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  1. Grand Harvest Square Raid is Impossible

    I think the crashing is due to memory leak. If you look at the client process in task manager the crash always happens at around 3.5 gb memory usage. Tera had the same problem. Restart your client before going into harvest and keep other player models off always (Ctrl f)
  2. try resetting your UI position with the position adjustment menu shift+F1
  3. NA Servers Sudden Lag Spikes

    Was in cross server doing a dungeon when suddenly got hit with the massive freezing lags, then got dced. Tried logging in again, lots of delay when logging in. Failed logging in the first time and got dced before I could even enter my pin. Tried again and got back in, but everything is frozen, then dced again. Now I can't even log into the launcher, getting login failed error.
  4. Queue is BS!!!

    they are like that in real life, have you visited an amusement park recently? lol nowadays most parks at least in my area sell fast passes that let you wait in a priority line
  5. Closed Beta Testing & Content

    I thought they wanted feedback on the difficulty/drop rates of endgame dungeons? How are we supposed to provide that if we don't get to test them? o_0 It matters more for dungeons like Pohwaran and onward, nobody really cares about the difficulty of fire dungeon and Big 4