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  1. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    You are absolutely correct. People who think p2w tactics can't affect PvE are fooling themselves.
  2. Why everyone is quiting

    I haven't logged in to do more than spin the wheel in over two weeks (and haven't actually bothered spinning the wheel since it became mathematically impossible to get the costume that was there). The reasons are many but the big ones... - Game systems designed to bring out the worst in people - from the loot bidding, to the mob tagging, to the open-world "pvp". - Crafting system that's boring and expensive - Constant money stress while leveling (I shouldn't have to feel anxious about having enough in-game money to afford to do normal as-you-level things...) - The spit-in-the-face that was the "stamp" system. I guess NCSoft just wanted to make real sure that they'd cemented their image of being money-gouging, as though the overpriced costumes weren't bad enough. - The further I got into the game, the more unfinished the zones felt. So many invisible walls, awful textures, and zero chance for exploration. - So. Many. Bots. I laugh at the folk who were trying to defend GameGuard back in the closed betas. It's a shame, as I actually enjoyed playing my force master and had been really looking forward to this game as my "pretty clothes and pretty screenshots, play around with a couple friends" off-time game. But too many things are just unbearably obnoxious.
  3. Where is everyone on Daily Dash?

    I need to move 4+ spaces each day on two rolls in order to make it now. Not terrible, but considering I spent the first week getting nothing but 1s and 2s... And this is the outfit I REALLY wanted, too. Not happy at all. My husband is in an even worse situation than I am. :/
  4. Stop with the sale of the skills books

    And that's the problem. Everyone is mischaracterizing Need/Greed systems as this free-for-all rolling craziness, when that hasn't been the case in any MMO worth its salt for a long time. It's THIS game where you go into an instance not knowing if you'll be able to get what you need if it drops - not games with need/greed.
  5. Stop with the sale of the skills books

    In other MMOs I play, if something like that dropped and there was a person who truly needed it but someone else rolled and won, they would be shamed by the community. Here, the loot system encourages the most self-centered behavior I have ever seen. It's horrid.
  6. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    It's a money grab by NCSoft. The stamp thing is absurd, so no, there is no good reason on the part of customers that we should have to deal with this system. They should have just made the dang things claimable by every character/unlocked account-wide like any decent MMO.
  7. Where is everyone on Daily Dash?

    I'm really unhappy with this. My husband has rolled 1s or 2s almost every single time. In order to get to the outfit in time, he needs to now roll 8 or more points every day, and the chances of that happening are extremely slim. My own rolls haven't been much better. It's entirely possible that both of us will not make it to the end. *sigh* Extremely frustrating.
  8. 10th class hints...

    Why does it feel like every single Korean MMO adds the same "new" classes? NCSoft in particular... always "gunner"...
  9. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    Several pages later, and I am still convinced that this is one of the worst implemented costume-share systems I have ever seen. Way to degrade your game even further, NCSoft.
  10. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    In a decent MMO, your purchased costumes would either be claimable on your entire account, or freely mailable from the get-go. This is a horrendous money-grab.
  11. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    This is quite possibly the worst implementation of making costumes available to your account that I have EVER seen. NCSoft, you continue to amaze, and it is not in a good way.
  12. Why do people hate a decent game?

    The bot problem is horrendous and NCSoft should be embarrassed. I'm sure they're not, however. The complete lack of exploration, linear questing, dated environment textures, painful crafting system, and a rather clunky UI... that and how gold is so painful to come by that leveling is seriously stressful - all of these add up to a bad experience, to be honest. :/ But the combat is really fun and the outfit designs are lovely and the character customization is great.
  13. Bad Design or Bad People?

    Boggles the mind that they went with such an archaic system of tagging.
  14. I remember bots infesting Aion. It took forever for NCSoft to do anything about it, and when they did, it was a mass ban that caught a LOT of innocent people... Not holding out much hope.
  15. Warlock Jin Costume Available...

    It's been over a month since launch and I only recently hit 35 on my main character, so... I guess I won't hold out much hope. x_x