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  1. Well, after some helpful posts and some....less than helpful posts (Seriously, do some of you just not want any new/returning players?) I have decided to try this game again. While I could start my FM again, I also have no memory of how to play. I honestly might just start a new character so I can relearn how the game works. Was also around for soul fighter and warlock. I was actually talking about soul fighter in my original post. "Magical fist fighter" KFM has no magic. The change to HM levels is interesting. I guess some things will be a lot easier than I rememb
  2. This tells me nothing and does not make me want to start up the game again. I desire information, and it is that information that will make me decide to return or not.
  3. Hello there. Been a crazy amount of time since I was anywhere around here. I think over a year has passed actually. I left way back then because the game was going downhill fast. Recently I heard the game is actually pretty decent. Before I play again though, I want to get caught up on information and what all has happened since then. I'm not super inexperienced, was a level 50 FM before I left. But I know that an MMO can change a ton. Any major changes I should be aware of? I don't really care much for class balance since FM and magical fist fighter have been
  4. Have we been here before? It feels like we've been here before. Multiple times, actually.
  5. Honestly, I think the core of the problem is the limited daily soulstones, especially after the tickets moved out of moonwater dungeons. Think about it, if soulstones were lower in price, everything that required them would eventually also drop in price. Gold would become far less of an issue as everything would be affordable. Of course, the current way around this is to be patient and not take anything in this game seriously. We WILL eventually hit a wall of no updates, where players will inevitably begin to swarm the market with resources.
  6. Since the weapon is confirmed to have not appeared in the game yet, guns and bows are ruled out... Spears and pole-arms are also ruled out... Sword n Shield ruled out... Yet it is something highly requested. (by the Korean players of course.) Just what WILL this 10th class be? Such a mystery.
  7. Alternate Balrok Raiment When. WHEN. (The current one is acceptable for now at least.)
  8. Yes, they do exist. Actually had one drop on a BSH run a few days ago.
  9. Another thing to note is that isn't the only difference. The version without the lace has a lot less around the legs and some parts are ripped. A large amount of metal is also on one arm, something our version does not have. If it isn't censored, it could potentially be a different outfit altogether.
  10. I knew I wasn't crazy. Was wondering why the appearances were different.
  11. I recall once viewing a slightly different Balrock Raiment somewhere... Had slightly different armor bits on it, and certain parts placed differently. But the rest of the outfit looked the same. Although I rarely saw the Balrock outfit anywhere up until now, so I'm not sure what to think. Edit: Also the adornment for the outfit does not work in wardrobe, but I'm not sure if its a glitch.
  12. Oh, you farmed for Spider Fang too? While the RNG can be....painful to indescribable levels, I at least find the item itself to be of much higher value because of such. Maybe I'm just used to heavy RNG. To each their own. At least achievement shop will give an optional way to get certain cosmetics.
  13. 2 hours a day is enough for 10 gold and roughly 20 soulstones, casually. Mushin 1-6 > Misty dailies (Ignore "kill 5 players" and blackwyrm quest) > E fleet > NSH Could go for 3 hours if you have a 3rd daily dash spin or desire Mushin 7 and 8. Gold itself isn't hard to earn, people just want everything instantly. Gotta be patient with the upgrade system.
  14. Sometimes I wonder if people forgot about the spambot apocalypse we had a while back. That "Block Spammer" button wasn't always there. And even if the current problems somehow got a magical fix, it would only be a week before the bots would be at it again with a new tactic. And when that gets fixed, another new tactic. And then another... It never ends.
  15. RIP "Buy 10k soulstone" achievement and title then.
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