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  1. Question about White Orb

    I'm coming back so im completely lost, when it says Zaiwei ruins for Bully wrap and White orb what does it mean i don't see it in dungeon list where do i go other then Cold Storage to farm for the orb? and Bullywrap
  2. This is prob my last post on forums for many reasons but one being that honestly i feel like Ncsoft is trying too hard to push the cash shop on ppl. Everything you seem to do in game always comes back to the cash shop . Crafting takes soooooooooooo long that you are pushed into the direction of the cash shop Another example oh you want unsealing charm? ok it will take 12 hours... oh you don't want to wait 12 hours? ok pay me 10s per charm oh you don't want to spent that much on a simple item? ok pay me cash shop currency to get it faster.... not to mention you only get 5 CHARMS for 12 hours... hmm let's see dumpling prices, Everything sells for basically nothing you don't even start to make decent money till endgame with dailies also i heard that other regions get more income then we do this on top of all the censoring that's been done is just annoying with the really bad voice actors to the terrible localization... You know i ran into this lil gem the other day when doing the Mushin Tower Funny thing is this wasn't the only one i ran into the line previously was wrong as well but meh i digress. I can't think of them all but there are so many things that push you towards the cash shop no game with a cash shop should make you feel like you have to use it. anyways if it wasn't for the warlock i would prob drop it hard for something else but until that something else comes along i guess ill just bite down and wince my eyes, feel free to share your own frustrations TBO wouldn't be surprised if i logged on tomorrow to a third warning point just for speaking my mind AGAIN but w/e i'll still read but i think as goes for posting i'm done
  3. Just unlock the Warlock already

    i understand they don't want to give date due to unforeseen issues but then again they shouldn't have said the class is done and rdy to go.Wish i could speak my mind ont he matter but pasdt experience and 2 warning points later i've decided to just not speak truth
  4. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I was actually thinking about this earlier i am spending all this money to further my kfm when i know moment lock is unlocked im dropping him...
  5. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I dono it just annoying that they don't know how to use trigger words in moderation and lack of transparency is annoying
  6. Just unlock the Warlock already

    My problem with that quote" that is our tease it is coming very soon " is that the phrase few doesn't have a definitive number attached to it Susy could think few as in next month as where Jack thinks few is 3-4 months. The whole vague aspect of using the word soon and few is very irritating. Too much teasing can put ppl off
  7. Seriously NCsoft hire someone

    For 9Pm EST+ to take care of these bots i'll do it hell if you're hiring
  8. Tomorrows maintenance.

    If EU isn't mad US is mad you can't make every one happy . how about this we just don't ever do mait and never get any new content?
  9. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Then they need to stop saying soon and just leave it at Warlock will be released when we are rdy to release it . they don't need to turn into Blizzard and keep saying soon multiple times the CM even said very very very very soon at a pax panel that shit gets annoying after a while
  10. Just unlock the Warlock already

    The lack of community communication and such is why i can't full.y support the game
  11. NEW Class Soul Fighter

    Only thing is this class isn't even in Korea yet for public use , Na/EU won't see it for least a year i'de say
  12. NEW Class Soul Fighter

    Clearly a lazy hybrid lack of imagination still gonna play it but yeah they get an F
  13. Just unlock the Warlock already

    What got me annoyed was when Maragret the CM chick said that it was coming Very very very very soon on a pax panel.... i was like ok that's 4x soons that means to me with in days/weeks obviously not days so has to be weeks... she needs to learn the proper usage of certain trigger words