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  1. You are absolutely correct. People who think p2w tactics can't affect PvE are fooling themselves.
  2. I haven't logged in to do more than spin the wheel in over two weeks (and haven't actually bothered spinning the wheel since it became mathematically impossible to get the costume that was there). The reasons are many but the big ones... - Game systems designed to bring out the worst in people - from the loot bidding, to the mob tagging, to the open-world "pvp". - Crafting system that's boring and expensive - Constant money stress while leveling (I shouldn't have to feel anxious about having enough in-game money to afford to do normal as-you-level things...) - The sp
  3. It's a money grab by NCSoft. The stamp thing is absurd, so no, there is no good reason on the part of customers that we should have to deal with this system. They should have just made the dang things claimable by every character/unlocked account-wide like any decent MMO.
  4. Why does it feel like every single Korean MMO adds the same "new" classes? NCSoft in particular... always "gunner"...
  5. Several pages later, and I am still convinced that this is one of the worst implemented costume-share systems I have ever seen. Way to degrade your game even further, NCSoft.
  6. In a decent MMO, your purchased costumes would either be claimable on your entire account, or freely mailable from the get-go. This is a horrendous money-grab.
  7. This is quite possibly the worst implementation of making costumes available to your account that I have EVER seen. NCSoft, you continue to amaze, and it is not in a good way.
  8. Have a job. I also happen to be able to distinguish between a good value and a poor value through comparison shopping.
  9. Rift. WildStar. SWTOR, for an additional fee (never played it, but that's my understanding). Possibly more that I am unfamiliar with. [edit] I should have scrolled down. xD Gnat beat me! Haha.
  10. Regardless it means you have to spend more than the actual sub amount every month in order to subscribe. Which... well, that's pretty sleazy.
  11. The ticket function is NOT for game feedback... that's to report bugs or other problems one may have while playing. The OP posted in exactly the right place.
  12. Lol yup. NCSoft's "logic". I hope it bites them in the ass.
  13. No. If costumes were account-wide, I would feel much more liberal in purchasing costumes, as I would be open to purchasing something that might work on a couple characters. As it currently is, I am not purchasing ANY costumes unless I am 100% sure I only want it on that single character. The result is, I've seen three or four costumes I want, and I have only purchased one. I will not buy duplicates.
  14. The supposed consumable the devs have talked about is not only not a solution, it is a disgusting backhand towards their paying customers. Outside of P2W rng boxes, it is one of the worse, cash-grabbing, exploitative cash shop ideas I have ever seen. That it's a consumable is even more hilariously terrible. It's like they deliberately want to *cricket* people off and drive them away from cash shop purchases. I sure hope they change their minds and make the outfits account-wide. I don't have much hope, but if they don't, they'll be losing a lot of money from me.
  15. May as well post my "official" characters! :3 Minxue: Liuxue: Hye Su: And lastly, Ji Hwa:
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