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  1. 5 Sanctum Runs After The Event Period?

    It actually to my knowledge has only been stated directly once, in the thread Riss77 linked "Let's DISCUSS about the event title: "Stomach of Iron"". The only other time it was mentioned was in the "event achievment 10 ap" thread where cyan replied to you that the achievement wouldn't be going away. The problem for me is when people were still saying after Cyan posted what Riss linked that they had still seen other sources say otherwise, which I can't find so I wanted further clarification. NinjaZombie contacted support and got an answer from them, but he didn't seem to confident in the response he got from them either. So, I'm not really seeing the "many many times" that there was a clear response you are pointing out, but thanks for just assuming I didn't search the forums at all before asking my question. ._. I mainly just wanted the clarification because it felt somewhat odd that they would make the first half of the event available to all to participate in, only to suddenly throw in the Xanos kills after they go through the RNG of getting the food. This would lock out any newer players and heck with the high AP requirements in f8 for doing Sanctum pretty much anyone under 900AP during the event period. If they made it so that if you had eaten the food during the event period you could keep progressing and eventually get the 5 Xanos kills as you got stronger it would have remedied that, but it doesn't seem to be that way, which is why I wanted a more in depth response or help from people that might have known something I did not. Oh well, will just do it on a few alts I can break past 900 ap with gems and leave the rest until I have a better idea of what is going on.
  2. Hey folks, I've been wondering about the 5 sanctum runs required for the "Stomach of Iron" achievement and whether they can be completed after the event is over or not. Say you have eaten the required foods, would you still be able to get the achievement by completing the 5 necessary runs after the event itself is over? For example, you've eaten all the needed foods, but only got 3/5 of the Sanctum runs you needed before the event ended, would the next 2 Sanctum runs still count towards the achievement or would you be locked out from getting it? I'm curious about this since I have a few alts that aren't sanctum ready currently, would I be able to get them their 3 event foods and then complete the Sanctum runs at a later date some time after the event is over? The achievement, title and bonus attributes are all permanent, but there is no mention of whether the ability to actually complete it will be removed once the event is completed. If anyone happens to know if it will be possible or a mod is able to drop some insight I would appreciate it.
  3. Suggested nerfs to FM by a FM main.

    He didn't say .5 second, he said 1.5 seconds, I get what your saying including the .5 knockback into the stun duration, but you lose atleast that much time recovering ground that you lost because of the knockback. You can't tell me a 2.5 second stun on each impact wouldn't have a drastic...impact on our stun lock. Again though, wallbang is something that should be fixed not worked around, that fact that several wins were achieved simply by wallbanging should be a huge no for world championship matches.
  4. Suggested nerfs to FM by a FM main.

    The second you get someone in position to wall bang in 3 v 3 you are going to have people interfering to save them, wall bang isn't relevant in higher tier 3 v 3s, take away my wall bang and add 1.5 seconds to my impact stun and I wouldn't need to anyways. ._. The set up for an aerial combo would be child's play with that much time to get in position and initiate. xD Not to mention you could stun lock someone even better than a kfm or sin, as a FM I am all for your nerfs, they would be great! :D
  5. Suggested nerfs to FM by a FM main.

    Half of those would be buffs. ._. knockback is the bane of FMs trying to get close to do our aerial combo, if we could trade it in for an increased stun or additional i-frame uptime it would make life so nice.
  6. Is 6V6 Pay 2 Win ?

    Also slightly confused lol, season just reset hence the rank and they got carried by whales? You may have survivability with those stats and assuming people are hitting into your i-frames constantly feeding you agility stacks...slightly...but there is almost no killing power unless you are just grappling people so the whales can kill em.

    I don't quite understand the thinking that any one race should have classes opened or restricted based on how played the race is. If a race is the most played that means those players wanted to play as that race, how is that detrimental to any other race exactly? Race specific classes is unfortunate, I was fortunate enough to get into the original Korean beta of this game when it first came out and Jin FM was the race/class that made me fall in love with this game. When they removed it I was heart broken as it was the smoothest feeling Fm race for me, the class was tailored to them, hence why pretty much every single FM npc prior to silverfrost is a Jin FM. Being forced to race lock specific classes just so those races get played is somewhat silly and serves no purpose, it's an archaic practice that forces people to play races they may not like simply to create a race diversity that isn't necessary.
  8. Coming back- is it worth it?

    Hey there, as someone who has been a FM main since release gunslinger isn't nearly as different as you think. Honestly it's actually everything I wish FM would have been from the start lol. On FM our 1 skill is forced to either be a block or our main ember stacking method, it always was a shame to have to choose. For Gunslinger in shadow build our 1 is a block with a CC tacked onto it and our 3 skill now applies our equivalent to burn. Short fuse and meteor are replaced by moonshine/firefall and our tab is our burst button. Outside of that the ani cancel is RMB>4>F off cooldown, while for FM it's our RMB>LMB>2 rotation while keeping up our dragonblaze/ember buffs. In all honesty after playing FM for around a year and a half gunslinger is kind of a breathe of fresh air...especially nice having a few extra i-frames on tap in PvE lol. Honestly if you prefer the game for it's pve I wouldn't write gunner off because people call it a brainless class, I liked it because of it's similarities to FM. If you play the game predominately for pvp though, stick with FM as pvp on FM still feels more fluid once you get the hang of it.
  9. Hoping soon FM for Jin Race please D:

    No stop! D: I finally stopped crying myself to sleep at night over this, don't bring it back for me! \( T ^ T)/ When I first tried the game in the korean beta years and years ago I played as a Jin FM and it was what made me fall in love with the class. :/ When they took it away it was one of the saddest things for me because all of the other races in the game don't click for me for one reason or another. x.x Had been hoping for over 6-7ish years that they'd eventually bring it back, instead they brought back Gon FM so I pretty much gave up hope lol. :/
  10. The gem still retains all stats it had previously, just because it is expired doesn't mean it loses its stats. You can trade it over in the antique menu like they said for a better gem, the cost to mail it to alts will increase, but you gain some stats and that is the trade off.
  11. How and when to legit use Chi Bomb?

    Put someone in a frost prison, hit them with 3 LMBs as a time indicator then start casting it. Most of the time it goes off within less than half a second of the prison wearing off and the person can't dodge it. Jaesung had a blast doing it to people in pvp years ago, done it a few times myself just for the fun of it. It's a very satisfying skill to use, albeit underwhelming damage wise compared to the fire build counterpart.
  12. Gunslinger weapon models

    The master founder pack skin...it's so bad...I want to love it, but it's so friggen bad! xD I was hoping it was going to be Soha's 6 shooters, but instead it's...Ah...I'm going to go cry in my little saddened special snow flake corner. I'll be over here if you need me. \(T ^ T \)
  13. Show off your characters!!

    Well, glad I wasn't the only one that was getting some Simba vibes from that one. xD Saw the whole Mufasa Simba father son conversation playing out in my brain. Yunsang: Look Raijin, everything the light touches is our kingdom. Raijin: What about that shadowy place? Yunsang: That is 6 v 6, whale territory. It is beyond our borders, you must never go there Raijin.
  14. Make Jin Playable as Force Master

    I've sadly been hoping for this for years. I originally started playing this game when I had gotten into the KR beta and I had tried out every class and different races to find out which one I liked the best. I had settled on Force Master and bounced between Jin, (K)Yun, Lynn, and Gon and fell in love with Jin FM, their animations were fluid and smooth and it fit their frame well. After the betas I moved to the Chinese and eventually Japanese regions with friends and always had the same problem because the other races just never felt right on FM, didn't help that both Jin and Gon were removed from FM until just recently. If you look in the faction areas pre-50 you will find that all the force master faction npcs are Jin and for good reason, it's the race that the class was seemingly designed behind so all the animations look the most natural. I miss my Jin FM from the old KR beta days, enough to remember it now like 5+ years later, of all the changes they could add to this game, this one would on a personal level be my favorite. Jin is the most natural and normal looking of all the races aesthetically, it doesn't have the exaggerated hips of gon or the strange physical deformation seen in the calves of Yun and the idle animations are the nicest by far.
  15. Force Master - Slashimi (4 man)

    Your fire stance tab skill can be specced to a parry using 3 points into the third tree, with that spec using tab right as the boss starts to dash around will knock him out of his dash....and looks awesome doing it. xD For the main question when the boss jumps up use e if not in ice stance and then your shield, at this point if you think you may lose your ice status before using frost sheath you can use your ice tab to extend it and recover some focus. Timing frost sheath is actually pretty simple, after the boss spits he slowly rises up while lifting his arms, when his fin...arm...flippers rise to about the length of his head that's when you hit v.