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  1. Hey guys! Might be pushing the deadline JUUUUST a tad, but I couldn't stop working on my contest entry. Check out my costume, the Imperial Tactician!
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Young Phoenix actually looks great wearing Tyrian Cultist uniform. I can walk around in this basically unopposed since literally no one wears Stratus armor, and there are basically no Stratus guards in this area. =D
  3. Show off your characters!!

    And here's my Jin Blademaster alt, Young Phoenix
  4. Yun Warlock Petition!

    It's already out in Korea. In fact, Korea already has two classes that we don't (Warlock and Soul Fighter). That said, I do think over time as more classes get introduced that class availability should expand in the same way it did for Gon FMs and Yun KFMs.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Here's my main, Abi (Hajoon). Oddly, I don't ever seen anyone else wearing Bandit Queen. I think it looks great on her. "You thought I was the last Hongmoon survivor... BUT IT WAS I, DIO!" And by request, a few more Jojos: "There will come a warrior, bearing the Mark of the Black Rose..." "AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA"
  6. Yun Warlock Petition!

    Oh I'm aware, but I feel it's equally as important to at least make our voices known. That's why instead of lamenting what may never be, I'd like to instead remain positive and show support toward a feature that I feel strongly about. For all we know, the KR message boards might also be demanding Yun Warlocks!
  7. Yun Warlock Petition!

    But that's like saying that the Summoner removes options for tall, non-animal people and that Destroyer removes options for anyone who isn't 8-foot-tall giantfolk. There's no reason Yun can't have a unique class, especially if it's not actually unique and available to both Jin and Lyn already =O
  8. Yun Warlock Petition!

    Well I mean to be fair, Lyn are supposed to be about nature and being cute, smol animal people, and they have access to dark magic and summoning evil spirits. Yun are not only supposedly magically-inclined, but also embrace an aesthetic of grace and artistry, something the Warlock does when it 'paints' its spells into the air with its razor. And I SWEAR the icon for the Yun in the race selection is Jinsoyun, so it's not like the Yun have zero capacity for evil and dark powers, especially if the Lyn get it.
  9. Yun Warlock Petition!

    At the risk of starting yet another Warlock thread, I instead want to be positive and show support for a race/class option I think needs to be in the game. Everyone knows Yun get the shaft when it comes to class options because they have no unique classes, and thus very little reason to play a Yun outside of sheer aesthetics. I would love for the Warlock to debut in NA with the option of Yun if only for variety's sake. The Yun are already described as a magic-oriented race, so I feel it would be apropos to see the Yun's graceful take on the dark magic class. I don't know how much power NC West has over this decision, but let's show our support for Yun Warlocks!
  10. I find sometimes after I use KFM's ground attack (F against knocked down target) that I stand up directly on top of the enemy in a way where they are actually behind me, and my attacks will whiff if I try to attack immediately after getting up. This usually happens after I open up with the flying kick (LMB during Sprint) then go directly into the ground attack. Anyone else have trouble with this?
  11. Gem Quest Doesn't Provide Gem

    The tutorial quest for gems and weapon sockets didn't provide me with a gem to use. Is this intentional?