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  1. Well, doubt anyone will recognize me here xD I stopped playing this (a lot of games actually) game in hopes that in the future, there will be fixes and improvements. The main thing I want to know is: Are there still bots everywhere? Hoping to here some people say that there are none on the game but not gonna get my hopes up. Next question: Can I freely transfer my characters from one server to another yet? Finally: Think back to a bit after Open beta. Do you think the game has become more geared towards P2W now compared to then? Same? Less P2W? Actually, this is the final question: Are they updating regularly and giving the game balance patches? update - just saw the sticky topic " Welcome Back! – Player Tips to Getting Back In " sry but nothing is really there. I guess I could of asked in that topic so if a mod wants to move me there, I guess that is fine.
  2. It would be nice if we could talk about more then just Blade and Soul on the forums here. Anime, music, just random stuff.
  3. Why do we have to do this after we log in? Please fix. We entered our information as we signed up so there should be no need to fill this out. Note that this only happens if you clear internet cookies which I have my set up to do on close.
  4. Find out for yourself. Relying on what others has to say about a game isn't always the most reliable. Only thing to lose is a bit of time if your not interested after playing for a while.
  5. Good Bye Blade & Soul

    Yea, I'm taking a break as well. I'll continue to log in for daily dash and to do the easy to get soulstone quests and to craft. That's about it. I may occasionally do some other dailies.
  6. Premium rank reset?

    My premium rank is still at 7. It may be an account issue on your part. You may want to submit a ticket. Premium rank will NEVER reset.
  7. Was waiting around for an injured soldier to spawn when all of a sudden, someone speed hacking beats me to it. The feeling I had waiting just for that to happen, you have no idea......
  8. Yes. Those are from spam bots. Accept them, block them, then delete them or just hit no.
  9. First, I'm still in the moonwater phase. What I mean by that is although I'm capped at lvl 50 and am at HM5, it feels like I"m finally getting the hang of things. I have been spending gold on currency exchange for example so I can buy outfits (sometimes I put in money but I decided to try avoiding this after I got the masters founders pack). Grinding for gold and spending them on outfits is somewhat keeping me at a stand still with the same weapon for weeks. So I decided to buy my outfit a few days ago to focus on upgrading. I finally got around to getting my alt (FM) close to lvl 40. With her, I finally crafted for the first time my first 10 moonwater transformation stones. However, after it was done, I was at a lost. I need moon pickaxe for moonwater quartz which is time consuming as its part of a crafting guild that also requires other materials to make those stones (if anyone knows any dailies where I can get a pickaxe, lemme know) I need soulstones and lots of it (I can managed around 25 a day, unfortunately my fps isn't too good for some of the silverfrost open pvp dailies). I need to go through dungeons for materials and gold. Moonwater tears, Premium materials, etc. I thought once I was able to craft my moonwater trans stones, I'd be able to upgrade faster and even sell some. Boy was I wrong....... So I think my next step is to make another alt, maybe even 2 both with the potter guild lvl up so I can craft all this stuff at once. Does it sound like I'm going in the right direction here????? For now, when I don't have a sure goal, I tend to get bored with the game hence why I'm taking a break. For now, If you guys know of some ways to get moon pick axes maybe through quests, I'd love to know.
  10. Screen shaking effect, please make it stop!

    honestly never even noticed it or rather it never bothered me.
  11. Daily dash

    I still got 1 more spin left today. I'll be between numbers 48-54 today. edit - why is everyone covering your names? I'll follow example in case its a forum rule.
  12. Is BnS really an RPG?

    Its interesting to hear you say this. Assuming that Elder Scrolls Online is the only other mmorpg you've played, 90% of other mmmos are pretty much like Blade and Soul. 1 - No story, not interesting (believe it or not, B&S is probably one of the top mmos with a good story). 2 - Most mmos you simply do quest after quest after quest until you reach max lvl and you have to wait for new content. 3 - Most mmos are in fact action adventure like. If you want more of a feel, you can even enable some more options such as show damage and such, add more rpg elements or even change the camera so the character is left of the camera like on elderscrolls online/skyrim. In fact, if anyone knows of an MMO that actually absorbs you in the story, I'd LOVE to know. ANYONE? lol
  13. How to increase your attack power :)

    thx. I just now purchased it.
  14. [Request] On screen listing of players

    I didn't know we had something like this. Not exactly what I had in mind but its close enough. Thanks for letting me know. edit - meh, the near feature does not display those who are closest to you. Useless. You can't even report or add to friend. Even more useless. Update - In that case, I'd like to request this menu have a "add friend" and a "report player" button here.
  15. I would love to have a feature where with the press of a button, a window would appear which would show a list of players who are on screen. That list would look very similar to the friends list except it would be called the on screen players list. This would make reporting bots much easier and also would make inviting people to a party easier. I can't tell you how many times I tried to invite people to my party by right clicking only to mis-click 9000 times while they are in combat. Of course to make it more user friendly, list those in order who are the closest to you. With this, reporting trains of bots would be sooooooo much easier +1 for a good idea :)