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  1. Looking for a guild

    Hi, if you are still looking we are recruiting and also training players for BT.
  2. New 'Dead Reckoning' outfit

  3. Our goal is to grow together as a whole, playing, watching and connecting ourselves. Helping out each other is mandatory in this clan! PlayWatchConnect - BnS Join the guild by two ways: PvE requirements Trial 800 AP ( 2 weeks ) 900+ AP - Member 1000+ AP Between 900-950 AP Eligble for raid (With Legendary belt + Necklace) PvP requirments 1800+ Rating or top 30 class rank * You are active and enjoy playing the game * You always want to learn new things * You encourage others to do dungeons with you Apply here in our Discord: Message @azzanis for more info
  4. I updated it that players should join the discord so we can guide them better when the tournament starts.
  5. Hello Blade and Soul community! We have been hosting Blade and Soul tournaments over a year now it it still thrills us that we are still here! About us: Across the year we have hosted many official tournaments for NCSOFT. Such as the Rumble in the Realm series Every Saturday we are hosting our weekly tournaments for: European tournaments starting at 19:00 CEST North American tournaments starting at 23:00 CEST Our Social media where to follow us: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Tournament prizes: 1st Place Community Tournament Prize 2400x Hongmoon Coin 3x Special Hongmoon XP Charm 1x Red Glasses 2nd Place Community Tournament Prize 1200x Hongmoon Coin 1x Special Hongmoon XP Charm 6x Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm 1x Red Glasses 3rd Place Community Tournament Prize 600x Hongmoon Coin 8x Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm 4th Place Community Tournament Prize 4x Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm Looking to improve or help out the community, apply at our website we will respond as soon as we can! Stay up to date in our Discord: With 24/7 live support from our community staff. .
  6. Hi, Since we're fairly new to this game and still busy lvling up our clan for your/our benefits, feel free to join to get noticed and lvling up in ranks. We are in the Cerulean Order. We expect you to - Lvl up and gear asap - Trying to be active and help the clan rise What can you expect - If you are new to this game, we can give you personal tips. - We're lvling our clan so you can make use of the clan crafting. - Teamspeak will be added later - Dungeon/pvp with the clan later on. Also if you play League of Legends we can also give you tips with that since we got 2 members who are Diamond+ on the game. Just drop a message below and I will add you.
  7. Arena Bugg Vs assasin more is even more broken.