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  1. May as well post my "official" characters! :3 Minxue: Liuxue: Hye Su: And lastly, Ji Hwa:
  2. She's fantastic! I love the more natural proportions and facial features. A+!
  3. Thanks, Caay. Awesome list. Not a fan of the hotbar system they've got going on with emotes.
  4. Easiest would be to instance individual housing - a la Rift or WildStar - thus removing the need to take up physical space in the game world. As for the OP - yes! I'd love housing! This is pretty silly. You realize you're basically trying to claim that MMOs never change or add new features? Which couldn't be further from the truth. XD
  5. What the OP said and also ^this. It's still ridiculous that Founders rewards aren't account-wide, and weapon skins being consumable items just means I will never purchase any.
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