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  1. So the game needs to insta-gratify everything you need?
  2. Still going to have a chance to upgrade to true pirate? Or will it go to awakened breeze?
  3. About in-game ERP services

    So where's the source for the bs you made up? "Your friends" are the source? "Your friends" are the majority of nerds who are also game developers and who are also engaged in *cricket*-each-other-over-CAT5 activities?
  4. About in-game ERP services

    1. Wrong. I've played KR version for 3 years. No *cricket*ed up ppl like OP are roaming around in open. 2. Source? 3. Source? All you are saying to defend OP are just made up ***. I mean what is not wrong about this whole ***besides that he's asking if it's against TOS?
  5. About in-game ERP services

    So you let off your steam by being a part of online imaginary *cricket*-each-other-over-internet which is shunned by all major game companies? Ok. oh yeah, rather not see this kind of *cricket*ery in here. I thought bot train farming insignia was the most disgusting thing I saw today, and I was wrong
  6. About in-game ERP services

    do ppl really have nothing better to do? When this guy is talking about imaginary pimps and *cricket*ing each other over the keyboard and CAT5 wired lines I find waxing my carrot way more productive
  7. About in-game ERP services

    What in the fresh *cricket* did i just read? Are kids nowadays really *cricket*ed up like this?
  8. Hongmoon feather picture?
  9. i know 4th one u need to open it urself, but when does the 3rd one open up?
  10. Your Favorite Devil...

    Nobody gives a flying f about who u are. Nobody gives a flying f about another scummoner in the game. Have fun.
  11. Ive seen a few people wearing it (one without animal print) and was wondering where the exchange ticket drops. 4 men BSH?
  12. Lord have mercy You want to do end game dungeons, in an RPG game, without upgrading gear nor learning how to fight? Your sense of entitlement is sickening.
  13. I thank thee o you enlightened one Now get ur ugly ass out of here
  14. Japanese language

    I'm tired of people like you. You got it wrong, so just admit it. Your little pride don't matter shit to me.
  15. Japanese language

    The original is KOREAN.
  16. Where do I get this outfit? I started seeing few ppl wearing it today.
  17. GTX 970 Driver version 355.82 Precondition -Disable in-game AA setting -Use nVidia control panel to apply forced AA(4x) and AF(16x) STR -Launch the game -Keep playing for a bit -Notice that the quest marker and NPC names disappears Note -Does not happen with only the in-game AA enabled -Once you use a skill the markers and names appear briefly. As the character recovers back to normal posture they disappear again.
  18. STR: -Press /, which is default key binding for toggling walk/run mode -Press W to move forward Expected Result -Character walks instead of running Actual Result -Pressing / opens up a chat input box instead. The toggle actually does not happen so upon closing the chat input character is still running Note -The feature itself works fine after changing the key binding.