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  1. Hexe gibts doch schon, hat sogar wie es sich gehört eine Katze.
  2. Waiting for Red Flower to return since the Beta, was my favourite back then.
  3. Ist das ne Art verspäteter Aprilscherz? Und dann noch auf den Server zusammengelegt der immer abstürzt.
  4. Happens in Dasari Palace and Jadestone independent of the player race.
  5. The water between Dasari Garden Trading Post and Ebondrake Lair can't be run over or swum through. Other than the bug in Jadestone flying is possible. The bug was expirienced by me and shortly after I saw somebody else getting trapped in the middle. It affects the river west of the bridge and a small patch of water between the trading post and the Ebondrake vault. Further west towards the palace gate (where the poachers patrol) even parts of the shorelione show rubberbanding. https://imgur.com/a/ncdYLpf
  6. Most Lyn shoes don't have heels. Those who do still have them.
  7. There is a stretch along the shore of the lake in Jadestone Village where characters will rubberband back when trying to walkthrough, trying to fly over it will result in falling down in some areas of it resulting in being trapped in a constant fall. I tested this with a few other people to make sure that it isn't just my client that is bugged. Area that is affected: https://imgur.com/a/Tl5AMPe Video showing bug: https://youtu.be/-nGAse9hHhg
  8. Everybody knows that those who already got the most gear are those who need the most gold, so its completly normal to dry up the supply for those who still need to get and upgrade their gear.
  9. At chapter 5 when speaking with Goyal the two last parts of the dialog have the speech part from at the beginning of the Questline.
  10. What am I supposed to kill after forcing a restart using the reset button?
  11. Pretty much what it says. This game likes to crash from time to time, sometimes even requiring a computer restart. Getting the game to start again after that requires a few minutes at best (if it doesn't crash loading the cheat protection which for me happens in the vast majority of cases) but even then I often get the error that the account is still logged in after entering the pin, causing the program to close immediately. There should be two changes, first the account should be logged out if there is no communication to the client in one minute, I think its save to assume that i
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