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  1. Yeah well, been queing for 30 minutes and all I see are high level players, I understand some of you might actually be polite players trying to help, well I don't want that, I want challenge and I'm getting none, this high level players thing has ruined entirely my game.
  2. Totally agree with you, this is killing my gaming experience, low level players should be able to choose if they want players of the same level, or get "carried" by high levels, and at lvl 50 too, prevent low levels to join your game with a simple filter.
  3. As the title says, part of the learning curve of this game is the "difficulty" on the early dungeons, the fun of challenging the evil boss at the end of the hordes of mobs, or at least that was the idea, but now all you get is lvl 45-50 players, rushing to bosses and see if they can break their record of how many ppl they kill with fire per run, some can say "but you get easy runs", well I don't want that, or "you'll get silverzz if a costume is dropped", and once again I don't care about that. If you die... they wont stop and rezz you nor wait for you (a few high lvls are nice, but still). Th
  4. Amazing job, you need a skilled player to pull this off regardless of easy class or whatever, congrats on this.
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