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  1. I'm coming back so im completely lost, when it says Zaiwei ruins for Bully wrap and White orb what does it mean i don't see it in dungeon list where do i go other then Cold Storage to farm for the orb? and Bullywrap
  2. Droprates do seem a bit ridiculous tho it's like farming endgame mats in GW2 where drop rate is like 1%
  3. I don't see them doing anything new to the customization
  4. This is him for now until i get my black veil mask
  5. The game does have allot of bad features and problems but im still having fun
  6. im not sure i barely do dmg and i get 2 i do def big dmg only get 1
  7. He does and it's complete torture... honestly the whole proc of getting him down makes me not even want to do it. i would put up with it if it was a guarenteed 2 drop
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