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  1. In this case, it means Europe. Since Countries inside Europe can play the game but not be a member of European Union. (Norway as an example) There is, of course, other Agreements and trading agreements within Europe itself. But that is not we are talking about now.
  2. EU does NOT mean European Union. It mean Europe. NA means North America.
  3. Still you did say BnS was the worst launch. It is not. Right now we have a down time of so far 1 hour. If it extends to 24 hours then I might be wondering. But even LoL have issues from time to time as well. I remember one weekend were Eu West went down for 5-6 hours. Server issues happen no matter how big or small you are. We don't fully understand the issue. Going "Worst Launch EVER!!!!!!" Won't help at all. Especially when you have other launches that did much worse. And compare 2016 with 5 year old game. Issue still happens with new hardware.
  4. http://forums.mmorpg.com/discussion/28037/wow-launch-problems http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/03/unready-for-takeoff-the-five-worst-pc-game-launches-that-arent-simcity/ So these sources tell me WoW launch was worse then BnS ever was. I know it is easy to sugarcoat the past. But here you are objectively wrong.
  5. You mean time travel. If I remember correctly. An NPC says he sense something rememberable about you (Guessing Ki energy). That would explain A lot of the NPCs reaction to you. Again this is something an NPC says to you. Traveling through Soldi objects is caused by one of the four masters if I remember correctly. He opens it but before he does that he is shocked that you knew to what an Dragon Pulse was. If we are talking about the same thing of course.
  6. Good for you? I was top 20 of Unreal Championship Xbox Live player. What is your point? These things mean nothing here or outside the game you are a pro in. Note BnS launch was almost painless, it had big issues with ques. But they solved that a bit now. This Server issue we see now is something they are working and will be resvoled quicker. Worst launch I been on is WoW where NOTHING with massive lag and took days to even make an account. In BnS I seen none of these issues. (A bit lag thou)
  7. Take this up with the Thirdparty Innova that hosts the game for you. Talk to them.
  8. I understand the story fully. Was not much confusing about it to be honest. Did you really read everything NPC said?
  9. This again.. NCsoft have done an agreement with a thirdparty. You can play BnS but not the Eu/NA one. Unless you use an VPN of course.
  10. Oh and let's not forget all the on screen murders and death happening in this game. Mature does not just mean blood and gore. In Act 2 you see how main villian slaughters soldiers fully with fire.
  11. I have played Black Desert. And To be honest I enjoy BnS more. But sure there will always be MMOjumpers. (They jump to next big mmo all the time and don't stand still with one mmo)
  12. Asian MMOs have a lot of puns as well just an FYI I havent seen that many memes to be honest. If you don't like the translation then translate yourself ^^
  13. You can thank bloggers, games journalists for that. I mean if an Asian Dev sees people screaming bloody murder of something like showing skin then I to would think that is how the most western market reacts to it. To solve this is to have better communication with Asian dev groups. But I am unsure that is how they work with an community as we do in West.
  14. They will be back, I think I read that they might have an rotation system for outfits.
  15. The EU servers are located in Germany. Maybe should check that information before you go angry ok? EU Servers Location is in Frankfurt Germany NA is in Texas I see my point flew over your head. In EU Soccer games are very big. While in America they aren't as big. Eu game community is not the same as American game community. Both game community agrees on some things. But like different things. That is my point.
  16. You do say we a lot? You mean I right. Never use we in this way since people will go against you :p And I am not getting the same lag issues at all. So what does that tell you? Do you know what EU is right? Not everything is about America. Did you know that when it comes to FPS EU players tend to like Battlefield more than Call fo duty? Why do I bring this up? Well it is due to EU and America player base is very different. I love this BnS for its flaws as well as its good sides. Is summoner op, yeah but you can almost always avoid damage in PVP. Unless
  17. Ok First of all, they did say that the content we are getting is a few patches BEHIND Korean. So the storyline will go on with more patches. Did you know Korean version has two more classes? And you should have done your research BEFORE investing. I did and I invest as much as you did and I am having a lot of fun ^^ But I enjoy the story and PvP arena and Open world PVP. I have only one time gotten a lag spike that was due to I had a torrent on. I never lagged but I am on EU server. Seems like you did not research the game and just invested with
  18. Critizin, This is why you don't rush a game and just enjoy the ride ^^
  19. A few things I might want to note here. If you think using 1-3 abilities in a fight is all BnS combat is well, then you kinda don't know your class at all or haven't leveled up much. This is how I play assassin in PvE: 1, LMB, LMB, LMB, RMB, 3, 2, 3, LMB, C, Tab, LMB, LMB, Double S, F, 3, C That is my normal rotation if the boss doesn't do anything. In PvP, I use almost all my abilities I can. I think OP needs to play more BnS to understand the combat system and the depth of it. IN Assassin, I have different stances, all of them hav
  20. You mean in the days where we had to open an extra repair program to repair the program, or reinstall the game completely if an file was corrupted instead of just replacing files? The Launcher system is used for an reason, easier to find issues with files and solve them for the user.
  21. Just a personal opinon, but the image he/she is using are stacking on each other and it looks odd ^^
  22. Nice ^^ But tell your friend to change the background of that page ^^
  23. PvP is mostly focused on high level people. But you should try PvP to get a feel of it
  24. Again Asian Servers are a lot of patches infront of us right now.
  25. It always starts with one stone, then it goes to more stones, more loot etc. It is a slippery road. In a game, you sometime need to work a lot to get gear. Like in Warhammer Online, you had to kill, capture a lot of enemy players and keep to even get a chance for gear. And our cap is now 45. When they get out more content there might be easier ways to get the stone. Also, remember BnS version we got is 2.xx while in Korea it is 3.xx. Which means changes you demand might be in a later patch. Or NCsoft West arent allowed to do anything about it right now. Since the mai
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