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  1. Well, doubt anyone will recognize me here xD I stopped playing this (a lot of games actually) game in hopes that in the future, there will be fixes and improvements. The main thing I want to know is: Are there still bots everywhere? Hoping to here some people say that there are none on the game but not gonna get my hopes up. Next question: Can I freely transfer my characters from one server to another yet? Finally: Think back to a bit after Open beta. Do you think the game has become more geared towards P2W now compared to then? Same?
  2. Yes. Those are from spam bots. Accept them, block them, then delete them or just hit no.
  3. honestly never even noticed it or rather it never bothered me.
  4. So I'll go first. IGN - SwordDancer Server Hajoon Character is lvl 50 HM 5 Just looking for anyone lvl 50 who wants to do random dailies that offer a good amount of gold (40 silver or more). I'm not going to do any lvl 50 purple dungeons. If you wanna join, throw me a whisper.
  5. I'm not sure if this topic will work or not but lets give it a try. If your trying to do dailies, perhaps you can find someone on this topic to join you. Please remember to post the following: 1 - IGN 2 - Your Server name 3 - Your character and HM lvl 4 - If you want a specific group, ex AP 200+, ap 200-250, etc please post it
  6. The ban after X amount of reports is a bad idea cause people will abuse this on non-bots. Simple solution - Create a random generated x and y axis number for the pin code number pad (the 6 digits you have to enter). It seems the only way to input the number is with the mouse movement/click. I'm assuming the bot program is told where the numbers are by mathematics. So what if that num pad location is always changing per login and is never the same? Wouldn't this make it very difficult for bots to login?
  7. I still have my weapon skin from masters founders pack. I think it looks ok but I'd like to keep it and just change skins whenever I want to match my many different outfits. I was wondering if all the other servers are still like this or if they plan to make changes.
  8. are you serious? they could of told us >.< So basically I need to do more damage and end it sooner. sigh, what a waste of time.
  9. (video below is not me) I'm on flr 7 of Mushins tower. First off, Junghado is easy. I can always get his hp down at a certain point. But when I get to that point, he goes into this endless invulnerable loop. I should of recorded, I will next time. Anyway, when he does that charge thing (red hit circle indicator on the ground around him) i SS. He always follows up with his 4 hit rush combo which if you get hit by it, knocks u airborn into his uppercut. Of curse, I block the 4 hit combo and after the last hit, he always resists the next attacks for like a seco
  10. So pretty much living in the state of PA, I can't beat those who live in Texas....... attack speed wise. great........... However I haven't seen anyone in game with this attack speed so I'll stop thinking about this till I do. 10ms vs my 50ms? 0.01 vs 0.05 (my ping)_? Ignoring Flicker, I'm only slightly slower then the person on the left but I can see the difference.
  11. Adding to what I posted earlier. I think in the video Op posted, he had the atk speed skill tree on. Those R click fast stabs on the video is about the same speed I can do. Preety sure this is a troll video....... However, its still true that the ping effects attack speed.
  12. wait, is this with no skill tree? One of the skill trees increases your attack speed. Cause my ping is around 50 but my speed feels like the one on the right. Also, this video was from 2014 so I honestly feel that this video is too outdated to prove anything.
  13. I didn't read the whole topic but I wanted to make a note about something. Is it just me, or do some of the cosmetics on the game change the breast size? I noticed while looking through the wardrobe that the skin color also changes on some or rather, the skin shine. I find it annoying when I spent hours adjusting my characters proportions just to have it look different between costumes. thx to the designers xD Its not a big deal though. I adjusted my slider about 4 notches to the right starting from 0 (from the left). For me, seeing a skinny girl with oversi
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