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  1. "it's only 40 copper"

    It says Increased so 50%. 10 + 100% = 20 Baseline is Non-Premium
  2. "it's only 40 copper"

    People don't understand, you put "time" you will get gold. People just want everything to carried to them. They want someone to feed them too. -.-''
  3. I feel the launch of blade and soul showed the greed of Ncsoft. This is coming from a guy who bought the master pack. I hyped 7 of my friends and co workers. After of weeks convincing them to play and telling them this is different from other free to play games. Launch was a mess for all 7 of them. The queues on all servers was from 1000-4000. Which turned them off from the game. I told them to give it another day and still the same. They showed me the greed of forcing people to sub to play the game. All 8 of us spent 100+ each on free to play games or cs go, all of them wanted to atleast try it before paying for something. Not everyone has 4 hours to wait then play. You screwed up ncsoft and lost customers.
  4. Fixed had to apply it again -.-"
  5. Regarding masters founder pack

    Thank god. It worked ^^ thank you soooo much. Should be automate -.-
  6. Regarding masters founder pack

    I applied my master pack long time ago but in game I'm rank 1 in the cash shop, no sub, and no ingame items. Anyone know how to fix this? https://imgur.com/n9EngFV
  7. Master has been applied for awhile but got nothing in game https://imgur.com/n9EngFV Please help me.