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  1. Blade & Soul End Game MUCH FUN! SUCH WOW!

    Critizin, This is why you don't rush a game and just enjoy the ride ^^
  2. So, NCsoft, a question!

    A few things I might want to note here. If you think using 1-3 abilities in a fight is all BnS combat is well, then you kinda don't know your class at all or haven't leveled up much. This is how I play assassin in PvE: 1, LMB, LMB, LMB, RMB, 3, 2, 3, LMB, C, Tab, LMB, LMB, Double S, F, 3, C That is my normal rotation if the boss doesn't do anything. In PvP, I use almost all my abilities I can. I think OP needs to play more BnS to understand the combat system and the depth of it. IN Assassin, I have different stances, all of them have at least 3 abilities or more. With follow-ups or more ability to combo into. If I miss just one or do something wrong the other player will CC me or throw me around.
  3. Sooo..I hit 45....what do I do now?

    Do dailies, upgrade your gear do end game dungeons. And this is why you should not rush a game, BnS is an PvP focused game at the end game when you are done with PvE. Also we are a few patches behind East so they will patch more content in due time
  4. NC Soft Response

    They still block character creation on some servers from time to time.
  5. BnS doomed? Goldsellers too powerful? Read here!

    Saw a few gold sellers in faction chat. Simple Report and ignore works. For the doomsayers, it is just trolls or people who donät know what they are talking about.
  6. NC Soft Response

    I see a few people have no clue how MMOs works. People who demand bigger servers should know this means they need more hardware which means they need to install hardware on a server and test it before going live. People say "They should have seen the beta" A beta can only give so much when it comes to an f2p. It is better to have less server and then build slowly more servers than have too many servers which later on makes merge servers an option in 1-2 years. (Prime example is Warhammer Online they added 2 servers and 1 year they merged 10 of them) Just be patient and wait. The servers will balance it out. It just takes time.
  7. Content extremely limited - Warning !

    And here is why you should not rush a game. More content will come with time.
  8. Meanwhile on Wild Springs Eu

    Player 1: By joe I think I log in to BnS and kill some people Player 2: Me too Player 3: Me as well Player 1: Everyone logged in? Player 2: Yeah No que at all Player 3: I brought a picnic for our adventure Player 1: Good show! Player 2: Yes well done! Come join in Wild Springs EU for no que and more fun with people ^^
  9. Poor support experiences.

    Ok, did you answer that copypase as well? Restoring an item is just not a press of an button. They also need to verify you are the owner etc.
  10. Poor support experiences.

    I have worked in Support before. Here is the thing, did you answer the copypaste answers? And what is the issue?
  11. I NEED HELP Please

    Have you rebooted the PC?
  12. Limitations?

    Just an correction here, there is keys that will be an 100 % drop rate from chest that is your class weapon. They cost a bit more of course.
  13. I NEED HELP Please

    Does it crash? How long time have you waited?
  14. You mean in the days where we had to open an extra repair program to repair the program, or reinstall the game completely if an file was corrupted instead of just replacing files? The Launcher system is used for an reason, easier to find issues with files and solve them for the user.
  15. Limitations?

    Ok, let's get this out of the way right away. The store is cosmetic and for mats for weapons (The mats can be found for f2p as well) So at max the game is Pay to shorten the time of the grind ^^ But nice clothes. The Membership does help you get more money, more experience and such. So that as well is paid for the shorter time. What might be borderline might be the keys.
  16. Assassins need all the buffages

    I am Level 36 Assassin, and in PvE stuff dies very quickly. I mean max 4-5 secs quickly. Often times quicker than that. In PvP, I notice we are doing a good amount of damage. You just need to plan carefully and react to what the other player is doing. Think of it as a fighting game.
  17. Queue is crazy

    You people can join Wild Springs EU ^^
  18. Super Newbie Guide! ♡ FAQ + more

    Just a personal opinon, but the image he/she is using are stacking on each other and it looks odd ^^
  19. Super Newbie Guide! ♡ FAQ + more

    Nice ^^ But tell your friend to change the background of that page ^^
  20. Which class should fit me?

    Play both to about level 15 and then see which you like the most.
  21. Blade & Soul for PVE-ers

    The storyline in BnS is great! You really feel like something more deadly is always watching you.
  22. used all keys to open stalker weapon boxes

    You can also spend 10 euros to get Keys that will always make you get the Weapon you want from chests. Just make sure to get the right key for the right area
  23. Hardest Class For YOU to fight

    I play as an assassin, and playing against another assassin is very hard and tricky. But very fun ^^
  24. used all keys to open stalker weapon boxes

    Note you can only trade when you are Level 16
  25. Blackram Narrows:Blight Weapon

    Well, first of all, you need to make sure you got space in your inventory that is on you. And this is how to upgrade weapons works through almost the whole game. Might I suggest keep better track on your inventory space more next time ^^