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  1. Just wanted to mention a fact since I saw you like the other post where they said the server location was just fine, but then later posted that you wanted better servers for eastern canada... What the OP was proposing (servers in Chicago) is actually extremely close to eastern Canada and you would get very good ping off of that if the servers moved to Chicago. Part of the reason Chicago servers are great are because it provides the lowest average ping for the whole of the US and Canada. That being said, the change might be detrimental to those in Southern America, so it is ultimately up to the network engineers to decide what is most efficient on average.
  2. Latency Question

    It probably won't affect your ping. Ping is based on routing, affected by things like route efficiency and distance from the server. 55 seems normal from FL to Dallas. Download speed / Upload speed will not affect your ping unless you are using other network-intensive processes at the same time.
  3. Moot point, nobody is saying that this wasn't expected. It's still very good practice to report problems, obviously - especially given that they are a common problem many are having. Furthermore, NC anticipating connection issues is in no way a call to say "don't report any connection issues". It is just a warning to say "don't expect flawless gameplay" - which nobody should in reality. After the fact, we remain here with some connection issues - could be caused by server load, NC's anticipated beta server settings, some unknown factor - that is left to them to investigate. The players report the disconnections, NC sees if it is purely a result of the beta server load (or any other reason), and work from there. Perfect process.
  4. Confirmed that this never happened in Alpha 1/2, but started this CBT1. This happened to me and all of my friends as well, all the time. All 3 of us would get this bug probably every other Dungeon/PvP lobby. When it happened, every single person in the lobby disconnected as well. It is an issue on the server, probably.
  5. Zoom resets very often

    How to reproduce a class-specific one: - Set max camera distance to 300, and zoom all the way out - Play Assassin - Go into stealth and press 3 (Swiftstep) - The zoom will reset and be very close. Another one (any class): - Set max camera distance to 300, and zoom all the way out - Zone into a new area - The zoom will reset and be very close Perhaps camera settings are not coded as sticky and this could be modified!
  6. In game Ping / MS / Latency display feature

    Agreed. On a game in which ping is such a crucial factor, it would be excellent to see the display in-game.
  7. Have seen some mentions of this from friends and on other topics and just wanted to make a thread for this. The cap for FPS is currently a slider from 1 to 120. Would there be a possibility of introducing Unlimited or 144 cap, for monitors that go beyond 120 FPS?