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  1. auto tab..auto def...auto air...~XMLmodify.....Now no one on twitch is broadcasting 6V6 video...because of the modification of the file, they dare not live broadcast... normal players. Almost not enter PVP... even if they enter, they will be a daily
  2. NA bns 6v6 battlefield. Lost the glory and busyness of the past Because of what? patch? And modify the file? ? XML warrior? Sin BD FM...If NC does not stop... NA BNS will fall...
  3. Distributed like candy First you need to have ((candy))
  4. Return: Old players Once again fooled...trove I'm serious.. I suspect that your high-end items have a 0 chance 612keys...the most valuable ones are oil and petpack Expenditure and return... is not a normal ratio at all... Who should I complain to ~~
  5. Yesterday's Platinum Lake Battlefield I had 1598 points ..... crash 4 times In addition to lose a few times ~ directly to 1409 points I do not understand why ~ NC can not fix this bug? Can I invite several senior hackers to fix this bug?
  6. I remember .3 months ago .. the same situation I spend $ 1070 ... the same did not see once (super crit) The same story ,,, happened to me again ~ This time ... buy 1109 keys, can not see one (gilded triangle gems) God bless
  7. I think this is a ((bottomless pit)) Spend money .. There is no proper return. Very unbalanced
  8. Ordinary crit and big crit Big crit has .Octagnal Diamond
  9. From September 13 to the present. The I have a total of 725USD recharge All used to buy a key .. but a fountain never seen How much is this chance? 1% 2000? tell me why
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