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  1. About that "not censoring the game" thing...

    Actually, no. It's not 18+. It's rated M in NA and PEGI 16 in EU. It was 18+ in Korea at launch but is now 15+ after changing some of the blood effects. And the "censorship" in this case is done purely for humor.
  2. While that's true, to native English speakers who don't know Korean, "Mushin" probably sounds cooler, and more ominous, than "Cheon Jin Won". Also, "Mushin - the Divine Fist" actually works. I could totally see someone saying that. Saying the name, and then explaining what it means. The reason why they renamed "Yuran" to "Yura" is because it would be pronounced "urine". Also "Kun" was renamed to "Yun" because it rhymes with "gun" (not "goon"). Probably not the best name for an all-female race, especially given the kind of names people come up with.
  3. There was actually a tremendous amount of localization done on Aion. Maybe it was done "better" because it launched as P2P in the West and more effort was made, or maybe since Aion is pretty much a generic fantasy world, localizing Korean elements into things players in the West would be more familiar with didn't jar with the setting as much as they do with BnS. For me, the most jarring part of the localization of BnS is the use of words like "loser" and "dude," and a few other comments that just sounded too contemporary and Western. Then again, the game has school uniforms, and outfits with headphones, ripped jeans and Hello Kitty motifs, so it's not like the dialog is the only thing that impacts a feeling of immersion in the game world.
  4. That's not exactly true. I may be dating myself here, but I watched Speed Racer (Mach Go Go Go), Gigantor (Tetsujin 28), Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Taitei), Marine Boy (Kaitei Shonen Marin) and Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom) as a child in the early 70s, and Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) and Star Blazers (Uchusenkan Yamato) in the late 70s - long before anime became a thing in the West, and all of the Japanese names were changed to English ones. I remember watching grainy, fan-subbed, bootlegged copies of anime back in university in the late 80s. It wasn't until the 90s that anime started to take root in the West, and it wasn't unto the 2000s that it really started to take off. It certainly wasn't adopted wholesale into the West as a slice of Japanese culture. That being said, with the world being so connected by the internet now, cultural information is freely accessible, so there's less of a reason to feel the need to localize cultural elements - especially in a game that is based on Asian cultures.
  5. yay DPS Meters!!!

    Oh, yeah, I know. I just thought the image of a Gon breaking down and crying to bring a cat familiar back to life was pretty funny. :)
  6. yay DPS Meters!!!

    Forget Lyn Destroyers, I want to see a big burly Gon Summoner crying a puddle of tears as he's wishing his familiar back to life. :D
  7. A "Mature" rating means that the material is intended for an audience that is assumed to be responsible enough to handle the content - and themselves - maturely. It's not carte blanche to be an asshat at other people's expense while expecting them to deal with it.
  8. fps stutters are terrible after unchained update.

    Same here. I just upgraded my graphics card right before the patch and I was thinking there was something wrong with the new card. Hopefully there'll be a hotfix soon. Before the NA/EU launch, I played on a server here in Japan and was getting the same kind of micro-stuttering, so I wonder if whatever is causing it is related.
  9. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    People doing that have the gold to spare, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. If they're running Blackram Narrows on an alt, with people running it to get their weapons on their first character, a few silvers is probably nothing to them, but an exorbitant amount to other players who may bid on it not realizing how much the bid went up and wind up leaving the dungeon with a few coppers left, whereas the troll will be more than making up for it on their main should they win the bid.
  10. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    The purple weapons also drop from weapon crates that you get from killing the end boss, as well as from wheel spins, and it doesn't matter at all what class's weapon you're using to feed your Hongmoon. Granted, it wouldn't hurt to make the point of stating that you need the weapon from the last boss when you start the run (especially with a PUG), and people could be outbidding someone without knowing they need the weapon, but there's really no excuse for purposefully outbidding someone who needs a BoP weapon to evolve their weapon, and any reasonable person knows that many people are running the dungeon specifically to get their class weapon and would accept that if an Evolution weapon that they don't need drops from the end boss, and someone else needs it, that the weapon should go to the person who needs it. People who purposefully try to outbid someone who needs a BoP Evolution weapon, or raise the bid price just to make other people spend more money, are the same kinds of people who change loot rules in the middle of a boss fight, ninja mobs, PK newbies who put on their faction uniform in Bamboo Village, or otherwise grief other players - and yet some people here will defend all these kinds of acts like we're playing Social Darwinism Simulator 2016.
  11. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    Sorry for the confusion. Yeah, I definitely meant "Evolution weapons", not "Breakthrough weapons" in my post.
  12. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    So, what you're actually saying is that the solution is that they should keep running a level 20 dungeon until they can eventually get enough silver to waste it on outbidding some deep-pocket asshat who raises the bids for the luls. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant because I thought you might have been actually thinking you were making a reasonable suggestion.
  13. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    Blight weapons, as well as many other purple breakthrough weapons that drop from end bosses, are untradeable. You can't buy them on the auction house.
  14. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    Read OP's post. Someone who can't even use a BoP weapon for another class bid high on the weapon just to force the only person who could actually use it to spend more money for it. This is another reason why a Need vs Greed system (and class-based items only being able to be Needed-on by players of that class) is much better than the bid system.
  15. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    B&S has been P2P in Korea since launch. It also launched as P2P in Japan in May 2014, but converted to F2P in March of last year.