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  1. player invisible

    Did you press CTRL+F by any chance? That's the hot key to hide character models.
  2. Stuttering Voiceover during character creation

    What hardware and OS are you currently running?
  3. falling down starter area

    Try pressing ESC and in the right hand menu use the escape action, otherwise I have bad news for you, you may have to start a new character.
  4. Crash Issue

    @ Gallea, just for a small test, can you disable sli? I just want to rule that out, also what is the current graphics driver you are running at? Also besides that error, does your windows event viewer show anything suspicious?
  5. Crash Issue

    Can you be more specific as to what type of crash? Is it a black screen, is there a message, is it straight to desktop etc. and also what operating system are you on right now?
  6. Cannot connect to server.

    Are you using any type of ping booster? I have issues logging into the game with WTFast, but was able to get going with battleping (not free).
  7. [Fixed] Invisible players

    Hey Psycho, did you by any change do CTRL+C or CTRL+F (can't remember which one now since I'm not at home) that is a quick hot key to disable viewing of character models.
  8. I am not sure how difficult this would be to implement, but as it stands right now I do not see a way to do this inside of the options menu. Please remap the default quest accept key on the keyboard to F (or what ever the action button is) instead of Y. It seems to break the flow a bit having to switch keys for talking and using a different key to finish the conversation. If there is a way to do this on the keyboard with current in game mechanics please let me know otherwise! Thanks!
  9. As the title suggests, the Blue Bird outfit purchased through the in-game Hongmoon store can not be stored in the wardrobe even though there is a space for it in the wardrobe.