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  1. Just allow us destroyer to use long division ourself when we grab the enemy, problem solved lol
  2. There goes the asura ember drop :/
  3. It's rough for destroyer, but can be done. On a populated server, if you get knocked down even once, you won't get credit. On Soha, most of the time if you can get 14 prestige point, you will get credit. 1. Have a Sin/KFM/WL in your party that can do party buff. Use emberstomp to get increased cleave damage. 2. Don't get knock down by the grindtooth, learn to spin chase him while deflecting the charge, ani cancel as soon as it stop. 3. Save your iframe and tech chase and use only when absolutely necessary.
  4. Since, I can't transfer any of the mats that are useless to my L50 characters like - siren emblems, pirate emblems, warrior tokens, etc. and I can't even mail them to my alts on the same account. Can you give me a class change voucher from cash shop that allows me to change my class just 1 time, so I don't have roll another alt and go through contents that barely have anyone running it outside of daily challenges? This would allow me to a) if I get bored with my class I have one opportunity to go to a different class with no reverting back and obviously my gear will also need to ca
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