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  1. lol, that gif just tells me to tell you that "you shouldn't use all your cc on one go (dont spend them all in one place)"
  2. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    All these videos from KR tho.... you seriously think that KR version is anywhere near comparable to the NA version? and nope, I've been down a lot of dungeons and I've never once seen a Sin outdpsing anyone of the same gear tier. I'd never have to spec my skill points into threat increase as a KFM when I see a Sin on my party. but for FM and SUM, I'd have to spec it to hold aggro on most runs. and OP's question isnt helping anyone answering anything worth while. All bosses will have melee classes be dodging and iframing for their lives. FM got higher dps on practical uses, no doubt. But, wind summoner is still reigning supreme on other regions. We'll see how it will come out for us, soon enough. Btw, there are people out there who cant play their class well, if you want a more accurate answer, you should be asking someone who's well-known for playing both classes (or even better, all) Forum's gonna be filled with scrubs like me, dishing out opinions left n right, since there's literally no real "end-game" in sight for this game, so far. Things will change. You never know.... Destroyer might make a comeback and actually be a class with base stats towards tanking that can properly tank, one day and Summoner can actually summons other shits, rather than just a cat (i mean, seriously, a summoner that can only summon one specific entity......dafuq)
  3. for lvl 50 soul shields? nope, not accurate, if none of you noticed. That doc took all its information from a "PRIVATE SERVER" (so-to-speak).

    that costume lower your boobs size..... nope
  5. How to make Gold End Game?

    No Problemo~
  6. How to make Gold End Game?

    Press F2, check under your name to see the status and ranking, if your Cerulean Order or Crimson Legion rank is still "Recruit", you need to go do some of the cinderlands faction quests until you hit at least "Private", then you can start doing faction quests in misty woods, which is where you start farming for your soulstones to upgrade stuffs.
  7. Why is our Mushin-8 twice as hard?!

    if a kfm with 410ap can kill it, you seriously doing something wrong
  8. Banned for third party programs

    anyone else is confused with what he meant by "Game Programs"?
  9. is it just me or the post look more like a resume. that aside, most people that are banned and claiming that it was false-positive are more than likely banned for macro ani-cancel uses. those are probably much easier to get picked up and from my point of view, they kinda earned it.
  10. Suggestion for crafting

    original developers had no idea what they were doing with the crafting system.... more than half of the possible things to craft are useless. while only a tiny few are bound to you and even less that is desirable throughout the whole economy.