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  1. Solo Bloodshade Harbor 4-man

    Not sure if it's been mentioned or not, but, how would you have seen anyone solo the dungeon? I mean, solo'ing by nature means alone. Also, the reason you might not have seen it is that most summoners know that their class is rather broken right now, and that the cat really does have the abilities the make it OP as can be. The cat, with the right skill set can easily out tank the "Tank" like classes such as Destroyer, KFM, and BM, while allowing maximum up time for the Summoner to DPS without worry. Most FM (The class that seems to be brought up most in this thread) tend to have to lower their DPS because otherwise they'll end up tearing hate off a tank unless they're spec'ed for threat+, which lets face it... I can't think of anyone who does that willingly. Not saying it isn't an impressive run, I however wouldn't say that a summoner doing anything as "Solo'ing" you have a constant second that does a better job at taking hits then the actual classes with builds specifically tailored to that, additionally you are given attacks which do insane damage considering you have a pet. Let's be real, what other game that gives a class a secondary character to control also gives the caster DPS on par with some of the best DPS classes in that game as well? None right, either the pet gets horrible damage (Dragoon's Wyvern in FFXI) or gives the casters weaker spells while allowing them to either buff or assist their companion. I'm not trying to sound salty, I really couldn't care less about how good X job is, however. The fact that you felt the need to post up a video acting like "Hey everyone, notice how great I am by 'soloing' a dungeon with the most overpowered class currently out" just felt very show boatie, was it a cool accomplishment, absolutely. However, the way you went about sharing the accomplishment came off as very immature.
  2. HM Skill book drop rates too low

    Might I ask why? I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, just... To me, it seems like to help increase the longevity of an MMOs life, and increase the desire to run certain dungeons, even the artificial (and yes, I do realize it is truly artificial) longevity increase that is low drop rates is a good thing. I mean, the skills ARE important, so you're going to want to get more skillful players together, work on your own skills, and actually feel a sense of accomplishment when you actually do get the skill you want. I dunno, maybe because I'm old enough that I played through MMOs like FFXI back when a relic weapon took nearly 2-3 years to fully upgrade, I just don't find myself being bothered by a 'long' grind for something invaluable to your character.
  3. KFM arena combat buff

    He used Fighting spirit and then flying slammed you to launch you in the air. This isn't a bug.
  4. the only thing I can think of to rectify the problem is giving the faction with the less members a temporary buff/enhancement until there's equilibrium between both. It's absolutely horrible on Mushin to the point where Ceruleans are practically asking Crimsons for kill trades.
  5. KFM arena combat buff

    It's not a buff, it's Flying Slam Tier4 Stage3, it launches your enemies in the air, it's supposed to do that.
  6. Yeah, I'll add to the thread. I'm having the same issues as well. Though what grinds my gears is that it always. ALWAYS locks up right at Poh 6 man. 24 man works fine, but for some reason the actual dungeon will always freeze me and disconnect at the final boss. Hopefully the issue gets fixed since I'd like to run endgame dungeons with friends without leaving them hanging on the final boss.
  7. Show off your characters!!

    My little Lyn with my wife while waiting for Poh to spawn.
  8. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    I try to make sure that if I'm ever in Talus base, I don't hit others for the daily. I also make sure to apologize if I end up accidently hitting someone with an AoE, and make sure to backstep/walk away to prove I meant no ill will. However, I'm a Crimson on Mushin, so my life of Open World PVP more accurately comes down to. -Get Spawn Camped -Get Zerged -Get Tracked -Get dailies done, and never touch my Faction outfit again until the next day -Laugh when I'm done with dailies and see Cerulean Scum shouting for kill trades because almost all of Crimson does the same thing because it's garbage. I recall yesterday, I was at the lakeside, actually met a kind Cerulean who switched to non-faction gear to help me down Soojin to get the quests done. Another Cerulean spawns in, kills me while I'm fighting Soojin. Then raises, so I say thank you. I go to collect the soulstone, he does a basic attack. Says "Hey, what, no buddy." Me "Hmmm?" Him "This is my house, you don't get to do dailies here." It's just an unfortunate reality that, at least on Mushin, you see far more of the latter players, and far fewer of the former.
  9. My only issue about this whole thing is that... As far as outfit transmutation goes, when the only way to even acquire the materials to craft involve real money (Be it your own, or whomever purchased the outfit and salvaged it to sell on the market, real money HAD to be spent at one point or another) and only real money... There should be no possible way to "Fail". If it was true that the Infernal Lord outfit and the Blackram outfit were still salvageable. Then I'd be fine with it, but I refuse to feel like it is okay that you are able to fail something that in the end, costs a total of at the bare minimum, 3200 Ncoin (Cheapest cash outfit) to acquire. To me, that does feel rather shady, I'd personally hate to find out that say... You go to a store, buy an item, only to find out that your item you just spent what, 40 dollars is basically 3200 Ncoin, just had the 'chance' to be something nice. Also, to the post saying that it talked about the failure chance, I like to do my research as much as the next guy, but when your only source of information came from a 2013 chinese post... I'll go ahead and say that is NOT at all good enough in terms of informing the player base. Most people aren't going to attempt to dredge up a few years old post, from a foreign variant of the game, to find the answers they seek.
  10. As a Crimson on Mushin myself, let me tell you why it's hard to find us to get your kill quest done. In Misty Woods, at even off hours, nearly every Crimson spawn is camped by at least a team of Ceruleans, we are tracked relentlessly. This goes for every other level of PvP areas as well. Thusly, once we have our faction specific gear, we nope on out of our Crimson armor because no matter where we go, or when we try to do the "Legit" way of getting 10 kills as you so claim is easy. Well, maybe it is, oh there's a single Cerulean, I'm going to go get hi... Oh there's the rest of his party, and that Crimson, who could very well be the number one Korean PvP master himself, would get wrecked because much like Legion, Cerulean is many. Going to the other side of the fence now, how hard do you think it is for a Cerulean to find a Crimson? Let alone ten, I'll be the first to admit I pop on my Crimson attire ONLY to do the Talus quests then put it back into storage until the next reset. I also am more than willing to pull one of the Terrors/Ogres over to make sure that I let it kill me, and hopefully the team of Ceruleans looking for easy zerg kills. Is it honorable? Heck no, but then again, it's not honorable to be swarming each and every zone for the one or two Crimson that may try to finish their dailies. In the end, get over yourself. Don't act like you know all about the honor, or the legitimacy of anything. No single side has any sort of moral high ground. If anything, a 'win trade' is mutually beneficial to both sides, and allows the weaker team to actually have a chance to finish a daily without a huge zerg hunting them, while on the flip side, allows the zerg swarm to get a player to snack on, instead of hoping and praying they can camp an area long enough to manage to allow for 10 kills.
  11. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    What I think the best solution to the premium feature is... We need to be given some way to earn extra Hongmoon coins, even as a way to balance the economy say... Instead of just a weekly "You earn X coins" instead you get a weekly box that gives you a venture token that you still need in game currency to transmute. However, as has been said time and again, what do we REALLY get out of Premium besides the queue time? I don't even mind the fact they added RNG boxes, a bit salty because it's the 1 item I've been wanting to get since I first saw it sure... But beyond that no big deal. However, if I'm going to be paying over 100 dollars a year to basically turn myself into a P2P player, I'd at least like to feel as though I could get the same rewards as a F2Per who decides they want to try their luck on gambling.
  12. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    He was quoting what the OP stated in their opening comment calling them sluts and acting slutty, he wasn't calling THEM slutty. (I read the thread before it was taken down)
  13. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    All colors and nouns are racist, dontchaknow?
  14. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    But I agree with what the banned person said, they have a point. If things that aren't racist, are seen as racist, then what would actual racism look like or be?
  15. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    Are people really THAT sensitive nowadays?
  16. Look, they aren't going to implement Oceanic servers. They've stated this several times. If you want game support there, then that's up to team Bloodlust/NCKorea, but from a business standpoint, there really is no reason for them to do so.
  17. Lyn is best race

    Can't Gon and Lyn live in harmony? My wife (gon) and I (Lyn) leave in peace. ):
  18. Bizarre word censor for the word "gay"

    Yet the N-word and other profanities and racial slurs aren't censored. The filter of this game is so backwards.
  19. Wtf the translations?

    Fox Meat is translated to Ox meat (Which made things confusing for me for Acquired Taste)
  20. Killing Lower Level Penalty

    There's an achievement for killing 1000 players of the opposite chat. Here's options you can use to avoid getting murdered. -Take off the Dobok -Change Channels -Try sometime later. Why ban players for something this game ALLOWS? That's just stupid. You got your quest finished regardless of how long it too.
  21. I had on my faction outfit, got attacked by a group of low levels, killed them and they raged. I'll never understand people who whine and cry about being killed, but never take the outfit off.
  22. Permanently Banned

    Or stop using a script, saw a guy attack a group of cerulean earlier admit that he was using one, never saw him again. xD
  23. Or start blocking IPs not from NA/EU /umbrella
  24. It didn't work. RIP Faction chat.

    NCSoft can't be serious with the level 10 restriction. You'd think they'd learn by now, especially since Rukkiri used to work for Square Enix (Because the level cap didn't work for them either in FFXIV and the bots/spammers just out leveled the restriction)
  25. Yep, my wife waited for them to re-release "Soulmate" now that they finally did, I can''t gift it to her, Not only is the Friendlist bugged, so is the wardrobe and the ability to gift things.