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  1. Make Founder Packs upgradeable

    I bought the first level of the founder pack, and now after the alpha I want to upgrade it to max Tier. Who else wants this options to be able to upgrade the found pack?
  2. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    I would like the price of customes to be balanced on how much work they took to make. Also, if they made an new custome I would not mind seeing it more expensive at first and then go down in price after a few weeks.
  3. Make Founder Packs upgradeable

    Sent them an e-mail now. Will update when I get more information
  4. Make Founder Packs upgradeable

    You mean support can upgrade the pack? Or will they do an refund and then you buy the other founder pack?
  5. Reset Between Alpha and Beta

    Hi Could not find information about this. Will there be an reset between the Alpha and Beta?