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  1. Urban Legend costume set and 365 Premium

    This sounds like a total SCAM and false advertisement! I don't know why you guys didn't proof-read the article paragraph regarding that Premium Membership BNS outfit. My friend basically can't get it right now due to having a 3 month premium membership and has to wait till it expires to get it when it clearly stated that any new membership will get it by the 23rd! Other people who renewed months ago before the cut-off day got it but your current players who got a new membership just for this outfit didn't.
  2. I've been waiting for the outfit for a while now and it felt like it needs another re-run of it! Either by directly at HM store or on a costume box that can be traded with costume box currency. hopefully hime is still checking popular request for costumes, we still have to get dark emissary :(
  3. White Seductress Lunar Eclipse Urban Legend Dark Emissary Dark Army (?) I don't think this outfit ever got a release in NA
  4. Can I know how many tries it took you on it? And did you got the ticket itself or like a box that will give any of the tickets? I do find this a good news and seeing another way to get the outfits but it does sucks that you might get the outfit that's not even usable.
  5. Did you got the seductress ticket? It's the first time I heard about it dropping.
  6. Costume from Nightshade.

    Can you get the ticket from the wheel inside Nightshade?
  7. They posted something in their twitter saying "We're aware the most recent update is causing an error when attempting to launch the client. We're investigating. Updates to follow."
  8. I thought I was unlucky but hopefully we get a follow up on what happened. My game crashed without any errors and now client.exe just stays and derp in the background.
  9. Whenever I open firefox while I'm in Blade and Soul, Blade and soul crashes first and Firefox crashes next. This always happen to me. I'm not sure if the problem is on firefox or Blade and soul.