main account they change the email and the true account holder doesn't even get an email that it changed, it only goes to the hacker's email. The answer is simple, change account access to require 2-step authentication. 2. GameGuard Once again, there have been numerous complaints of stutter lag this week and non-coincidently, GameGuard was re-enabled. I understand the push to fight hackers and bots, but I don't understand the willingness to sacrifice game players in order to do so. It has been made historically apparent that GameGuard causes issues for a large portion of people, enough so that you disabled it other games (Aion). I mean we get it, bots were taking money out of your pocket, but you are losing the people who put money in your pockets. I can personally testify to this as last week I was doing so much damage, I was pulling aggro in Soul Plains, now I lag for seconds at a time and loot doesn't even drop for me. The stutter lag during terror kills has lost me enough prestige where it isn't even worth it anymore. In the Harvest Festival, I could usually get two credit kills on the bosses that spawned, now I can't even get one, forget about the final boss. Arena lag is so bad, it probably looks like I'm deranking on purpose. The only content that is even possible for me now is grouped content because I am forced to mooch off of my clan mates. As a player who invested approximately 3 months of my time in this game, I am considering leaving as it has become unplayable, I can't imagine what players who started weeks ago are thinking, my guess is that they are already gone. The solution here? Disable GameGuard again, the bots and hackers are still present and I'm willing to wager, the number of bots you got rid of is less than the players who stopped playing. Plus bots re-emerge, like weeks, especially in free-to-play games, lost players are lost forever. 3. Community Interaction There are hundreds of posts every day and I have not seen one post stating that things are being looked into. There are no tweets or answers to community questions only status updates on whether the server is up or down. All I see are threads being deleted and topics moved. Your customers are over here screaming for answers and we are being told nothing. The community gets asked nothing about future plans regarding content release dates or released costumes. What about events? During beta we had events all the time with reasonable rewards, now that the $125 master pack cash grab is over, no more events? Have you ever polled the community on anything? Is there anybody even there? For example, like many other users, I just wrote this long topic which is more or less a desperate plea to save this game from the downward spiral it is currently in. Will anyone respond? Even a "hey just read what you wrote, we are looking into at least one of these things" is fine. Something, to show us that you aren't a robot, on a fixed released schedule with money as the sole fuel that feeds you.
  2. Must Have Google Sheet Formulas for Clan Leaders

    Interesting, didn't know you could do that. Originally was writing a parser in C until I stumbled upon google sheets IMPORTXML function, so I am new to the stuff, but in terms of performance, does it end up being slower with the extra concat method? Also, since commonality between separate sites isn't an issue, for this specific project, does it matter for anything beyond best practice? Glad that there's someone out there though who can provide a little guidance on this stuff. If you click on the spoiler it's in there.
  3. Are you a clan that has any level of requirements like "Must have at least a True Siren weapon", "Must be level 50 with HM level 5", "Must have 400 or more attack power"? If so, these functions are perfect for you. What I wrote are simple little one liners that can parse the ncsoft character list and report back these important pieces of information. For example, do the following: 1. Open Google Sheets and make a new sheet (if you are too lazy, copy this sheet 2. Put your character name in the first cell (A1) 3. Now in the cell to the right paste: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//dd[@class='desc']//li)[1]") After you press enter guess what pops up . . . your class! Now what else can you grab? Try these: Class: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//dd[@class='desc']//li)[1]") Level: =MID(IMPORTXML(""&A1,"//dd[@class='desc']"),LEN(B1)+7,2) HM Level: =IFERROR(RIGHT(IMPORTXML(""&A1,"//span[@class='masteryLv']"),1),0) Attack Power: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//span[@class='stat-point'])[1]") HP: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//span[@class='stat-point'])[45]") Crit%: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//span[@class='stat-point'])[25]") More Stats In Spoiler Weapon: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//div[@class='name'])[1]") Ring: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//div[@class='name'])[7]") Earing: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//div[@class='name'])[3]") Necklace: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//div[@class='name'])[2]") Bracelet: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//div[@class='name'])[5]") Belt: =IMPORTXML(""&A1,"(//div[@class='name'])[9]") Here is a sample sheet with everything above (just highlight rows and drag down to auto populate all the cells for more characters): There's many more stats that can be pulled, but these are the most critical to "gear check" you clan members. If you have a specific request, let me know. Happy monitoring!
  4. Camera lag when panning left...

    Who are you Zoolander? Seriously though, that's a problem that's probably very unique to you.
  5. Joined yesterday, looks like a very active (30+ online during peak hours) and interactive (always people talking in guild chat) clan with geared and friendly members. +1 from here
  6. how to advance clan rank?

    1. Did you donate your 10 faction insignia and 1g to the clan? Not your inventory, the clan's inventory. 2. Are you the leader? If yes to both questions, you probably have a bigger problem.
  7. Make the materials required for True Siren Weapon/Accessories and below half of what they are now. In the future I see new players becoming immediately discouraged from the impending grind and I see old players eventually stopping once they hit max everything. Not to mention players have already quit with alts.
  8. I'll take the 490AP DPS over the 320AP whatever who knows his class. *grabs popcorn*
  9. Tier list of pve classes?

    Want the best PvE classes? Press 'F8', sit in lobby, and watch for dungeon requests on the left hand side. You will see: 4-Man Whatever NEED ... and usually I see here WL/SUM/FM I don't know where this sin/kfm talk is coming from. If you do not believe me, just do what I said and watch. Everything/everyone here is bias towards their own character.
  10. Naryu Silver is the clear answer here, the main question is, "Do you have 1250 achievement points?
  11. Haven't you seen the movie "300"? Your 300 Crimson can definitely stand against our 10,000 Cerulean, you just have to abandon your childhoods, kill a wolf, and train until the day you die . . . easy. Seriously though, there is no channel, there are just a ton of Cerulean.
  12. Summoners "fall off" to level 50?

    Bottom line: In PvE, we get 3-4 steps better other classes get 5-8 steps better. In PvP, we get 1 step better other classes get 7-10 steps better. *steps are subjective
  13. The elitism is strong with this one

    The problem is that there are extremists on both ends. On the low side, it’s the guy who is sporting an awakened profane weapon with infernal accessories, who just started playing two weeks ago, attempting to take on the hardest dungeons in the game. The chances that they know what they are doing and can adequately contribute without being carried like a small child is very, very low. It shows that you haven’t been playing the game or your character for very long. Even if the player is experienced, regardless of how many 500+ AP alts you have, you will hurt more than help with less than 400AP. On the high side, it’s the guy who is closing in on 600+ AP and thinks that anyone with less than 500 AP shouldn’t even speak with him. He has 0 patience for wipes and teaching, a true elitist. He might even mix in other requirements for this party like 500+ AP with breeze weapon. If it were up to him, he would envision a group of 5 others just like him to blow through dungeons in less than 5 minutes. This person isn’t here to enjoy the game, this person is here to beat the living **** out of this game before moving on to the next one. Everyone else is in the middle and everyone thinks the same way. Nobody wants to be the best (most geared) player in the group. Preferably, we want a group of 5 others who are closely geared, but a little better than you. Those little dungeon posts on the left in the lobby are for people who want to control the group they enter the dungeon with. This is to mitigate bots, bad players, under geared players, time constraints, etc. If you don’t meet the requirements that are being listed, make your own. If your sitting at 400AP and wondering why you can’t do Avalanche Den, make a post: “LFM 400AP+” for avalanche den, fill your group with people in your AP range, and see if there is a reason why AP requirements exist for dungeons. You won’t blow through the dungeon in 8 minutes, but maybe 20-30 with a wipe or two is realistic. According to what people are saying, if you don’t want to pug with random people, especially other players who are similarly geared as you, you are elitist. If you want to join pugs with higher AP requirements, better your character, otherwise that makes you an elitist wannabe which is worse.
  14. summoner to warlock?

    Summoner is easier to solo and better in PvP, where's the appeal?
  15. Sparkling Hexagonal diamond pouches?

    Wrong, it not sparkling DIAMOND pouches, the one anyone can transmute sparkling hexagonal pouches