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  1. Except in no way is it surprising if you read the text and have a modicum of intelligence.
  2. Blade danser restriction. Feedback

    Who are you calling a pedo?
  3. Dungeon Loot and Bidding, etc..

    gDKP is an amazing looting system and shouldn't be changed.
  4. Can we get a change to how party play works?

    Absolutely agree but unfortunately, this would probably be a developmental change which would have to come from Korea so it's highly unlikely you'll see it happen.
  5. Cash items after beta

    Quoted stupidity for posterity.
  6. Dailey Maximum on market

    My guess would be to avoid people running the market via manipulation, but I do agree they should at least raise it quite a bit.
  7. Errors pop up while playing

    You should take this to the bugs forum, not the general forum.
  8. Also, people read the damn FAQ.
  9. About Low Level Camping

    No, because then there's no world PvP, and this is a PvP-centric game. There is no issue to be had so his complaints are moot and there is nothing to address, this is just whining.
  10. Simple Suggestions/Minor Irritations

    The steps thing can't be fixed in only one version because it's a development issue and the fix would have to come from the Korean development team. As far as someones suggestion for PvP timers, no, that's *cricket*ing stupid. Same goes for the extended stamina bar. Stop being so entitled.
  11. Camping spawn area

  12. [Suggestion] Invulnerability Timer

    So you want PvP, but you want it to be friendly and on your terms like some kind of 1800's gentlemanly duel?
  13. Problems with connecting.

    Try the bug forum, not the general forum.
  14. Regarding Classic Camera Control

    I still am not understanding how a simple third person view could be so bad. You people are ridiculous. I give up on you.
  15. Head Start Name Reservation Question

    Yes, when making your character at the bottom of the screen there's a manage button you can click to save your information.