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  1. AFK players

    I've asked for such system 2 years ago. Every time it's "It'll be abused". Hell, yeah, but lacking such system is also abused. Just screenshot/record those leachers, and flood NCSoft with tickets. The more tickets they get, the more obvious for them it will be, that adding such system will help them get the work of checking every screenshot, every clip and every player for going afk in dung, just because he can and won't get punished.
  2. And that skill is moved on V in draw stance, w/o the prerequisites of critting, that it had in the past. Happened on 12th of January 2017.
  3. Long story short, if you don't like the restrain skill, disable it, if you like it, keep it. Some classes benefit from those skills, some don't, it's up to you to decide if you'll use it or not. I have no problem ani-cancel the summoner restrain skill, effeminately not a problem ani-canceling on the FM main, if you don't like it, don't use it, just like that. No point of reductions. On BM you use F for the restrain skill and for block, obviously you don't need to block when the boss is hanging in the air, so you can A) use the phoenix wings and stuff and do DPS normally or B) spam F, no one stops you, you want to have both, well, life is not always fair. On the same logic, you'll ask Phoenix Winds and Searing Slash to be reused by SB, cause you used it before the WL gave you the SB.... I don't like ppl crying that they want SB before start, cause I want to cast Inferno (2.5 sec cast), meteors, shadow grasp, dragon blaze (to get my bracelet up) before it, so I lose 3-4 sec of the SB, but do I cry about it, no, either I don't cast those, or I cast them and lose seconds on SB, or deal with the WL and the party. As for being location locked as the gunner gets, well, during restrain you don't have much need to need, unless the one restraining is one of those dumb BDs, that grab and start running around as if their tail is on fire, dumb rats..... Generally, the restrain is fine, all cry about reduction, boost and stuff is just for ones own selfishness.
  4. level 50 bug?

    At the start HM levels weren't even available, at lvl 45, then they were introduced, but no storyline quest along them. However, between Act 4 (when lvl 50 got introduced) and Act 8 (when lvl 55 got introduced) are 4 acts, and some of them quite long (Act 4 is 38 chapters, and you are lvl 50 way before finishing it). Other thing is, if you are leveling from scratch, your soulshileds literally suck, so if you put 5 more levels you'll end up with 80% accuracy, and 10% crit rate, simple mobs will be a pain in the ass to kill, cause you'll crit once an year, if you manage to land a hit in the first place, boss monsters that you have to solo (cause, solo dungeons on story line) will be nearly impossible and you'll pretty much quit the game before even starting it. So your suggestion is to edit all quests, and all monsters on your way, just because you can't live leveling to 55 first? Hell, just do the storyline and don't look at your level, when you finish it, all will be fine. And yes, if we get 5 acts before lvl increase it'll prolly be the same, cause then imagine doing Beastbog quest with 50% accuracy, not to mention your evasion will also suck, so you'll be level 60, missing on lvl 50 mobs but they won't miss on you.
  5. New Math?

    The average AP when Yungsang got introduced was around 800. First time I've killed it I was with Baleful 10, just because I was at that stage before it got introduced or upgraded shortly after (and I didn't do it on the first try, ofc). You have to know your class though, I can't kill it on my SF even with over 1K AP and Raven weapon, but that's an alt, way different from the FM main.... I agree with you on everything said.
  6. New Math?

    Your math is off, because if you don't jump ovetr the wave, you get a damage over time de-buff. And the 2nd one is that heart-stealer kills you if applied 2 times, if you have the heart stealer de-buff and he do it 2nd time, you can be on 5000000000 HP and will instantly die (it's written on the de-buff as well). And yes, you'll have to do mechanics, AP helps you skip some of them, but doesn't mean that you'll simply face roll on the keyboard to kill it, untill you can take all his HP before his first attack like Naksun.
  7. @Liinxy Hi, and thank you for the addition. Can you also add the "Cobalt Widow Striped Blindfold", "Cobalt Widow Studded Blindfold" and "Enchanting Temptress Mask" that were supposed to drop in Bloodshade Harbor, but NEVER actually did. The way the female versions of the Naryu Labyrinth outfits were added to the achievement merchant. Personally, I think that the other outfits can also be added, or if not, may be the drop rates can be raised a bit, cause that is now 2 years old content that almost no one runs because it's outdated, and because the drop rate is really low. With an achievement like 10-50 clears, it shouldn't be a bad deal I'd say. Also, if the outfits from F4 of Mushin tower are added to NPC will be also really good. P.S. I have all those outfits already (except for those, that don't drop at all)
  8. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    Well.....they wanted to simulate the experience from back then, they failed. Rising Waters Now Live - 10.02.2016 Meanwhile, 11 days earlier: In the best case, that's full Poharan Heroic Soulshield, though I never had all pieces maxed, and that's 2 weeks after the game launch, I probably don't even have profane weapon due to the need of Moonwater Transformation Stones and the high amount of Soul Stones needed to craft (21 SS per day max, unless you're lucky to get drop from Blackwyrm, I don't remember if it was killed even once at that time)
  9. Well, to make things clear, here's a screen shot from 30.01.2016. The Hongmoon levels and Bloodshade harbor got presented with the update on 10.02.2016 so in best case, I have full Poharan soulshield (I never had all maxed though)
  10. Raven upgrade costs

    Here's your comparison between what's here and what's in Blade & Soul Taiwan, that's what the process on Dawnforge will be reduced here, most likely. But as others told you, the reason you get the other path cheaper is because in the end you still want to go to Raven, so either you gather mats to go to Raven through Dawnforge in one go, upgrade Dawnforge stage by stage till you level it up and go Raven and save money, or go Raven 3, have all the sweet stuff but have to pay more to level it higher. And on 6th you'll get Dawnforge 9 and upgrade to Raven 9
  11. Open World in BnS?

    The best bet is, go play Lineage II, then you'll know why there aren't castle sieges and clan wars. Although it could be fun some times, they'll have to force ppl to do it. If ppl wanted open world PvP they wouldn't move to one faction and would have had it, to make that happen they'll need to do it the way it's in L2, you get no benefits if you don't have castle, and those that do get. In the end those with castle are with Aransu 6 weapon and those w/o with Baleful - Game Over, you quit and go to another game.
  12. forced pvp

    Well, the thing is, I've seen 3 Offal of Darkness in the first 2 days Gloomdross got released. The Offal of Darkness price was about 200 gold for over 6 months. The price for Offal of Darkness now is over 600 gold most of the time and I haven't seen one drop in more than 6 months. Asura's Ember price was between 200 and 300, not it's 600......... The Volume 2 technique had fairly decent drop rate in Bloodshade Harbor, it was also possible to get it from achievement merchant and NPC merchant in Cold Storage, added to the PvP merchants, now it's only drop from Naryu Foundry or PvP.........well I preferred doing the damn quest that takes me 10 minutes than spending a week at battleground, because spending a week in Foundry won't help. The proce for the technique was between 60 and 150 gold, not it's over 400. Please, NCSoft, prove that you didn't made the drop rates to 0.00000001% just to make ppl go to the arena and battlegrounds, because they are a whale and bot fest otherwise.
  13. I'd like to have that, but when they can tax you 1000 NCoins going with gold won't work for them.
  14. New class suggestion: pure healer class

    Pure healer class means no DPS abilities, and that means someone will have to go and kill the mobs for that one to level him up. Once upon a time, there was a nice MMORPG game called Lineage II that had such thing, and the main problem there was, there were no healers, not because there weren't such classes, but because it was taking 10 times more time to level them up and no one was playing them. And they lived happily ever after.
  15. Fallen Aransu School Raid

    Here's a video one :D